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Steve Cook Illustration

illustration of Form-fitting, low-profile, off-the-shelf knee brace provides patient protection from ACL, PCL, and collateral ligament injuries.
illustration of Affordable, reusable, video enabled stylet allows the physician to see all aspects of the intubation procedure from a normal point of view.
illustration of Lifetime Lighting's outdoor light fixtures are built to last and constructed using easily replaceable components for
illustration of Monitoring your pet's blood glucose levels at home
illustration of Autonomous ocean observing buoy monitors and live streams various oceanographic data to land based scientists.
illustration of Cubic's software and hardware solutions provide alternative modes of payment for mass transit riders throughout the world.
illustration of Schematic explains B-to-B software application
illustration of Lightweight-inflatable walker boot offers comfort and fixation ensuring quick healing while maintaining muscle tone.
illustration of Breg's unique OA adjustable hinge allows users to adjust the degree of knee joint
illustration of To ensure fast, successful, post-operative rehabilitation, this hip brace limits a
patient’s range of motion while providing a comfortable fit and easy application.
illustration of From a patient education poster showing the anatomy of the knee joint.
illustration of From a patient education poster showing common injuries to the shoulder joint.
illustration of Post-operative, site specific pain is managed by catheter infused anesthetic.
illustration of A minimally invasive procedure that uses a catheter based device to create a Endo Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF) for vascular access.
illustration of One step from an illustrated surgical technique guide showing the proper technique for placing a pediatric laryngeal mask airway.
illustration of The LMA McGrath video laryngoscope uses an extremely small video camera mounted at the end of the laryngoscope blade giving the medical professional greatly enhanced glottic visualization. This improved visualization leads to higher intubation success rates than traditional laryngoscopes.
illustration of Firestone air spring systems are designed to maximize safe load carrying capacity, stability, and overall ride quality.
illustration of Exploded view of the FX-SP path light illustrates the quality components used to create one the industries best selling products.
illustration of The Gates Hotel is a premier destination for tourists visiting Florida's Key West. The oblique view map guides the hotel's guests to various amenities during their stay.
illustration of
illustration of Various illustrations from a Hunter product catalog.
illustration of Hunter Industries’ Eco-Mat is an innovative subsurface irrigation system, offering 100% coverage with water-use efficiency.
illustration of Hunter's integrated weather station and irrigation controller enables precision landscape watering solutions to homeowners. This system saves water and improves the health of your garden.
illustration of Hunter's IDC decoders enable installers to use one twisted pair of wires to link one controller to up to 100 separate watering stations. The HD programmer lets landscape professionals manage the ICD decoders in the field.
illustration of Hunter valve diaphragms are
illustration of Hunter's V-Sync modular flow controllers are easily changed in-line with the solenoid to manage water flow through Hunter valves.
illustration of Hunter Industries' Pro Spray sprinkler head is easy to disassemble for cleaning, and easy to re-assemble!
illustration of Hunter Industries' MP Rotator is easy to adjust for  flow rate and watering distance.
illustration of Hunter Industries produces many different irrigation controller systems for residential to commercial applications.
illustration of Hunter Industries makes irrigation controllers for all types of applications. The iCore controller offers module components that can increase the number of watering stations that the controller manages.
illustration of Hunter industries makes all the components needed to build custom irrigation systems for residential use.
illustration of Jain Irrigation sells a turn-key solution to small garden watering systems. All the components needed to build a complete, efficient watering system for your small garden in one box.
illustration of Managing irrigation on large farms with diverse crops is challenging. With Jain Irrigation's C3 Cloud based monitoring, efficient, cost effective irrigation is not challenging anymore.
illustration of In 2016 Poseidon Resources completed a 50M-a-day seawater desalination plant in Carlsbad, California. This map/overview illustrates the seawater's pathway through the plant to its eventual departure as fresh water into various municipal water systems throughout northern San Diego County.
illustration of Photo illustration of Poseidon Resource's Huntington Beach Power Station co-location proposal.
illustration of Poseidon Resources employs pre-screening systems designed to save fish larvae and other small marine animals from passing into desalination systems.
