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Marisa Vestita

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Sylvie Poggio Artists
36 Haslemere Road
London, N8 9RB
United Kingdom

illustration of Lion Fox Crow Mosquitos
illustration of Fox Crow
illustration of Frogs
illustration of Monkey Soup
illustration of Santa Snoozing Cat
illustration of Ulyses Boat Sirenes
illustration of Hydra
illustration of Don Quixote Sancho
illustration of Don Quixote  Windmills
illustration of Dinosaurs


Marisa Vestita was born in Italy in 1975. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Lecce (south Italy) and at the same time she did internships in comics, illustration, design and stagecraft. In 2002 she moved to Milan where she received her first commissions as an illustrator. She shows her work in major exhibitions throughout Italy. To date she collaborated with italian magazines and she has published picture books translated into several languages.


Design, Digital, Figurative, Stylized, Technical, Texture


Action, Adventure, Animals, Celebrities, Children's Books, Fantasy, Food, Nature, People, Travel, Wildlife, Environmental