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San Francisco Traveler

Editorial Illustration for Family Section

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Editorial illustration for the San Francisco Traveler's (magazine) family spread. Also illustrated other spot illustrations.


Claire Lordon

illustration of Sterling Children's Books. 2018.

Construction vehicles. Trucks. Truck. Construction. Vehicle. Crane. Cement Mixer. Bulldozer. Children's Book. Kids book. childrens book.
illustration of These animals are having fun playing in a winter wonderland.

Winter. Canada. Moose. Candian Goose. Orca. Killer Whale. Raccoon. Hockey. Curling. Beaver. Polar Bear. Snow bear. Puffin. Ice skating. Hot chocolate. Mountains. Snow. Cartoon. Children's Book. Kid's book. Illustration.
illustration of Sea Animals, limited palette, tuna, fish, dolphin, jellyfish, sea turtle, humpback whale, whale, clownfish, seal, harbor seal, octopus, shark, orca, pufferfish, penguin, manta ray, Nautilus, starfish, crab, seahorse, graphic, illustrator, vector
illustration of A spread from
illustration of A spread from
illustration of Page from
illustration of Editorial Illustration made for San Francisco Traveler (A guide for visitors). Made for the family section on things to do together in the city.

California. Family. Biking. Bike. Bikes. Golden Gate Bridge.
illustration of Peek-A-Boo! I Love You! Board book made with Pi Kids Books.

Penguin. Monkey. Fox. Panda.
illustration of A Happy Vegetable Pattern!

smiling. cute. happy. vegetables. corn. carrot. asparagus. zucchini. cauliflower. Turnip. pepper. cabbage. peas. squash. garlic. brussel sprout. artichoke.
illustration of Raccoon is smashing Fox's bank.

Break. Piggy Bank. Raccoon. Smash. Bank. Yellow. Hit.
illustration of Illustration made for BigBadBoo Studios.

Waterfall. Jungle. Nature. Adventure. Outdoors. Children's Illustration. Saturated. Monkey. Butterfly. Children. Kids. Plants. Animals. Volcano. Pond. Lake. Bird. Ladybug. Iguana. Lizard. Water. Explore.
illustration of Character designs made for BigBadBoo Studios.

Character development. Children. Kids. Ethnic. Bird. Blue Footed Booby. Magnifying Glass. Rope. Leaf. Goggles. Binoculars. Hat. Overalls. Vest. Shorts.
illustration of While waiting for school picture day, Bento experiences some troubles. He spills paint on his shirt, he gets algae stuck in his beak, and he messes up his hair.

Cute penguin. Art class.  Lunch. Recess. Picture Book Art. Penguin. School. Sandwich. Lunchbox. Cone. Basketball. Fish shirt. Table. Stain.
illustration of While waiting for school picture day, Bento experiences some troubles. He spills paint on his shirt, he gets algae stuck in his beak, and he messes up his hair.

Cute penguin. Art class. Beaver. Lunch. Recess. Picture Book Art. Penguin. Art Class. Stain. Mess. Picture. Art. Painting. Jellyfish. Chalkboard. Classroom.
illustration of When Lorenzo the lobster discovers pizza for the first time while wandering the beach, it becomes his favorite food ever! He races back home to tell his friend Kalena about it, and together they try to make a pizza. There's only one problem... Lorenzo can't remember what it was made of! Will they be able to make a delicious pizza together?

Little Bee Books. 2016. Available now!

Picture book. Pizza. Sea creatures. Lobster. Sea creature. Under the sea. Ocean. Fun. Whimsical. Pizza party.
illustration of Spread from
illustration of An illustrated year in review map for Events Concept.

typography. black and white. blue. Two colors. outline. car. travel. boat. Rio Bazil. Airplane. Big Ben. London. Golf. Trophy. Office. Computer. Haunted house. Ghosts. super cross. boat regatta. moving boxes. biking. bicycles. books. watch. watches.
illustration of A tea towel with fun, whimsical animals with a 2016 year calendar. 

