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Gwen Robinson

illustration of Splash screen for Philips Interactive
illustration of Digital
illustration of Game screen for
illustration of Title screen for Fisher Price early learning software program. Featuring
illustration of Early Learning software program for toddlers by Fisher Price. Features
illustration of Cartoon, Digital, Whimsical, Interactive, Apps/Mobile, Character Development, Children's Books, Children's Products, Toys & Games, Game
illustration of Digital, Lettering, Interactive, Apps/Mobile, e-Learning, Children's Books, Children's Products, Education, Toys & Games, Game
illustration of Digital, Two babyish aliens and their spaceships holding hands while floating in space. Photoshop and Painter.
illustration of Mixed media collage - assemblage. Contains paint, pastel craft paper and found objects.
illustration of Mixed media collage - assemblage. Contains paint, pastel craft paper and found objects.
illustration of Digital Illustration for
illustration of Cyclamen flower decorative border for Baby Book CD-I Title for Philips Interactive Media/ Photoshop and Painter
illustration of Digital prehistoric animals for texture maps. Photoshop and Painter. Deer, vulture, pronghorn and fox.
illustration of Digital game screen for edutainment title,
illustration of Interior studio space with a bed and desk. Oil on canvas.
illustration of Digital screen for interactive book for Viacom. Photoshop and Painter. Traditional fairy tale of two little children and a witch and a gingerbread house.
illustration of Digital screen of Hansel and Gretel in the witch's house. Gretel shoves the witch in the oven as Hansel looks on. Photoshop and Painter
illustration of Digital Little Red Riding Hood interior with the wolf lying in the bed. Traditional fairy tale.
Photoshop and Painter,
illustration of Airbrush acrylic with colored pencil and watercolor. Tropical fruits with parrots.
illustration of Acrylic airbrush with watercolor and colored pencil. Tiger, iguana, flamingo, rhinoceros bird of paradise and koala
illustration of Digital screen with foliage, stream and flying parrots. Macaw cockatoo and conures. Cherimoyas and monstera leaves.
illustration of Vector game screen for very young children to teach numbers and counting. Anteater and her baby and guinea pig. Termite and termite mounds.
illustration of Digital Painter and Photoshop floating flowers, hearts, patterns and fish. Colorful with cast shadows.
illustration of Digital in Photoshop and Painter. Interior colorful space with fun shapes and furniture.
illustration of Digital portrait of African boy living between two societies. Modern city and traditional life in the wilderness.
illustration of Portrait in oil on canvas.
illustration of Portrait in pastel on paper
illustration of Charcoal portrait on paper
illustration of Portrait in oil on canvas. African-American lady with gray hair wearing a colorful flower scarf.
illustration of Portrait in oil on canvas of a young woman with long hair and a pearl bracelet.
illustration of Colored charcoal on paper portrait of a man.
illustration of Acrylic, watercolor and colored pencil. Portrait of Albert Einstein.
illustration of Acrylic and oil on cardboard. Little Bear with porcupine family. Children's picture book spread.
illustration of Colored pencil on illustration board with acrylic and graphite.
Farmer cartoon cow wearing overalls and holding a cup with ice cream.
illustration of Watercolor and color pencil on illustration board. Victorian haunted house in folk art style.
illustration of Digital for
illustration of Digital ship at sea heading towards an island. Photoshop and Painter. Created for Sloan Kettering Hospital training program.


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