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Griffin Ess

illustration of A green gowned mixed race woman with dark hair and white wings sits on a boulder in the ocean. Behind her is a setting eclipsed sun, a palm tree, and a shipwreck. In the foreground is a pink flamingo in the water and a bottle of wine with a pair of human skulls on a rock. The siren is wearing ruby earrings and a pearl necklace with a green seashell, has a red ribbon wrapped around her left forearm, and holds a glass of red wine in her right hand.
illustration of A woman wearing a tank top enjoying  a nice night on a cobblestone bridge under a lamp post.. The shadow she casts is shared with a giant horned cat like creature wearing a wide collar with a bell. Watercolor and ink on a 140 lb hot press paper.
illustration of A pair of white hands of ambiguous gender are holding a realistically depicted human heart which they are splitting in half. From the opened internal hollow of the organ an eggs albumen and yolk are pouring out onto the blue table while a baby chick looks on.
illustration of A woman wearing headphones and ripped jeans walks through a cobblestone alleyway past an open dumpster under a fire escape.. The shadow she casts is a bright illuminescent yellow and attached to a creature. A mix between a giraffe and a horse or deer with long legs and a white bird mask and a mane made of the same yellow light. Attached to it's leg is a clinging blue mini bear creature. Watercolor and ink on a 140 lb hot press paper.
illustration of A ginger woman in the middle of a cold, bleak, autumn, city center is smiling under an open umbrella which acts as a window into the galaxy. A dark purple starry night with a nearly full moon is visible within the umbrella. The red headed woman wears a bright blue coat and a vivid green scarf. The city street behind her is desaturated with fall foliage on the trees and parked red trolleys and concrete buildings.
illustration of A woman in her 20s sits in blue chair reading a book next to entire library of tomes. Three tiny drakes or dragons resting around her except for one more excitable. The woman is wearing glasses and drinking a mug of tea wearing grey pants and a blue hooded sweatshirt.
illustration of A woman at a campsite. A camp fire roaring away. Pine trees and a lake in the back ground. A nearly full moon and star filled sky hover above. She wears a purple scarf and is dressed in a merlot colored sweater and holds a glass of red wine with a goldfish swimming inside. She has antlers growing out of her head and on those horns hang trinkets of various types. Made on 90 lb hot press using watercolors and ink.
illustration of A black and blue raven holds the string of yellow balloon in it's beak. The Raven is looking up at a girl as if offering the balloon to her but the wind is pulling the balloon away from her. A woman in a red sweater and black skirt with dark hair and brown skin looks down curiously at the bird. She has her hands in her dress pockets. Originally done on 8 x 10 hot press 140 lb paper using watercolor and ink.
illustration of A cybernetic mannequin of a black woman. Blue circuits run over her face, hands, and skin. Her black robes blend into the negative space leaving her form to be defined by the yellow designs. Her natural hair fluffs around her face as a poofy white afro. A red heart icon is marked on her palm. On strings beside her hang a red spider, a purple butterfly, and a yellow bee. African symbols and textile designs were researched and incorperated.
illustration of A black woman leans against a table while smiling at the viewer. A pot of coffee brewed behind her while she holds a mug in her hands. She has a tiny critter on her shoulder that is curiously sniffing at the cup. The room is fully decorated and has pet toys and a bed for the tiny animal making it clear it's a pet. There is yellow red and white wall paper and a photo of a flower on the shelf next to some books.
illustration of A poster style illustration based on the comic book and film
illustration of A girl with purple hair leaning towards the viewer, making eye contact with them from behind cross-bone sunglasses. She has argyle tights, a purple skirt, green shirt, a neck charm featuring a bee on a hex tile, and is wearing a bear ear hooded brown jacket. Behind her back she's hiding a wielded short short and scabbard. This is an original character based on a novel I'm working on.
illustration of A still life style painting focusing on items featured in the Legend of Zelda series of video games by Nintendo. The Master Sword, Navi: Link's fairy companion, Majora's Mask, and The Ocarina of Time. Also a bomb arrow, an ancient arrow, a slice of cake, and a health potion all styled from Breath of the Wild. Done on canvas using acrylic paints.
