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Kari Moden

Kari Modén

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illustration of French Studio Just Amazing   
hipster, color, instagram, social media, content marketing, rainbow, hat, girl, woman, man, guy, waves, likes, iPhone, camera, snapshat, facebook, trendy, illustration, fashion, swirls, modern, simple, glasses
illustration of Beauty Bag - Spring 2016
beach, sunshine, sun, umbrella, sea, waves, color, holiday, vacation, beauty, make up, products, bag, summertime, bath towel, sand, water, swimming, stripes
illustration of Illustrations for The New York Times real estate ads.
building, New York, traffic lights, town house, renters, housing, living, apartment, building, skyscraper, house, traffic lights, car, windows, roofs, buildings, street life, traffic sign, shrubs, stairs, colors, simplified, colorful, live, street life, buying, moving, move
illustration of Medical Illustration for ACC
heart, medical, anatomy, yoga, palm trees, orlando, doctor, bicycle, hospital, ferris wheel, blood, vein, fish, lake, golf, heron, clouds, weather weather aorta stethoscope flamingo birds doctor, ecstatic, health, healthy, bloodcracker, nature, florida, orlando, amusement park, sunny
illustration of Self promo 2010 - profile, woman, girl, fashion, hair, hairstyle, beauty, lips, eyes, eylashes, color, popart, simplicity, illustrator, vector art, bold, trendy
illustration of Christmas Limited Editions 2014
limited edition, packaging, diving, scuba, scuba diving, beauty, health, hair, woman, joy, happiness,  seaweed, sea, bath, face cream, waves, christmas, holidays, vacancy, celebrate, celebration, stars, christmas balls, water, save the sea, make up, wellness, happy, color, colour
illustration of Woman and sports
woman, hair, jogging, exercise, jog, sport, exercise, go, walk, tennis, golf, rods, walking, exercisewear, fashion, beauty, slim, racket, body
illustration of Uppsalahem Annual Report 2015
woman, man, bus, dog, biker, bicycle, older man car, house, buildings, swans, birds, water tower, scooter, vespa, girl, guy, city, pattern, leaf, tree, plants, clouds, rain, weather, sun, sunflower , insect, multi-family house, castle, church, wind farms, waves, bird, flower, windows, scandinavian, simple, summer, city life, grass
illustration of Professional Network illustrations
volunteer, umbrella, sunrise, future, people, together, group, teamwork, team, man, woman, circles, color, sun, morning
illustration of Professional Network Illustration
biker, bike, house, city, traffic, traffic light, coffee, woman, man, backpack, work, morning, office, stress,
illustration of woman, baby, kids, child, children, birth, flower, plant, water, drop, sun, sunrise, mother, mummy, son, daughter, profil, siluett, lycka, moderskap, liv, vårda, kärlek,
illustration of profile, silhouette, happiness, maternity, life, care, love, earth, hand, tree, ecology, environmentally, friendly, environment, tree, family, people, stylized, symbolism
illustration of Self promo 2016
hands, pattern, togetherness, love, happiness, feeling, feel, touching, fingers, including, people, context, relation, relations, connexion, connection
illustration of Insurance Annual report illustrations
cake, hand, casserole, dish, serving dish, eat, baking, sprinkle, bake, fruit, candy, food, pastry, caffeine, cream, color, tasty
illustration of Insurance Annual report illustration
bike, postman, color, letters, wheel, letter, mail, hand out, handle, package, shipping
illustration of HealthCare Nutrition
illustration of Self Promo
illustration of Health
illustration of Low blood sugar


Kari Modén is an illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden. Kari is working with clients worldwide and is frequently commissioned for work within advertising, design, packaging, medical, patterns, editorials, fashion and digital work. Some of her clients include: Biotherm, Bordeaux Wines, Clinique, The New York Times, The Guardian, Three Hutchinson.


Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Graphic, Pastel, Silhouette, Stylized, Decorative, Pattern, Vector, Pop-Up


Architecture, Corporate, Editorial, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Health, Holidays, Landscape, Medical, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Scientific, Sports, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Ethnic, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Urban, Branding