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Isobel Barber

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United Kingdom

illustration of Decorative flower paper cut-outs, by Isobel Barber, handcrafted, 3D, poppy, bouquet.
illustration of The first in a series of puzzle book created with Arcturus Publishing. Paper cute book cover featuring dragons and waves.
illustration of gift wrapped heart, present, gift, human, heart, biology, papercraft, hand crafted
illustration of Editorial, handcrafted, papercraft, man, woman, couple, relationship, flowers weight watchers magazine
illustration of Big Ben, London, UK, NYE, New Year, celebration, fireworks, night sky
illustration of beach scene, sandcastle, seaside, kids, summer vacation, sale
illustration of papercraft, house cross-section, home, family, home, rooms, lifestyle, handcrafted
illustration of Re-cycling, paper crafted, food, waste, packaging, garbage
illustration of Fall, Autumn, Clothing, Fashion, Tree, papercrafted
illustration of Campaign, papercrafted, garden, deckchair
illustration of Seafood, BBQ, Fish, summer, papercrafted, hand made
illustration of Alice in Wonderland, papercrafted, toadstool, handmade
illustration of Comissioned by the National Trust, at Kingston Lacy

Isobel Barber created room after room of marvellous paper decorations, sculptures and even a Victorian feast for Christmas 2018. 

Feat, banquet, cake, pie, carrots, sprouts, pineapple.
illustration of Swatch Campaign - one of a series placing Swatch watches within Isobel's paper crafted sets.  Product, still life, tropical, flamingo, palm leaves, color.
illustration of Paper made lipstick for Women's Health Magazine Beauty Awards feature. Hand crafted, card spotlight, red carpet, beauty, make up.
illustration of Paper made street corner in Covent Garden, London.  Shop front, green wall, hand crafted, card.
illustration of Colour paper cut out of Christmas tree and gifts alongside products for advertisement.  Beauty products, still life, make up, Christmas Tree, lipstick, nail polish.
illustration of Colour paper cut out of playful cityscape from an open book commissioned by BBC History.  Pop up, card, London sights, sightseeing, tourist, dinosaur, Nelson.
illustration of Colorful paper cut out of Asian map for Opihr gin. Map, India, egg cup.
illustration of Summer themed paper cut out a picnic scene for editorial work.  Sun umbrella, parasol, hamoper, basket, nibbles, drink, pie.


Isobel is a paper engineer and illustrator, living and working in the beautiful county of Dorset. Isobel graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2012 with a degree in Textile design, where she specialised in creating illustrative patterns and print designs using a cut paper technique. Isobel continues to use this method to create detailed work and miniature sets, using layers of card and cut paper. Isobel has worked with a number of clients in fields such as advertising, editorial, branding, live illustration events and most recently film. Clients include The National Trust, Tesco, Lands' End, Harveys Furniture, Benson for Beds & Wilderness Festival. When not wielding a pair of scissors or a scalpel, some of her other pastimes include baking, prising scraps of stray paper from the jaws of her miniature schnauzer Otto, running along the Dorset coast, flowers and photographing colourful things.


Cartoon, Collage, Cut Paper, Mixed Media, Paper Sculpture, 3-D Collage, Decorative, Floral, Installations, Pop-Up


Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Editorial, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Greeting Cards, Historical, Holidays, Industrial, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Mural, Nature, Packaging, People, Posters, Product, Romance, Still Life, Food/Beverage, Feminine, Masculine, Environmental, Urban