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Museum of the Communism in Prague

Poster design

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Pierre Kleinhouse

Pierre Kleinhouse

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The Mushroom Company

illustration of Illustration for Mako Magazine
illustration of Usbek & Rica
illustration of Illustration for The Museum of Communism in Czech Republic
illustration of Red for The Museum of Communism in Czech Republic.
animation of Beer 6 pack Stella Artois Israel


Pierre Kleinhouse born and raised in in Israel is an artist with international experience working with brands, agencies, publishers and personal clients around the globe. His work has been used in gig posters, package design, advertising, children’s books, animations, magazines, mobile games, galleries and more. Clients: Oxford University Press, Krispy Kreme, Zack & Quack (animated series for Nickelodeon), Monkey Business, Mako magazine, McCann Erickson, Hasrita record store, Owl John band, DJ Greg Santana, Windward among others…


Abstract, Caricature, Digital, Concept Art


Humor, Animals, Character Development, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Health, Historical, Packaging, People, Political, Posters, Science, Sports, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Urban