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Monarda ~ Watercolor, Botanical Editorial Illustration

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Enjoyable collaboration with the team at Taunton Press. Spot and Feature editorial Illustrations for Fine Gardening Magazine's Spring Issue. Instructional and Comparing the Native and Cultivar Species of Monarda.

Lyn Alice
illustration of Monarda ~ Watercolor, Botanical Editorial Illustration
Enjoyable collaboration with the team at Taunton Press. Spot and Feature editorial Illustrations for Fine Gardening Magazine's Spring Issue. Instructional and Comparing the Native and Cultivar Species of Monarda.
illustration of British Apple Varieties ~ Watercolor, Editorial Illustrations for Archant Dialogue, UK, My Countryside Magazine 4 in a series of illustrated articles. 
#garden #apples #lynalice #healthyliving #painterly #fruit #health #nature #trees #leaves #editorial #Magazine #earth #naturaleating #healthyeating #fresh #natural #bookillustration #bright #colorful #healing
illustration of Collaboration with Fine Gardening Magazine. Transplant Article Illustration ~ Watercolor
Recent issue illustrated by Lyn Alice working with an efficient and enjoyable staff at Taunton Press.
Gardening, Plants, Lifestyle, Wheelbarrow, bush, shrub, shovel, healthy living, green, representational, spread illustration, lawn, home and garden, bright, fresh, editorial, book, educational, how to, demonstration, fresh
illustration of Christmas Greeting Card created for The Gallery Collection at Prudent Publishing. Embellished with foil and embossing makes this card a beauty to behold!
illustration of Children's Book Illustration depicting Howie reflecting on his own self image and character after a bout of bullying at school.
Collaboration with Conserve our Wild.
Giraffe, Colorful, Children, Books, Animals, Wildlife, Bullying, Africa, Morals, Self-respect, Water, Lyn Alice
illustration of Pea ~ Watercolor Botanical Book Illustration. Editorial, Fine Prints, Calendars, Gardening, Buds, Blossoms, Floral, Vine, Painterly, Plants, Leaves, Green, Notecards, Journals, Packaging, Seeds,
illustration of Textile Pattern Design for papers, housewares, & stationary products ~ Dyes & Ink
Housewares, Household, Home Decor, Prints, Patterns, Textiles, Wrapping Paper, Blues, Iris, Floral, Botanical, Layered Pattern, Color way Lyn Alice, Nature, Flowers, Green
illustration of T-Shirt Design Created with Watercolor, Photoshop, & Illustrator for College Traditions
illustration of Greeting Card Illustration and Design for the Real Estate Market for Prudent Publishing, The Gallery Collection ~ Watercolor & Photoshop Product Illustration, Ink, real estate, Packaging, Editorial, Delicious, Cookbook, Lunch, Food, home, sign, labels, snow, garland, candy cane, fresh, pattern, colorful, botanical, pine cones, wood, sale, welcome, bow, pine, evergreen, label, christmas, season, winter, publishing, textbook, greeting card, cardinal, nature, wreath, red ribbon, snow drift,
illustration of Seed Packet Illustration of a Vanilla Ice Sunflower for Botanical Interests Inc. Watercolor 
(Shortlisted for the Communication Arts Award in the Advertising Illustration Category)
Product Illustration, Advertising, Labels, Packaging, food, health, lifestyle, greens, vegan, Editorial, magazine, books, publishing, cookbook,, seed, botanical, Black and white, kitchen, sunflower, sunflower seed, bright, flower, yellow, garden, lifestyle,


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ILLUSTRATING! Born creative, Lyn Alice studied the arts independently, at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and Botanical Illustration at the Denver Botanical Gardens School of Art & Illustration. Her passion for illustration developed through years of experience in the Commercial and Fine Arts. Striving to create beauty in all she does, her work reflects an expressive painterly approach in Lifestyle and Botanical illustration. She loves collaborating with others in the industry. Quality, Promptness, and Attention to Detail is her mantra. Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, Association of Illustrators & The Graphic Artists Guild.


Design, Line with Color, Painterly, Pencil, Realism, Stylized, Technical, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical, Silk Prints


Action, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Children's Books, Children's Products, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Information Graphics, Landscape, Licensing, Nature, Packaging, People, Product, Scientific, Sports, Textiles, Toys & Games, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Environmental, Surface Design