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Embryological & fetal development illustration series beginning at 6 weeks of gestational age & progressing through to final 40th week of pregnancy. At each week a size comparison is offered to a commonly seen fruit or vegetable, to better understand the size of the unseen baby. Illustrations were prepared for the Lamaze Website as a tool for pregnant mothers for health promotion during pregnancy. I've subsequently prepared an animation which is viewable on my Website with in-depth information.

2017 Lamaze (partially)
illustration of Scientific Illustration demonstrating histology: DNA inside human cell. Illustration shows components, mitochondria, ribosomes, cell nucleus, nucleolus and genetic material, endoplasmic reticulum, cell wall, and the general histological view of the cell body. ancestry, space, nucleus, technology, futuristic, endeavor, reaching, skyward, stars, colorful, outer space, glass, shattered, organelles, cellular, physiology, cool, genetics, lightning, atmosphere
animation of Embryo & Fetus animation weeks 7-40. strawberry, children, development, motherhood, energy, growth, motherhood, pregnancy, maternal, nourish, vitality, life, zygote organism fertilization egg fetus sperm embryonic blastula animal dna germ blastomere tissue ectoderm mesoderm germination maternal infant preterm motherhood endoderm gastrulation conceptus cell fertilized egg ovum eukaryote embryogenesis umbilical gastrula ovule morula fetal egg joy energy pregnancy early development laura maaske
illustration of Death of a tumor mass. Revealing the blood vasculature.
illustration of Tumor mass with dendritic cell and blood vessels. Angiogenesis and tumor growth.
illustration of Cell Press Editorial Cover Illustration. Medical Illustration of Mouse Aorta Blood Vessel Branching Pattern.
illustration of Sebaceous Gland Acne skin illustration for Galderma Pharmacueical. Acne vulgaris is a skin disease of the sebaceous glands of hair follicles, which become clogged with oil (sebum) & dead skin cells. Diagnosed by characteristic whiteheads, seborrhea, blackheads, pimples, and oily skin.
illustration of Atherosclerotic plaque occluding a coronary vessel. Medical Illustration biological concept piece for Merck Pharmaceutical
illustration of Arterial Blood Supply of the Male Reproductive System with Anatomical Labels. Prepard for Medtronic.
illustration of Modular Prosthetic Robotic Limb Editorial Cover Illustration for MedMonthly Magazine for Physician Audience. This medical illustration is a concept piece for a writeup about the newest techniques in robotic surgery.
illustration of Dermatological Image depicting development of acne and layers of the skin, showing inflammation, inflammatory cells, cytokines, and other regional anatomy of the dermis.
illustration of Vaccinations Myth and Reality. Medical Illustration Book Cover. Book topic is the controversy about vaccinations for children around the world and world medicine
illustration of At 36 weeks gestation, early term. lanugo & vernix caseosa are shedding. Fetus is head down in cephalic position of pelvis, engaged for birth. placenta uterus umbilical cord foetus gestational age baby womb birth fertilization pregnancy infant unborn childbirth fetal neonate offspring cervix utero miscarriage trimester amniotic fluid preterm thalamus iron calcium metamorphosis phosphorus stress human craniate umbilical premature infantile asphyxia ovaries prenatal development fetal development
illustration of MedMonthly Cover Design Illustration Editorial Illustration. ,Medical Magazine Cover Art for Doctors
illustration of Pregnancy tool. amniocentesis trisomy preemies blastomeres toxemia gamete very young child feminine cherish growth naive hope heart childproof big baby low birthweight childrearing crib carrier pelvimetry safe carseat small person young human small thirdborn mother father doll premature birth baby little one perinatal mortality sensitive play boy baby family young mammal girl future fertilized infant cesarian tubal pregnancy infant amniotic sac breech ectopic uterine rh positive chorionic villus
illustration of Spermatogenesis poster concept scientific illustration depicting the development of sperm cells, Spermatogenesis is a Meiotic Process by which Haploid Sperm Cells are Produced. Science Illustration for Education and Medical Education.
illustration of A 6 week embryo is curled up; future lungs bud.; spleen, arm buds, & ear buds appear. Digestive tract forms. A yolk sac nourishes until placenta develops. new life egg cell fertilized ovum eukaryote embryogenesis umbilical gastrula ovule embryonic cloning uterus fertilisation fertilization womb implantation foetus cryopreservation stem ovarian cell division fetuses vitro embryology fertility ovary blastocyst genetic ovulation cyst implant expecting alive motherhood child development laura maaske
