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The Bully Project

Don't be a loser, bully.

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Anti-cyber bullying animation

Emanuele Colombo


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JSR Agency
London ,
United Kingdom

animation of Emanuele combined high end motion graphic with traditional animation with the explicit goal to create a look and feel that would differentiate itself from the crowded market of the blockchain world.
animation of Gerber Life Insurance is one of the top direct-response marketing insurance companies and a leading provider of juvenile life insurance.
In September 2017 we were commissioned this short video to celebrate their 50th anniversary.
animation of A piece created for the Bully Project on anti cyber bullying
animation of Character animation is a complex process that require a lot of time and practice. These are some little tests and experiments I did to improve my skills
animation of After having reached 100 million subscribers the staff of got in touch with me to create a celebratory video with the intent of sending it to all those who have helped make the world a better place to live fighting for change via their website.
animation of Euronews is a European, multilingual news television channel available in 155 countries all over the world.

I was commissioned to produce this animation for a show called “Real Economy.” It is the pilot of a series of 20 short videos, each trying to explain a specific economic concept in a simple and engaging way.
animation of In a couple of occasions I have had the pleasure to work side by side with the Google design team to create my own doodles. This one was created for the launch of the E3 week in June 2016.
E3 is an annual trade fair for the video game industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game publishers and accessory manufacturers to introduce and advertise upcoming games and game-related merchandise.
animation of In occasion of World Aids Day 2017, I had the good fortune to collaborate with Unaids in creating this funny video. Let’s train, young Karate Condom!
animation of Infographic on tech advances for Vice


Antimatter is a motion design studio based in Milan, where selected talents work together to produce high end animations and great stories. Their mission is to explain ideas, provoke emotions, rise interest and engage the public. Antimatter bring in their technical and creative skills to produce videos to help make the message stand out. They offer a full service including design and production services to TV spots to .gifs for social media campaigns, explainer videos to beautiful illustration. Clients include TED, Youtube, Vice - Audi, IBM , Beam Wallet, Buzzfeed,, UEFA and Gerber Life


Animation, Cartoon, Design, Digital, Graphic, Stylized, Vector


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