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When you join the Directory of Illustration, you have the leading illustration marketing program working for you in the U.S. and Europe.

In print, online and through social media…we connect and promote you 24/7 to a worldwide community of art buyers that regularly hire commercial artists.

Let us help you find new clients and grow your business in 2016-2017. Your success is our success!

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Directory of Illustration #33
Print Edition
(January 2017)
Individual Social Media Exposure for DI Artists
DI #31 Distributed: January 2015
DI #32 Distributes: January 2016
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  Advertising Agencies: Print, Interactive & Broadcast

  Consumer & Trade Magazines

  Book Publishers: Educational, Consumer & Trade

  Design Firms

  Licensing Industry
  Entertainment, Motion Picture
& Recording Industries

  Animation & Multimedia Companies

  Internet Production Companies

  Toy & Interactive Game Companies

  National Award Winners
  Fortune 500 Corporations with In-House Art Departments

  Hi-Tech Computer & Software Markets

  Product & Packaging

  Beauty & Fashion

  Branding & PR Firms


Print Drives Traffic to the Internet

There is always a big uptick in directoryofillustration.com visitors when the print edition hits the streets in January, with consistent increases in repeat visitors during the months that follow. The spine of each book prominently displays our URL, continually branding the site to art buyers and reminding them that they can see more from our artists online.

Print Stands Out

The printed Directory of Illustration is a welcome change for art directors who spend the majority of their time staring at a screen. In fact, they are requesting the book more than ever. They tag pages they like for reference throughout the year. They take the book into meetings to show clients and creative team members the artists they have in mind for projects. The high-quality Directory gives them something the internet can’t provide – a clear idea of how an artist’s work will look in print.

If your work is produced for print,
you need to include print in your marketing and promotion.

“The Directory of Illustration has been invaluable, exposing our illustrations to better paying clients with big budgets. I’m not sure we would be the nationally known studio we are today without it! ”

Terry Tidwell / Miracle Studios
advertiser since 1994




DirectoryofIllustration.com: Engaged Audience / More Images
Early-Bird reservations now get 100 images per page. This is where art buyers go to quickly find, compare and contact artists directly. Start promoting your work on directoryofillustration.com as soon as you reserve, with unlimited 24/7 access to manage your portfolio with searchable keywords and descriptions, social media links, biographical information and more.

Expand Your Presence in Europe with theaoi.com:
Our partnership with the Association of Illustrators (AOI) gives every artist who advertises with a full-page in Directory of Illustration No. 33 a 20-image Portfolio on theaoi.com/portfolios website for one full year. Based in the U.K., the AOI is the leading trade association promoting contemporary illustration in Europe.

Playillustration.com: Bonus Site for Qualified Toy/Game Artists*
Produced by Serbin Communications, Playillustration.com showcases professional artists and design firms working in the toy and interactive game industries. Artist skills include illustration, 3D, modeling, animation, storyboarding, character development, concept art and package design.

*Qualified artists get a 20-image portfolio on Playillustration.com for one year. All artists are reviewed prior to acceptance on the site to ensure their work is applicable and they have direct professional experience in the toy/game market.

“Advertising in the Directory of Illustration has greatly increased my exposure and helped me acquire more clients from across the country.”

Janet Allinger
advertiser since 2008

Social Media Support & Outreach

Our active Social Media Engagement Program promotes Directory of Illustration artists individually and as a group using the latest strategies.

If you have a blog, your current posts will automatically RSS feed into our blog. It’s a simple way for you to keep our worldwide creative community up to date with no extra effort. Just let our production department know your blog address and we’ll add it to our feed.

Individual SM Support
We regularly follow artists’ feeds, sharing your latest projects through multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Behance, Instagram and more. We also encourage all of our advertisers to send us recent images and news anytime. This helps us create focused posts about Directory of Illustration artists throughout the year.

Calling All Guest Bloggers
Every Directory advertiser is eligible to become a Guest Contributor to blog.directoryofillustration.com with access to post original content as often as you like. The best posts are selected each week for our Featured Content section.

Illustration Voice, Monthly E-Promotion and Outreach
Every month we send email blasts to creatives all of over the U.S., Canada and Europe. These frequent communications reach thousands of subscribers who may not receive the printed Directory. E-blast content is varied each month to include our quarterly Illustration Voice newsletter, regular Blog Digests and our new DI Conversation Series. This regular outreach highlights cutting edge artists, introduces a wider audience to directoryofillustration.com, promotes the value of original illustration and reinforces to the market that DI is the place to find exceptional artists.


Let the world know whenever you upload a new image to your directoryofillustration.com portfolio.

“The Directory of Illustration has been a wonderful promotional outlet for launching my artwork out there and getting it noticed. I have had many jobs and some lovely projects as a result.”

Beccy Blake
advertiser since 2013

DI33 Advertising Package Rates

The sooner you reserve, the lower the cost, and the sooner your marketing investment can start working for you.

Early Bird Extended 12-Month Payment Plan
100 images per page — Reserve by November 16, 2015
Single Page Ad / 100 online images $2,495 ($208/month x 12 payments)
Two-Page Spread / 200 online images* $4,080 ($340/month x 12 payments)
Automatic monthly credit card payments November 2015 through October 2016.
Early Bird 9-Month Payment Plan
100 images per page — Reserve by December 15, 2015
Single Page Ad / 100 online images $2,495 ($277/month x 9 payments)
Two-Page Spread / 200 online images* $4,080 ($453/month x 9 payments)
Automatic monthly credit card payments December 2015 through August 2016.
Spring Reservation 6-Month Payment Plan
40 images per page — Reserve by March 18, 2016
Single Page Ad / 40 online images $2,595 ($433/month x 6 payments)
Two-Page Spread / 80 online images* $4,230 ($705/month x 6 payments)
Automatic monthly credit card payments March through August 2016.
Final Reservation 5-Month Payment Plan
25 images per page — Reserve by April 14, 2016
Single Page Ad / 25 online images $2,695 ($539/month x 5 payments)
Two-Page Spread / 50 online images* $4,440 ($888/month x 5 payments)
Automatic monthly credit card payments April through August 2016.

Additional Savings: Pay in Full at time of reservation for a 2.5% discount.

*Spread Package = Greater Impact + Best Value
Get a second page for as little as $1,585, plus bonus web benefits and free miniposter reprints. The same artist must appear on both pages to earn the spread rate.

Print + Web Production Made Easy
Our production department is here to help you create the perfect ad and provide technical support for your online portfolio. Contact production@serbin.com or call 800-876-6425 ext. 223.

Marketing Advice & Professional Page Design Service
Our marketing representatives can advise you on image selection and marketing direction for your ad. There is no charge for this collaboration. If you need a professional to design your final ad there will be a charge of $275 per page or $450 per spread. Contact our production department prior to the May 4th artwork deadline to make arrangements for this service.

“I’m swamped with work - I partially blame it on my own talent and the rest is entirely the Directory of Illustration’s fault.”

Christoph Hitz
advertiser since 2013

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