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Art buyers keep, use, tag, trust, save, share, steal, love, want, need, rely on, connect with and HIRE FROM the Directory of Illustration.

It’s where you should be if you want your work to be seen by the most active creatives all year long.

“The Directory is one of the first places I turn when developing a project’s visual style. I do a lot of digital work, but I still prefer the tactile nature of the Directory — flipping through pages, it’s easy to share or tag images for future reference.”

Mike Daitch
Group Creative Director

“The Directory of Illustration is so helpful and valuable. I love the printed book and the online equally. Your site is so inclusive and user-friendly — probably the #1 “go to” site for me.”

Karen Arneson
Art Buyer Lead / Image Services
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing

“I like to use the Directory when I’m looking for fresh talent. The online site is particularly useful because the work is updated all the time”

Manny Velez
Art Director
The Wall Street Journal

“We use only custom illustration and I am a big fan of the Directory of Illustration. I love it!”

Susan Bell
Manager, Global Creative Services
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Over the past 30 years we have connected thousands of artists with qualified art buyers. Online and in print, we put you everywhere you need to be to reach clients like these: ***

A&E / AARP Magazine / Adidas / American Express / Apple / AOL / AT&T / Bank of America / Barnes & Noble / Bayer / BMI Music / Burger King / Carnegie Museum / Children’s Television Workshop / Cliff Bar / Cline, Davis & Mann / Common Health / Corona Beer / Disney / E-Bay / Environmental Defense Fund / Esquire / Fisher-Price / Florida Lottery / Frito-Lay / Gorton's Seafood / HarperCollins / Hasbro / Health Net / Houghton-Mifflin / Hyatt Hotels / Kimberly Clark / Klutz / Intel / Ladies Home Journal / Leap Frog / Los Angeles Times / Lucas Films / Macy’s / Mattel Toys / McGraw-Hill / MGM Grand Hotel / Microsoft / Miller Beer / National Geographic School Publishing / National Geographic / National Public Radio / Nestle / New York Times / Nickelodeon / Oxford University Press / Papyrus / Patagonia / Paramount Pictures / Pearson Educational Publishing / Penguin Books / Pepsi / Pizza Hut / Playboy / Publix / Ralston-Purina / Random House / Rodale Press / Scholastic / Sheraton Hotels / Simon & Schuster / Subway / Taco Bell / 3M Company / Timex / Toys R Us / T. Rowe Price / Tyson Foods / Uniroyal / U.S. News & World Report / Vanity Fair / VH1 / Volkswagen / Volvo / Wall Street Journal / Walt Disney Company / The Weekly Standard / Wells Fargo / Westin Hotels / Wired Magazine / Wonder Bread / World Wildlife Fund / Yardley / Ziff Davis Media

*** These are just a few of the companies that use the Directory of Illustration to find talent.

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“The Directory of Illustration is a very cost-effective way for us to promote our artists. We get great work from our presence in the book and a lot of referral traffic from The staff is wonderful to work with and the web portfolio is easy to maintain. We love the Directory program.”

— Piper Smith
Lindgren & Smith

“I've been advertising in the Directory of Illustration since 2008. Now I have an impressive and extensive client list that continues to grow due to the exposure from the book and website. Advertising with the Directory always pays for itself, and then some. It's such valuable resource for the industry and I look forward to the next big illustration project.”

— Traci Daberko

“My wife, Eve Steccati, and I are both illustrators. For many years, we have been marketing our work in the Directory of Illustration. At the beginning of last year I decided to focus on sending out emails and direct mail instead of print advertising. However, I was bombarded with jobs for 15 large illustrations that were linked directly to my previous year’s print and web advertising with the Directory. I quickly decided to advertise in DI again.”

— Ron Tanovitz

“I landed a lucrative character development job for 'Uniroyal Tires' from a presence on the DOI website. I find the DOI a great way to get in front of the right people in the US, and it has opened up a whole new marketplace for me.”

— Anthony Rule

“Several years ago, Jo Ann Miller of the Directory of Illustration introduced me to the program and pointed out its virtues. I have an overarching promotion and advertising program and I decided in 2011 to dip my foot in the Directory's book and online platform. I told Jo Ann that, in all candor, this would be an experiment for our group and, if it produced results, I would re-up for 2012. In point of fact, it has. I am pleased with the results and I am looking forward to bigger and better projects in the coming years. I would recommend to my fellow artists and agents to give the Directory of Illustration a try. You won't be disappointed.”

— Richard Solomon
Artists Representative

“Since the very beginning of my career, I have used the Directory of Illustration to help me find artists that would be best suited for our projects. The printed book is vibrant and the samples have always reflected a true representation of the artists’ work. I also regularly use the online It is very helpful to be able to search for specific types of art using the top illustration keywords, alphabetical artist search, and the online Browse the Book. The newer Artists’ Blogs feature is also very nice. Thank you for being such a valuable resource!”

— Karen Arneson • Art Buyer/ Image Services
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing

“We’ve had a record year, thanks in no small part to our ongoing participation in the Directory of Illustration. We have a substantial block of pages, giving each artist ample space to effectively represent their work. The program has given our artists the quality of global exposure they need in today’s marketplace.”

