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Steve Ferris

illustration of The Enchantress, lady on the Lake, Sorceress, Excaliber
illustration of Mermaid on Rocks, smiling and blowing kiss! Mermaid, Sirens
illustration of Eowyn slaying the Nazgul's Felleast in LOTR!
illustration of Vampi on Tombstone.
illustration of Tarzan and Jane face down Panther
illustration of Death, axe, armor, helmet, horse, fire, goblins, orcs, cape, sword, shield
illustration of Mermaid teasing Fisherman
illustration of A Flight From Valhalla!
illustration of Orcs coming through Balin's Tomb in LOTR!
illustration of lady, godiva, sword, horse, cape, nude, coventry, leofric, benedictine, peeping tom, lady godiva,
illustration of fairy, wings, dragonfly, ivy, woman, nude, firefly,
illustration of mermaids, sirens, davy jones locker, swimming, ship, shipwreck, coral, gold, women, nude
illustration of bat, girl, woman, vampi, vampirella, nightwing, graveyard, monastery, gargoyle
illustration of king kong, gorilla, fay wray, worship, dance, monkey, blond, woman, nude, jungle,
illustration of woman, nude, jungle, leopard, spear, warrior, hawk, plants
illustration of king, throne, lions, ornate, septor, crown, jester, gold
illustration of warriors, dragon, sword, lady, dwarf, dungeon, wing
illustration of warrior woman, shield, sword, armor, helmet, pasties, nude, sandals


Acrylic, Caricature, Figurative, Fine Art, Mixed Media, Oil, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Watercolor, Whimsical, Concept Art


Action, Adventure, Book Covers, Comic Book, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Sci-Fi, Toys & Games, Feminine, Game