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illustration of When you take a look at what quantum physics tells us about reality and matter, both waveform and particle, seemingly following an amplituhedron, sometimes, it seems that matter whispers
illustration of Aphantasia is a mental illness describing people who don't have a mind's eye, ie they cannot visualise anything in their mind. Åphantasia would be worse, going to an incapacity for imagination. This woman is harvesting mushrooms, and trying some psychedelics, but to no avail as it doesn't have any effect on her, and her mind stays sharp, sober, unable to break the rational cage.
A surreal, colorful, sci-fi, low brow, and dreamy tale  through this portrait set in a cyberpunk future.
illustration of Commissioned portrait of the father of psychology, mind-exploring Sigmund Schlomo bro Freud. The cigar's pattern goes from hearts to skulls, symbolizing his Eros and Thanatos thing with death drive / life drive, the broken glasses stand for the imperfection of his views, and the 3 eyes on the tie are the Id, ego and super-ego. The masks are hopefully easy to get.
illustration of Collab with Disney France and Quai 36 for Mickey's 90th Birthday. 30 posters are hidden in Bordeaux, and people have to post photos of them with hashtags to make their city win an exclusive Disney event.
illustration of Le Gatoblaster, the skateboarding ghettoblaster cat, a character and illustration I made for the XXth anniversary of urban culture festival Les Vibrations Urbaines de Pessac, celebrating skate, BMX, hip hop dance battles, urban art, video games, music and much more since 1998.
illustration of Summer is on, and that non-epic game that is french pétanque / boules' season is on too. Friendship, competition, party, stress, anger and beers. Apéro time!
illustration of Psycake, an infinite layer of cheeky, playful, surreal, kinky, may be disturbing but always colorful psychedelic plasma of monsters.
illustration of Wanderlust in the colorful, geometric / polygonal mountains, during sunrise.
illustration of A series of personal illustrations about stretching, breathing, taking quality time with your body. Yoga or not!
illustration of


Combining traditional and digital magic to create surrealist and psychedelic hybrids of intimate (dreams, emotions, personal life) and collective mythologies (quantum physics and the rest of science, politics, philosophy, metaphysics), I leave indeterminacy areas for the viewer's own mythology to resonate freely with it. I have extensively explored creativity, through drawing, painting, sculpture, music, graphic design, animated GIFs, photo, storytelling, sculpting and research (my Master's thesis was on japanese artist Murakami Takashi and Japanese society and philosophy), all enhancing the ground of my art. Now, I specialise in illustration and art, and do my best to breach through the viewer's rational mind, and widen that gate to the things on which words slip, but that feelings can describe. And, well, all that fun that comes with doing these things. Feel free to contact me, I'm always delighted to discuss collaborations or answer your questions.


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