— Andrew Coningsby

“The illustration market has been assaulted by microstock and royalty free imagery over the past five years, forcing the best of artists to re-evaluate their marketing plans for survival. In this critical environment, the obvious choice for me and the artists I represent is the Directory of Illustration based on its proven superior ability year after year to attract high quality, high paying assignments.”

— David Goldman
David Goldman Agency

“The Directory of Illustration has been an amazing boon to my business. After spending years on the fence about whether to advertise, I finally took the leap and have now had inquiries from top ad agencies, major apparel companies and editorial publications that were off the radar of my mailing list subscription. The Directory has paid for itself many times over – I could kick myself for waiting so long to do this!”

— Amy DeVoogd

“It is always a wonderful surprise to pick up the phone and hear, "I just saw your work in The Directory.”

— Carla Bauer

“On the rare occasions my calendar isn’t booking up as solid as I like it, I’ve signed up for the Featured Artist promo and gotten timely responses. The cool thing is that after nailing their assignment, I’m on their radar. When they need a complex infographic or informational illustration, I’m on their short list of artists to give future assignments to. That’s the kind of client I love. The Featured Artist promo has proven to be a simple, yet effective marketing tool.”

— Don Foley

“I still find an actual book a much easier and enjoyable way to relatively quickly source styles and illustrators.”

— Mike Daitch • Group Creative Director

DI is a great resource for beginning a search for a specific style. From there I usually turn to the web.”

Scott Piehl • Director Design

“Always love seeing new folks in the Directory.”

Scott A. Davis • Design Director
AARP Magazine

“I love this book and look forward to receiving it each year. I keep it on my desk for reference.”

Chris Ferguson • Graphic Artist
Dallas Morning News

“I like that the site is simple and user friendly.”

Laura Tamburino • Art Producer
Avrett Free Ginsberg

“I have an expanded mandate to assist with finding new talent and will definitely use DOI and online animation clips in the future.”

Tara Browne • Brand Coordinator
Mattel Inc.

“It is the go to directory.”

Bob O'Connell • Art Director
Meredith/Ladies Home Journal

“The Directory is always a good place to start when researching illustrators.”

Hannah Fichandler • Senior Art Director
Taylor Design

“I find the Directory of Illustration to be a valuable source - and I do like having a book where I can tag illustrators & quickly show artist samples/styles to designers.”

Kathi Gulotta • Senior Photo Editor/Art Buyer
Scholastic Inc.

“It's a great source for finding quality illustration

Patti Zarkin • VP Sr. Art Producer

DI is a great value to me to find new artists or see new work from veteran artists.”

Daniel Gray • Creative Director
Dailey & Associates

“I like having a wide array of illustrators to look at for any particular project that I'm art directing. The Directory has that, in its book and website.”

Jill Turney • Art Director

“I like being able to flip through the DI book before checking online. When I look for an illustrator, I always start with the printed book first and mark a few. Then I go to websites and find more examples of the artists’ work to see if they are right for the job.”

Elaine Leung • Sr. Art Director

“I appreciate that the Directory has a broad range of talent since I am always trying to discover new talent for kids book to shake things up.”

Marijka Kostiw • Art Director, Associ. to the Creative Director
Scholastic Inc.

“The Directory of Illustration is a wonderful resource to find artists and I'm always excited to receive a new copy to see all of the great work.”

Micheal Dashow • Creative Director

“It is a good source to see what's new out there, to introduce new talent, and to see some old favorites as well.”

Kevin Dickerson • Creative Director
Magnet Theory

“The Directory gives me a broad selection of illustrators in one place.”

Christy Caldwell • Media Researcher
National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning

“Great resource. I’ve been using it for years!”

Bryan Katzel • Creative Director
Senario LLC

“With many different brands to design for, I'm always looking for a varied selection of illustrator styles. The Directory of Illustration provides that to me."

Joshua Brown • Art Director
Newport Harbor Corp.

“The DI website is very well organized and easy to use. Helpful for seeing a broad range of styles.”

Daniel Thompson • VP, Group Art Supervisor
Draftfcb Healthcare

“The Directory of Illustration is fabulous and the ability to search online by subject, style and/or medium is an invaluable resource.”

Ashley Woods • Senior Art Director
Erwin Penland

"It is always great to have a source to go directly to when seeking out artists for specific projects.”

Jennifer Entman • Art Buyer
Torre Lazur McCann

“It’s always a good resource when I'm looking for an illustrator.”

Scott Loftus • Sr. Art Director
Partners and Napier

“After 5 years, I still go to Directory first because it houses the largest amount of rep agencies, illustrators and independent illustrators."

Angela Harrold • Art and Photo Dept Manager
Element LLC

“Great reference tool for national searches of illustrators and for seeing current trends in illustration technique”

Chuck Repede • Sr. Art Director
Hitchcock Fleming & Associates

“It’s a rich resource when I’m stuck trying to find the right illustrator or style.”

Brandon Scharr • Senior Designer
Wray Ward

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