illustration of The hip is one of the largest joints in the humsn body. It is a special kind of joint called ball-and-socket. The ball is formed by the femoral head of the thigh bone, which is the upper end of the femur. The concave socket is formed as the acetabulum, which is part of the pelvic bone. A hip replacement procedure is performed to repair this joint.
illustration of 33 week fetus. The uterus is stretched thinner. Baby's eyes close in sleep. Nervous system is developed & his immune system is getting ready for birth. Skull bone pliable for childbirth. Fontanelles developed. obstetrics woman gyn child ob/gyn parent obstetrician prenatal meconium delivery incompatibility pelvic molar ob pregnancy placenta previa spina bifida disability fetal alcohol syndrome folic acid preterm infant gynecological parenting lamaze plan maternal fetal barrier 3d ultrasound
illustration of Blood vessel structure and design
illustration of Biopsy Extraction and Petri Dish
illustration of Childbirth Vertex Delivery Position
illustration of Fetal development series, revealing each week of pregnancy. babies viability pregnancies fertility malformation surrogate motherhood infants implantation hysterectomy conceive infertile implanted preterm premature implanting vitro transplant ectopic procedure insemination abnormalities infertility cervical abnormality joyful family newborn uterine abortion ovum rhd firstborn innocent youthful adolescent lastborn foetuses incubator born parturition brca1 life vitality energy expecting
illustration of Vessel growth in a tumor
illustration of Acrylic, Airbrush, Concept Art, e-Learning, Animals, Health, Medical, Posters, Science, Scientific
illustration of Vital organs of the human digestive tract include the mouth, esophagus and stomach. The stomach continues into the small intestine, which consists of the duodenum, jejunum, ileum, and cecum. Digestion continues with the large intestine: ascending (including the appendix), transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, and the rectum. There are many accessory organs, solid in structure, which aid in digestion and these include the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, pancreas, and spleen.
illustration of At 39 weeks, baby’s brain has billions of neurons. Baby weighs about 3 kg (6.8 lbs), and measures roughly 49.8 cm (19.6 in). Baby is about the size of a pumpkin.
illustration of Breach of arterial wall and escape of blood cells and other immune response cells
illustration of This is a pair of mitochondria cell organelle component. Mitochondria are the energy consumers of the cell.
illustration of Fetal pelvis position. childbearing newborn uterus parturition postpartum bleeding breastfeeding vaginal birth oxytocin womb cervical dilation baby cervix doula vagina unborn maternal births miscarriage infertility labour menstruation infants babies trimester midwife motherhood hysterectomy puberty perinatal lactation infancy prematurity induction labor perineum preeclampsia neonate epidural urethra rectum birthing  jaundice pregnancies diabetes apgar score diabetes ivf prenatal onset diabetic
illustration of Embryological & fetal development illustration series beginning at 6 weeks of gestational age & progressing through to final 40th week of pregnancy. At each week a size comparison is offered to a commonly seen fruit or vegetable, to better understand the size of the unseen baby. zygote organism fertilization egg fetus sperm embryonic blastula dna reproduction blastomere tissue ectoderm protist mesoderm germination endoderm gastrulation conception
illustration of Pencil Drawing of a monarch butterfly
illustration of Meiotic division in male and female sex cells. meiosis mitosis chromosome sexual reproduction prophase anaphase cells cell division diploid sperm zygote interphase chromosomal ovum genetics gamete sexual reproduction sex semen mitosis dan genetics fertility microscopic microscope beginning early life cell cycle cellular physiology follicle telomere male female aging youth infertility animal egg seminiferous tubule menstrual cycle ovarian follicle cell division multiplication replication
animation of Medical Illustrators are here to make complex medical information simple


Laura Maaske has been in practice drawing and animating as a medical illustration since beginning her career in medical illustration in 1997, in Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated with an MSc.BMC in Biomedical Communications from the University of Toronto. Before entering the graduate program, she enrolled in fine arts training at the Toronto School of Art. Her undergraduate degree is from University of Wisconsin - Madison in zoology.


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