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Emma Martin

illustration of Food magazine illustrations:  tarte tatin, apricot tart, key lime pie, gooseberry tart, pecan pie
illustration of Oribi - gazelle-like African antelope, savanna, grasslands
illustration of Textile design fabric tile pattern home furnishings stationery birds feathers pigeons
illustration of Canteloupe melon fruit maps Italy Sicily Sardinia Corsica sardine fish
illustration of Cherry fruit leaves tree gardens packaging label design
illustration of Spring Magnolia pink tree blossom flowers leaves
illustration of Apricot tree fruit leaves garden plants border stationery greetings card
illustration of Summer Wasp swarm hovering flying insects china teacup
illustration of Mini cooper car Ferrari enzo supercar rear view vehicles
illustration of By bus transport leaflet route map bus stops journey planner London red double-decker bus travel information


Emma studied illustration at the University of the West of England and the Royal College of Art. She discovered a love for printmaking and her work is mostly created using various methods of relief printing. Her work inherits qualities that stem from a variety of interests including vintage textiles, mid-century commercial art, poster design and typography. Decorative design plays an increasingly important part of her work, and she very often converts ideas for illustrations into repeat patterns. Emma currently works from home in Hertfordshire - a stone's throw from the Grand Union Canal.


Design, Lettering, Mixed Media, Pencil, Texture, Type Design, Woodcut, Decorative, Pattern, Monoprints


Animals, Botanical, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Family, Food, Greeting Cards, Leisure, Maps, Nature, Packaging, Posters, Textiles, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Urban