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Chelsea Stephen

illustration of Illustrated moment in Jack London's short story, To Build a Fire.
illustration of Fiona Apple core with feather
illustration of This is a self portrait titled Pieces
illustration of Movie poster for The Stalker showing water.
illustration of Peter and the Wolf as read by David Bowie
illustration of A reimagined Huck Finn story set in the turn of the century wild west Texas. Huck is a wild and untrainable horse who breaks away from the ranch. Jim is a gentle yet skilled cowboy and former slave who is escaping a trouble past for a more hopeful future. This is the moment they meet.
illustration of Character in context for my reimagined Huck Finn story. Huck is a wild and seemingly untrainable-
 yet lovable - horse; Jim is a cowboy and former slave on a Texas ranch in turn of the century wild west, who seeks to escape his troubled and painful past.
illustration of We put the WO in Womyn  #boybye #womyn #ladies #women #power #feminine #strength #strengthisbeauty #wo
illustration of Personal project titled after Helen Hunt Jackson's poem. #love #tide #oceans #moon #women #feminine #loneliness #returning #helenhuntjackson #lovehasatide
illustration of #nature #relaxation #forest #trees #feminine #women #hammock #digital #negativespace
illustration of Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly. #wings #women #internationalwomensday #fly #soar #shadowpuppets #shadows #hands #birds #pencil
illustration of #trump #notmypresident #nuclear #redcap #president #tension #america #fear #makeamericagreatagain? #power #tinyhands #republicanparty #divided #politics #politicalillustration #politicalcartoon
illustration of Digital, Figurative, Texture, Decorative, Animals, Nature, Lifestyle, Edgy
illustration of September Cover for Gather Magazine. The cover won the Award of Excellence at the 2017 Associated Church Press (ACP) convention awards ceremony in Chicago, Ill., on April 28.
illustration of Editorial illustration for Gather magazine, on conflict resolution and coming to terms with disagreements.
illustration of An editorial piece on the benefits of changing our perspective in the face of making mistakes, and learning to enjoy mistakes as opportunities for growth and change. Sometimes a mistakes is just a different experience than we anticipated.
illustration of Editorial piece for Gather magazine on a mother's experience sharing her ideas of faith with her daughters, as she had learned from her own mother, and in turn learning about faith through their eyes.
illustration of Editorial illustration for Gather Magazine, discussing the role of parents to guide their children through experiences but also encouraging them resilience and perseverance to move through and beyond challenges.
illustration of An editorial illustration for Gather magazine article, on the concepts of fairness and struggling to accept circumstances that seem unfair at the time. Often people rely on their faith to get them out of difficult situations without realizing they had the exact resources with them all along.
illustration of This was an editorial piece for Gather magazine. The article, title What Mary Knew, elaborated on the inner turmoil and fear Mary went through as she came to terms with the role she would play as the chosen mother of Jesus.
illustration of Editorial piece from the perspective of a pastor who slowly came to terms with accepting that love takes all forms and same sex marriage shouldn't be turned away from the church.
illustration of Final seduction is a personal project on an unlikely love affair in a remote island, and the transformation effects that the love and subsequent loss and heartbreak had on the subject.
illustration of A personal piece inspired by the idea that sometimes we just need to sit back, relax and hope for the best because stressing over situations that are out of our control is futile.
illustration of Anchored In Deep water is a collection of stories and poems by Northwest Commercial Fishermen. This is one of the covers of the 7 chapter books that makes up the anthology,  complete with writings about commercial fishing from the perspective of women fishermen.


Left Pebble Studio is owned and operated by me, Chelsea Stephen (aka Lefty). I am a freelance illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. As a former fisheries biologist, my approach to image making is exploratory and research based. I truly believe that my background in research continues to assist me in creating evocative conceptual imagery in response to basic creative briefs. I loved traveling, so my studio fits into a briefcase, and it goes where I go. Porch decks, retro trailers, and coffee shops are among my favorite places to post up and get to work.


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