illustration of A young black woman stands in darkness wearing a cross between a deep sea suit and a space suit. The teen girl's natural hair is pressing against the inside of her bubble helmut and she is wielding a giant fishing hook and a lantern with a glowing ghost fish inside. Behind her in the shadows is a monstrous creature similar to a pilot fish but with sharp teeth, extra red eyes, and a cat's head on the end of a stalk. Done in watercolors and ink on 90 lb hot press paper
illustration of Based on the international cult classic film
illustration of A small girl's hand is holding out a large eggo waffle with a bite taken out of it. She has a blue jacket sleeve with a blood stain on it and a tattoo on her wrist reading
illustration of Han Solo, Harrison Ford, of Star Wars captured as his Empire Strikes Back character in the foreground and his The Force Awakens appearance in Force Ghost Blue in the background.
illustration of Leia Organa, Carrie Fisher, of Star Wars with her Princess/Rebel leader visage from Empire Strikes Back in the foreground and her Resistance General appearance from The Force Awakens in the background in Force Ghost Blue.
illustration of Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill, of Star Wars with his Empire Strikes Back visage in the foreground and his The Last Jedi appearance in the background in Force Ghost Blue.
illustration of A bright and vivid orange and yellow flower grows in the top bulb of an hour glass and the sand it's planted in is running into the lower glass where a bare human skull is imprinted on the lower half as the sand fills in below to define the haunting negative space.
illustration of Made as a bowling team logo. A blue and yellow hex sits in the background. In the foreground a yellow and brown honey bee carries a red bowling ball into a set of bowling duck pins which are scattering in all directions. 5 colors.
illustration of A baby sea monster happily sitting on the old Steel City pier in Atlantic City. The building are damaged an on fire around her. Her giant serpentine tail is in mid wag. A giant billboard offsets the trauma of the scene with a welcome message. The sea monster design was based on a corgi puppy. The art was for a wrap around cover art for an all ages comic book featuring the same beast.
illustration of The lady detective, Miss Phisher, from the book series and BBC series. She's lounging in an arm chair reading a newspaper projecting headlines of murder. She wears mod fashion inspired Red and gold dress and robe and black boots and her black hair is cut into a bob. Behind her a fireplace with a painting of an animal drinking from a river above it. Leaning on the chair back is a blonde woman with a tan skirt and jacket.
illustration of A disembodied head of a woman with white hair and rolled back eyes has an open mouth which is pouring out an inky black liquid onto the watery floor. Behind the head is a large green shield with carvings etched into it.  Amidst the ink there is a glowing blue ethereal elk like creature with a flame floating over its head.
illustration of A deep blue background with yellow and orange hex cells set against it. A bee like creature rests in the foreground over a pinkish orange flower. The bee thing has leaves for wings and its head looks more like a helmut with large black eyes and a human skull like shape. Three dots, an ellipses, replace the mouth. The torso is yellow and blacked striped. A bulbus black thorax has a stinger coming out.
illustration of A grey slightly cartoonish seal or sea lion is in the foreground balancing a beach ball on it's nose. Around it are a water park pool, a burning hoop, a set of bicycle horns, and a collection of colorful balloons.
illustration of A red headed lady sits under a tree. She wears jeans, a grey shirt, a tan jacket, black headphones. A capital building and a clock in a fountain are in the background. The woman holds a purple tablet and is smiling at what she is watching. A Black and Yellow creature that looks like a cross between a fox and a lynx with large tufts of hair and three blue eyes is pawing at the tablet.
illustration of A woman with short purple hair sits at a desk under a lamp. She's pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration and holding her glasses in her hand. On her desk is a pencil, some papers, a mug of coffee, and a strange red and blue animal that looks like a cross between a badger, a cat, and a bunny. The creature appears to have knocked her coffee over spilling over the papers and has begun to lick up the mess. On the wall is a painting of red flowers.
