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A beauty editorial illustration for Nylon Magazine on their favourite beauty products of the moment

Assa Ariyoshi
208966 208966


A personal project on a Nike brief

Keywords: Digital, Figurative, Vector, Leisure, People, Sports

© Assa Ariyoshi
208969 208969


A personal project for a Virgin Atlantic brief

Keywords: Digital, Vector, Character Development, People, Portrait, Travel, Feminine

© Assa Ariyoshi
208970 208970

Drinking Culture

A commissioned piece for Refinery 29 on UK drinking culture

Keywords: Design, Stylized, Vector, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, People, Portrait, Feminine, Urban

© Assa Ariyoshi
208965 208965

Air BNB Map

A commissioned piece for Air BNB on Emelie Sandé's favourite London haunts

Keywords: Design, Digital, Vector, Maps, People, Travel, Urban

© Assa Ariyoshi
208967 208967

New Year

A commissioned piece for refinery 29 on New Year celebrations and detox

Keywords: Design, Vector, Editorial, People, Lifestyle

© Assa Ariyoshi
208975 208975

Mental Health

A commissioned piece for refinery 29 on mental health issues among woman

Keywords: Design, Stylized, Vector, Editorial, People, Portrait, Feminine

© Assa Ariyoshi
208972 208972

Hotel vibes

A personal piece on Hotels

Keywords: Design, Digital, Stylized, Vector, People, Travel, Feminine, Youth

© Assa Ariyoshi
208971 208971

The Cleaver

A cover for Cleaver Magazine

Keywords: Stylized, Vector, Editorial, People, Food/Beverage, Feminine

© Assa Ariyoshi
208976 208976

Abstract face

A commissioned piece for refinery 29 on mental health awareness week

Keywords: Abstract, Design, Vector, Editorial, People, Portrait, Feminine

© Assa Ariyoshi
208974 208974


A piece for Time Out NY Q&A column - on seeing your new boyfriend flirting at a wedding on snapchat

Keywords: Design, Stylized, Decorative, Vector, Editorial, People, Portrait, Feminine, Youth

© Assa Ariyoshi

Assa Ariyoshi

Represented by

JSR Agency



Illustrator Assa Ariyoshi has a passion for food, nature and bright vibrant colours. Half Japanese, half Dutch she is based in London. Her illustrations can be weird and wonderful, bold and busy, yet somehow capable of being both surreal and simplistic. After graduating from Kingston University with a degree in Illustration, she has since worked for clients such as the, Stylist Magazine, Random House, New York Times and Elle to name a few.


Abstract, Design, Digital, Figurative, Stylized, Decorative, Vector


Character Development, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Leisure, Maps, People, Portrait, Sports, Travel, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Youth, Urban