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Ellis van der Does

illustration of Editorial illustration for MixMag. The article is about clubs that are open all weekend. Perhaps these clubs should create a place for the partygoers to nap, so they can actually last all weekend.
animation of Four character illustrations for Nestle's Milkybar Mix Ups campaign, which was launched in the UK and Ireland.

The other four characters that appear in the videos are drawn by Kyle Metcalf.

Agencies: Hogarth and J. Walter Thompson
illustration of Editorial illustration for UK based foody magazine Root+Bone about competitive eating.
illustration of Illustration for The Pool on the 4th wave of feminism :
animation of 18 Dutch creatives were asked by Disney and creative agency MOAM to create work to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday. What else than a Dutch cheese grater is a better gift for the mouse that has it all?
illustration of Illustration for Dutch magazine Onze Eigen Tuin (Our Own Garden) about enjoying the park during all four seasons.
animation of Article 13 brings bad luck to your browser!

Looping GIF for Create Refresh, an organisation campaigning against EU article 13. They believe the passing of this law would limit creativity.
illustration of Editorial illustration for the Dance Gazette, a publication by the Royal Academy Of Dance London. 
The article takes a closer look at the relationship between choreographers an their muses.
illustration of Rely on yourself and be surprised!

Self initiated design for a greeting card.
illustration of Editorial for Roundtable Journal about women working from home.


Ellis van der Does is a Dutch illustrator and animator based in London. Her style is clear, while using various textures and popping colours. She often combines existing forms to create new stories. Ellis works on commissioned and personal projects. Clients include: VICE, Nestle / Milkybar, HP, Cambridge University, BBC, MixMag, Royal Academy of Dance London, Root+Bone Magazine and UAL Postgraduate Community. Have a look at her website here:


Animation, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Lettering, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Texture, Floral, Pattern, Film/Entertainment, Motion


Humor, Animals, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Computers, Editorial, Family, Food, Health, Icons, Landscape, Leisure, Music, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Romance, Sports, Technology, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Edgy, Environmental, Branding