Hand screen printed on fine quality dish towels.

surface design. calendar. calendars. cute animals. elephant. penguin. bunny. rabbit. panda. narwhal. cat. dog. squirrel. platypus. fox. toucan. turtle.

screen print. silkscreen. silk screen. tea towel. animals. towel.
illustration of Bento, the penguin, is making his way toward the Whale Bus so he can go to school.

Cute Penguin. Children's Book Art. Picture Book. Mom and child. Backpack. Bus. Whale bus. Trees. Off to school. School bus. Waving goodbye.
illustration of Page one of the T.A.H.-DAH Team comic book. Dog. Llama. Alpaca. Toucan. kids comic. graphic novel. Book cover. comic book. Malamute. Donut. Parade.
illustration of Cover for the T.A.H.-DAH team comic book.

toucan. llama. alpaca. dog. malamute. comic book cover. mountain. waterpark.
illustration of Mistle-Toad Mistletoe Christmas Holiday Pun Card

frog. christmas card. holiday card. pun. funny. pen and ink. toad.
illustration of Funny Merry Christ-Moose Christmas Card.

Holiday Card. pun. funny. moose. christmas card. ornaments. antlers. christmas lights.
illustration of Lorenzo, the Pizza-Loving Lobster
Little Bee Books. 2016. Available now!

Help Lorenzo the lobster and Kalena the sea turtle make a pizza in this delicious summer picture book!

Lobster. Pizza. Picture Book. Children's Book. Kids book. Hearts. Sea. Ocean. Cuisine. Creating pizza. Mistakes. Sea creatures. Undersea.
illustration of This bear wants to play 'hide and seek' with you.

Bear. Birch. Forest. Birds. Limited Palette. Vector. Aspen trees. Tree. Trees. Brown Bear. Woods.
illustration of Designs for wall decals for at the International School of Kazan's Mavlutova Campus (Russia). Areas include a welcome nook, a reading nook, a staircase, a room with multiple doorways, and more.

Birch trees were chosen as iconography due to their cultural significance in Russia. Russian animals were also chosen for imagery in the art.

The project was through Fielding Nair International.
Bear. Birds. Forest. Wall Mural. Aspen trees. Birch trees. Brown bear. Wallpaper. Site installation.
illustration of Sequence of Racoon, who is upset that his cake says 'Fox' instead of 'Raccoon'.

Kids art. Children's Book. Raccoon. Smash. Birthday Cake. Upset. Mad. Cake.
illustration of Raccoon is being sneaky and is about to steal a piggy bank.

Children's book. piggy bank. Raccoon. Sneaky. Thief. Books. Bookshelf.
illustration of A selection of greeting cards Claire illustrates and sells in her Etsy store.

More designs available.

Donut. Whale. Funny. Puns. Pun. Humor. Valentine. Love.
illustration of A tote bag with a nautical compass design.

waves. compass. tote bag. fabric. surface design. tote bag. anchor.
illustration of Little Red Riding Hood is going through the forest.

Picture book. Silkscreen. Silk Screen. Limited Palette. Wolf. Cake. Trees. Wolf. Little Red. Backpack. Plants. Woods. Forest. Trail. Muslim. Rocks. Vines.
illustration of Page one of the T.A.H.-DAH Team comic book. 

Dog. Malamute. Llama. Alpaca. Secret Lair. Superhero. Superheroes. Toucan. kids comic. graphic novel. Donut. Donuts. Arts and crafts. Tree. Cape. Backpack. supersonic hearing. slide.
illustration of Woodland Animals Pattern

Snake. Rabbit. Dragonfly. Horse. Snail. Tiger. Owl. Fox. Eagle. Mouse. Bear. Squirrel. Butterfly. Ladybug. Ram.
illustration of cactus. Cacti. Pattern. light blue. green. happy. pots. plants.
illustration of Illustration made for the Storytime App.
illustration of Hand drawn type. typography. halloween. skull. bones. black and white. scary. creepy. word collage. words. happy Halloween. ahh! Boo! lettering. letters.
illustration of Various donuts doing various poses.

