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In 2015 a friend commissioned me to create three portraits of herself in three different guises. This is her 'party' persona. I used reference photographs to put together an outfit, and to portray her in this stance, and I used several more close-up photographs to get an accurate portrayal of her face.

Carolyn Storey

Carolyn Storey

illustration of Done in 2011, representing the plight of many unemployed youths in the UK in the midst of the economic downturn, Of which I had personal experience of.
illustration of A new one for 2017. 
Representing the festival vibes of youth culture, But it also includes my own love of Mermaids and everything to do with that mystical creature!
illustration of Close up details of my She Dreams of the Sea 2017 artwork.
illustration of Summer Packs up for Autumn, 2013.
A very colourful depiction of when Mabon arrives and we welcome the darker longer nights in at the end of the year!
illustration of An magical  image for a Christmas card I made for friends and family in 2015
illustration of A piece from 2012, when I had an explosion of emotions of complete joy!
illustration of Actually created in 2008. But I want to include it here because it was one of the few pieces I've done without prior pencil planning first! Very psychedelic.
illustration of Done in 2014. A cute couple who appeared to me in a daydream.
illustration of From a happy moment in 2010. A very emotive time that was!
illustration of Another Christmas card design I made for friends and family in 2014. It was a harsh Winter!
illustration of A doodle I did while waiting my turn, in 2013...I was eventually seen to!
illustration of I created this after I got my first smartphone in 2014! Pretty much sums up our modern world.
illustration of Today's wannabe starlets will never emulate the classic beauties of old!
illustration of Another freehand drawing I did in the midst of my unemployment days in 2012.
illustration of A newer piece from 2017, in which my life was at a pivotal moment, and I could go either way.
illustration of Another oldie from 2010, but one of my most detailed freehand pieces. My love of coffee and all things mystical knows no bounds!
illustration of One of my first Christmas/Yuletide cards I made for friends and family. Representing the Christian and Pagan spiritual significance at that time of year.
illustration of Details of memory sketches about a theme park in the UK I used to visit as a child. Very scary!! But it provided me with much inspiration which has lasted and shaped my life to come.
illustration of Inspired by the cartoon The Wuzzles I created this doodle in 2014. I was aiming for a very 80s nostalgic trip.
illustration of I created this in 2016 after a friend of mine shared a weird obsession with Celebrity Big Brother 2016 contestant Stephen Bear. I was only too happy to take up the challenge of making a portrait - which I don't do often.
illustration of For my Christmas card design for friends and family in 2017 I used a picture of a Barn Owl I created as part of the Inktober challenge. Barn Owl is my spirit animal, so I wanted to share this for other lovers of these mystical creatures.
illustration of While stuck in an uninspiring job in retail where there were more staff than customers, this precocious young sprite appeared to me as I doodled.
illustration of Created in memory of a friend's beloved niece who passed away suddenly, for Christmas 2016 I was inspired by the symbolism of the Celtic Tree of Life. It wasn't intended to be particularly festive, it was more a symbol of how we are all connected in this life and beyond, especially when we remember those who have passed on, at that time of the year.
illustration of Inspired by my love of Barn Owl and spiritual symbolism, I created this image pairing the two for a tattoo design for myself. I didn't get the design in the end, I chose something else! But tattoo designing is definitely something I would love to branch out into.
illustration of I asked an a colleague to sit for me as part of an art project I was working on. This is one of the studies I created using watercolour and pencil and pen. 
The project was never finished. But as far as I'm concerned this is the finished product!
illustration of One of my collage pictures: a line drawing with an added newspaper caption. 
I was really into Punk music at the time I made this, so I wanted a scrappy kind of design to go with my sketchy freehand drawing in spirit of the genre.
illustration of Another study I did as part of a project I wanted to complete but never did (see picture Model Study) 
But as far as I'm concerned this is another sketch that I am happy for people to view and assume is the finished product!
illustration of A biro drawing of a very lowly, solemn siren I did back in 2015. I was trying my best to stay optimistic that year! x
illustration of A Work in Progress picture of my drawing of Tim Bergling aka DJ Avicii. Before he passed away in April 2018 I knew nothing of the EDM star but then as I learnt more about him I became captivated by him. But then I was equally heartbroken by his tragic story. Progress continues... x
illustration of I was commissioned by a friend to design a tattoo for him. He is still deciding what pattern to use to link them together! x
illustration of An update on my ink pen drawing of Tim aka DJ Avicii! 
Before his sudden passing in April 2018 I knew nothing of the Swedish DJ, but as information about the circumstances surrounding his tragic death surfaced I found myself so moved by the story I actually set to work on a blog post on the subject. This was meant to be an illustration to accompany that, but the article has yet to be finished x
illustration of I loosely based this image on a fellow Spiritual friend of mine. We have been trying to meet up together to do something outdoors for Autumn for ages and this time we yet again couldn't meet so I made this picture of her. I love Autumn so I was very enthusiastic to capture the spirit of the season! x
illustration of A Work in Progress picture...A random doodle I created while returning from holiday. An ode to my thought patterns at the time while I try manage my anxiety and also an ode to anyone who is worrying about where they are going with their lives! x
illustration of A work in progress picture...I started this in 2017 but I abandoned due to busy work shifts. 
It was meant to be psychedelic 60s but it has gone all stranger than I meant it to! It is about getting to a better place in mind and spirit, but those coaxing, familiar destructive thought patterns are never far away! x
illustration of My second tribute picture of DJ Avicii, pushing with my hand drawn illustration and photoshop colouring combination. x
illustration of This year's Christmas card for friends and family was a picture of a Stag, hand drawn using a 0.1 nib ink pen. I haven't done realism sketches for a long, long time especially of an animal! x
illustration of My completed second tribute picture of Avicii, using photoshop to colour my hand drawn picture of  the late DJ. I hoped to create several versions with different backgrounds, I wanted this background to be like a galaxy, with a sense of infinity about it.
illustration of This started as a doodle I started making in 2017 while waiting 2 hours for my newest tattoo to heal! But then it was abandonned. I returned to the drawing in late 2018 and I have just completed the colour. I didn't know what it was about before but I eventually realised it was actually talking about myself getting into a better place in mind and spirit, but those old destructive thought patterns and habits are never far away.

Also titled (Hello Depressive Thought Patterns my Old Friend) x
illustration of I had been meaning to create an angel wings tattoo design for a long time and on a peaceful day off I finally created one! I tried to have it encompass all that connects us to the land, sea and the heavens x
illustration of While on vacation in mystical Glastonbury, UK, I was very inspired by the energy of the lands. And I found myself unusually drawn to figurines and statues of the antlered Goddess, I'm not always too fond of deities with antlers, but the statues I found were very peaceful - and powerful. I wanted to create this image celebrating the powerful Divine Feminine energies. Very apt, as that weekend landed on International Women's Day!! x


Hello there. I'm an artist from Bushey, Hertfordshire, UK, who creates Pop-Fantasy artwork for exhibitions and also for illustration commissions. Using ink pens, watercolours and Photoshop as chosen mediums, my artwork centres on character design. I've always had a passion for the weird, wonderful and the psychedelic. In particular the 1960's hippy image and the absurdities of Pop Culture. I love to use colour to express emotion, and each of my little folks has their own tale to tell. And their dream-world surroundings are sometimes taken from observation studies, and sometimes they are completely from my imagination. With a BA Honours Degree in Illustration and Animation, over the past 10 years I have built up a substantial portfolio of previous projects including book illustrations, murals and personal requested commissions. Check out my website and you can also find me on Facebook.


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