illustration of FasTrak toll collection system gives customers a convenient and time efficient way to pay for toll road usage fees.
illustration of One cross sectional frame from an animated illustration that demonstrates the impact that a house foundation and tree roots can have on one another.
illustration of Illustrated step-by-step instructions for applying and operating an airway maintenance device.
illustration of Product portrait of a low profile form fitting wrist brace that offers patient comfort and injury fixation.
illustration of One step from an illustrated surgical technical guide series, following a discectomy; using the insertion instrument, the implant is placed into the L4, L5 space to maintain structural support of the vertebral column.
illustration of One step from an illustrated surgical technical guide series, using the adjustment instrument to position the implant into the proper position between the vertebral bodies.
illustration of Typical installation site for the Spinous Process System implant, in this case spanning and fixating the L3 and L4 spinous processes.
illustration of Loading an interbody implant onto a screw-retained insertion instrument.
illustration of One step from an illustrated surgical technical guide series, loading the implant
onto the insertion instrument.
illustration of Portrait of the Spinous Process compression instrument, one step in a surgical technique illustration series.
illustration of Locking the forceps surgical tool onto the Spinous Process fixation plate.
illustration of Smiths Medical produces many products that require medical professionals to know the location of veins throughout the body. The arm provides many accessible veins for needle and catheter placement.
illustration of Cutaway view shows the interior component of the 3-piece system. This fixed system snaps into place and provides a secure fit for the patient and is easily removed by the clinician.
illustration of The F-Tx abutment features a spherical coronal geometry which allows the attachment housing to rotate in any direction and correct up to 40 degrees of convergence and divergence.
illustration of Zest created a unique hydraulic based system for denture removal. Small tubular shaped water-pillows are slipped between the patient's gums and the denture. As the tubes fill with water, under pressure, they expand and lift the denture off of its fixation points.
illustration of Traditional denture fixation uses screws and threaded abutments to secure dentures. When traditional systems fail the F-Tx fixation system (on the far right side of the illustration) can be used to replace them without the need for screws or cement.
illustration of The F-Tx fixation system replaces the traditional systems and never requires screws or cement.  The F-Tx system provides a comfortable and very secure
illustration of Zest's locator tool provides a simple solution for the removal of Zest locators from the fixation cap.
illustration of An illustrated guide to the LODI instrument kit, captioning (removed) explains each part and instrument’s function and use within the larger system.
illustration of The Zimmer Bone-Profiler attachment ensures proper seating and height for a new tooth abutment.
illustration of One step from an illustrated surgical technique guide showing the proper method for sizing and shaping a sheet of BioMend membrane.
illustration of One step from an illustrated surgical technique guide showing the pre-operative hydration of a block graft in a sterile saline solution.
illustration of One step from an illustrated surgical technique guide showing the pre-operative shaping of a block graft using a dental handpiece and straight bur tool.
illustration of Zimmer's ergonomically designed hand driver provides a quick solution for the use of various dental surgical tools.
illustration of One step from an illustrated surgical technique guide showing preparation of the inlay site to receive a block graft.
illustration of One step from an illustrated surgical technique guide showing drilled perforation of the inlay site to ensure bleeding and blood inundation of the block graft.
illustration of One step from an illustrated surgical technique guide showing proper wound closure. Ensure adequate flap release to achieve tension-free suturing.
illustration of The Jaw Elevation Device is used to allow hands-free airway management during anesthesia. Part of a series from the device’s instructions for use.
illustration of Instructions for properly storing the Iridex head mounted microscope in its portable ruggedized container.
illustration of VPULSE helps patients achieve successful recoveries by delivering 3 therapeutic treatments at the same time; rapid impulse compression, cold therapy, and wound compression.
illustration of Small engine/generator step-by-step instructions for replacing factory radiator with an auxiliary radiator.
illustration of Line art samples from a small engine maintenance user's guide.
illustration of Miscellaneous line art examples from Freedom Grill's User guide.
illustration of Line art sample from Freedom Grill's User guide,


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