Dancing. Dancer. Donut. Pink Donut. Donut Cop. Donut Police Officer. Dog Walker. Dog Walk. Dog Walking. Pastry. Artist Donut. Donut Art. Cute. Donuts. Top hat.
illustration of A koi fish blowing bubbles.

Picture book. Children's book. Fish. Koi. Bubble. Bubble blowing. Orange.
illustration of An illustration from Jules Verne's
illustration of Take it Slow.

illustration of The Majestic Forest collection was inspired by Claire's love of the mountains and the outdoors. She grew up living very close to the mountains and spent much time hiking and camping. She wanted to create rustic, but sophisticated, graphic images. The color palette was also very important.

These illustrations are available on various products in Claire's Society6 store.

Mountains. Mountain. Feather. Feathers. Pattern. Arrows. Trees. Triangles. limited palette.
illustration of A jungle/samba themed fabric/print/surface design collection for baby/kids.

samba. toucan. jaguar. frog. sun. palm tree. stripes. baby clothes. onesie. pattern. patterns. jungle. kids. children. music.
illustration of Tiki Time Carry All Pouch

Hawaiian. Pacific Islander. Limited Palette. Tiki. Palm tree. hibiscus. pineapple. tiki torch. surfboard. Surfboards. flowers. pink. blue. yellow. carry all pouch. phone case. luggage tag.
illustration of Summer fox camping themed children's kids dish set.

Fox. Tent. Camping. Roasting Marshmallows. Cup. Mug. Napkin. Bowl. Plate. Fire. Moon. Stars.
illustration of Fun with Fox Fall Children's Dish Set

Kids dish set. Fall. Autumn. dishes. plate. cup. mug. napkin. silverware. surface design. Pumpkin. Pumpkins. Scarecrow. Leaves. Squirrel. Fox.
illustration of A map made of dog encounters in NYC.

nyc. new york city map.
illustration of Happy Sun Sunshine Be Happy.
illustration of Color map of Hawaii
illustration of Black and white New York City Map. NYC. Text. Hand Lettering. Hand Type. Typography.  Ellis Island. Statue of Liberty. Times Square. East Village. Chinatown. Little Italy. Wall Street. Soho. Chelsea. Broadway. Garment DIstrict. Central Park. Bridges.
illustration of Illustrated Boston Map. Boston. Massachusetts. Text. Hand Lettering. Hand Type. Typography. Lobster. Lighthouse.
illustration of Brooklyn Map. New York. New York City. NYC. Bridges. Text. Hand Lettering. Hand Type. Typography. Map.
illustration of Seattle. Map. Black and White. Illustrated. Illustration. Washington State. Ferry. Text. Hand Lettering. Hand Type. Typography.
illustration of San Fransico Map. SF Map. California. Illustrated. Illustration. Black and White. Bridges. Golden Gate. Presidio. Lombard Street. Cable Car. Text. Hand Lettering. Hand Type. Typography.
illustration of A map of Greater Salt Lake City
illustration of A map of Austin Texas
illustration of Aloha licensing illustration.

hibiscus flowers. stripes
illustration of Video Game Controller lettering hand lettering
illustration of These are designs for wall decals for the President's School which is part of the International Scool of Kazan's Fedosesvkaya St. Campus. Areas include an entrance focus wall, staircase walls, and a focus wall in the library. 

The architecture is reminiscent of buildings found in Kazan, Russia. 

The project was through Fielding Nair International.
illustration of Surfboards at the Beach. 

surfboard. sand. palm tree.


Claire Lordon is an illustrator and designer living in Vancouver, Canada. She creates children's books, surface designs, murals, maps, and greeting cards for a number of companies. Claire is currently available for illustration job offers, freelance work, and licensing opportunities. E-mail her at for more information.


Black & White, Calligraphy, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Design, Digital, Gouache, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Montage, Pen & Ink, Storyboards, Stylized, Texture, Watercolor, Decorative, Pattern, Whimsical, Silk Prints, Vector, e-Learning


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Corporate, Editorial, Food, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Icons, Industrial, Leisure, Licensing, Maps, Mural, Nature, People, Sports, Technology, Textiles, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Youth, Environmental, Urban, Surface Design