illustration of An Ethiopian woman sits in workout clothes in front of an open dryer. Out the window is a autumn tree losing leaves. Inside is a laundry basket on the floor with colorful clothes. Inside the dryer is a small, orange, horned mix between a hippo and puppy among the remaining clothes. The girl is smiling slightly looking at the pet who is way happier to be messing up the clean clothes than it should be.
illustration of The three spell casting Sanderson sister from the film Hocus Pocus over a black banner with the words
illustration of An Egyptian woman sits at a kitchen table with her mail and a slice of cake in front of her. She's holding up a golden coffee mug with a small horned creature peeking out from inside. Her expression is one of curious amusement. She has short dark hair and is wearing a blue top and an elaborate gold necklace. The kitchen has a modern take on rustic with a large wall clock marking the time as one.
illustration of A blonde woman sits in a train car at a booth seat with a table. She's holding a water bottle and has her book and phone out on the table and her backpack on her lap. The girl looks out the window to an ocean scene. A pair of golden fish and a mermaid are looking in on her. The mermaid has dark hair and sharp teeth but otherwise seems friendly enough.
illustration of Based on the characters of the Irkan alien Zim and robot GIR from the Nickelodeon show
illustration of A majestic gryphon stands with a triforce before him. He's chained in place with a yoke collar weighing on him. His eyes blaze and his forehead has three dots. On each side of the yoke hangs a door. A top each of these closed doors is a mask in a similar style of the comedy and tragedy theater masks. Done originally on 300 lb cold press paper using water color and ink and then retouched digitally
illustration of A woman is in the foreground. This girl is wearing a friendly smile, a black over shirt, a grey undershirt, a choker necklace with a strange key as a charm, and glasses. Her blue hair is up and her blue eyes are bright. The impressionistic background is of a city intersection with the objects, building, and street light reduced to  silhouettes. Done on 90 lb hot press paper using watercolor and ink.
illustration of A yellow, green, and pink stained glass window set's the backdrop. In front of it are a fluffy and cartoonish alpaca with giant ears, rosey cheeks, and a
illustration of A blonde woman at an oval window wearing a pink and purple plaid shirt and covered in blood splatters. The girl's hair has pink highlights on her bangs and the rest is in a bun. She has steel blue eyes and is smirking. Behind her in the dark room is a pale specter amidst a yellow glow. The ghost has wild hair, a torn shirt exposing a rib cage, and no other body. The spirit also has a slit throat trickling black blood. The eyes of the phantom at bright white pin pricks in deep empty sockets.
illustration of A white female hand extends upwards out of a pool of water with floating flowers in it.  In the woman's hand is a golden bejeweled chalice. The ornate cup in jewel encrusted with teardrop shaped sapphires and has three streams of water arcing out of it into the pool. Above the cup is a white dove holding an old liberty dime. Done on 140 lb hot press paper with watercolor and ink.
illustration of An open grave with a trail of classic horro comic books leading out of the graveyard. The birth year on the gravestone is broken off and the death year is 1954. A white lily grows next to the old New England style, winged skull, tombstone. Art intended to be a book cover for a horror anthology. Made using watercolors and ink on 300 lb cold press paper and digitally retouched.
illustration of A double cheeseburger with tomatoes, lettuce, and onion with a side of french fries and a pickle spear. Silhouettes of a soda, ketchup bottle, and sal & pepper shakers rest behind the meal which is being served on a chopping block.


Griffin Ess has a rare blend of artistic skills, psychological insights, and storytelling talents that has led to a number of fruitful creative collaborations in a variety of media. Aside from his own creative aspirations he is dedicated to using his combination of traits to entertain and inspire anyone he can. His illustration motto has always been "I'll ask you the right questions to get the best version of your idea captured".


Acrylic, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Graphic, Impressionistic, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Watercolor, Decorative, Whimsical, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Comic Book, Editorial, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Futuristic, Greeting Cards, Historical, Icons, Leisure, Medical, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Posters, Sci-Fi, Sports, Still Life, Toys & Games, Transportation, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Urban