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Tina Armenante

illustration of  Hand drawn water color and color pencil illustration of a young girl walks home with the stack of books. Her curious dog pulls the leash toward a stoic seagull.  The clouds and sky are added digitally. 

 Sweet, children’s book, children, kids, teen, tween, young adults, puppy, small town
illustration of Young woman makes a new friend

tween, teen, young adult, sweet, beetle, bug, insect, pattern shirt, glasses, nerdy, friendship, kid, kids, children, meeting
illustration of Young boys have ditched their bikes to goof off in the grass. A boy hangs from a tree, and another plays with a stick... maybe he's looking at an ant colony. 

bikes, boys, kid, kids, children, summer, childhood, monkey, explore, imagine, believe, wonder, spring break, summer vacation, best friends, brothers
illustration of digital drawing of an animal parade in the rain. 

sweet, kid, kids, children, children's, quail, alligator, lion, mole, snail, fox, worm, pig, goose, barn yard, mouse, umbrella, raincoat, overcast, weather, playground, games, follow the leader,
illustration of Young girl runs errands with her dog

coffee, tea, flowers, bouquet, daisy, purse, puppy, bowtie, high heels, pattern shirt, fashion, tween, teen, young adult
illustration of  Three children lounging outside enjoying the fall weather. A boy carves a Halloween pumpkin, a girl enjoys her favorite story, and another girl marvels at the wonders of nature.  Hand drawn, watercolor, with colored pencil detailing.
illustration of Hand drawn watercolor illustration of young ballerina with her stack of books. 

Dancer, tutu, nerd, teen, young adult, tween, sweet, pattern, Asian American, kid, children’s ,
illustration of  Hand drawn watercolor illustration of an old Irish country town. In the background, rolling hills are spotted with sheep and striped with stone walls. In the foreground a man and his dog look around sleepy village. 
 The smoke from the man’s pipe is added digitally.

Ireland, quiet, companion, grey skies, grass, country side,
illustration of Young woman relaxing with a book and a glass of wine by the Christmas tree.

winter break, college, chill, night in, staycation, vino, sweet, tween, young adult, freckles, girly, fashion, womanhood, hygge, cozy,
illustration of A girl and her dog enjoy a cup of coffee out on the waters of Maine. A sea bird rests on the oar of their canoe to say 'hello'. Lobster boats and traps bob around them in this sweet, hand drawn, watercolor, and colored pencil scene. 

kid, sweet, adventure, children's, children's, Maine, water sports, kayak, canoe
illustration of  Hand drawn watercolor illustration of young girl and dog ice-skating in the snow. Sweet winter scenery in the background with snow falling delicately around them. 

winter scene, ice skating, fashion, kid, kids, pine trees, snowy, cozy, children, children's
illustration of  Hand drawn watercolor promotional illustration  for the app Dorsia. City scenery in the background, with native plants in the foreground. Realistic hand with fun patterned shirt holding an iPhone.
illustration of  Hand drawn watercolor illustration of a fashionable young woman running errands with her dog. She’s holding a bouquet of flowers and a cup of coffee. 

dress, purse, tote bag, sunglasses, freckles, tween, teen, young adult, Peter Pan collar
illustration of Hand drawn watercolor illustration depicting a young boy and father walking past a cheese shop. The observant boy notices the shop owner has made a new mouse friend! 

county, shops, town, store, storefront, shopping, kid, kids, children, children's, overalls, sneaky, sweet, parenting, parent
illustration of 
Hand drawn watercolor illustration of a 1960s hair salon. A woman is having her hair washed while a puffy, white poodle sits on her lap. The flooring and background color are added in digitally.

fashion, mid century, vintage, house plant, beauty parlor, knee high, young adult, teen, spa
illustration of  Hand drawn watercolor illustration of a young, hip girl sipping coffee amongst potted plants. 
 She is wearing a chunky sweater and hiking boots.  Steam from the coffee and the shadows are added digitally. 

cactus, cacti, fern, freckles, braids, pig tails, tween, young adult, teen, kid, kids, children, pottery,
illustration of Young girl gets ready for her day in the bathroom while having a little fun. She is rocking out to her favorite music on her iPhone in a flower robe and hair towel. 

makeup, fashion, tween, teen, young adult, sweet, fun, energy, energetic, lipstick, Sephora, tea, rock, hygiene, hair style, night out, girls night, rock out, moisturizer, skin care, beauty products
illustration of breakfast is served

almond butter, toast, morning, honey, tea, table cloth, food, packaging, banana, kids, kid, yummy,
illustration of  Hand drawn watercolor illustration of a hip young woman kneeling down to console her sad puppy. Details in the woman’s curly hair, image on her tote bag, and shadows added digitally. 

tween, teen, young adult, fashion, freckles, punk, hipster, trendy
illustration of  Hand drawn watercolor and acrylic illustration  of a farmer showing a young woman a baby goat. Colorful moths dot the ferns in the foreground, while two trees frame the sweet interaction. 
 The farmer wears overalls and wellingtons. 

teen, tween, young adult, kids, children, kid, freckles, baby, farm animals, wild, wilderness, Ireland
illustration of Digital illustration of a champagne bottle, champagne flute, and cork. Stylized confetti raining down to depict a festive scene. 

New Years eve, holiday, party, classy,
illustration of young girl sailing with her dog in maine

ocean, lake, sailboat, water, American flag, fisherman, lobsterman, swimming, boating, boat, teen, tween, young adult
illustration of Hand drawn watercolor illustration of a Young woman sitting in a plaid armchair, wrapped in a blanket with her feet up. She is sipping a hot beverage and enjoying a book.  Details in her  wavy hair, and shadows beneath her Are added digitally. 

Cozy, teen, tween, young adult, kid, children, hygge, old chair, den, living room, tea, coffee,
illustration of Watercolor, colored pencil, and ink on paper. Relaxing on the beach in Florida in a fun bathing suit surrounded by foliage... gossip magazines and a sparkling water by her side. 

graphic swim suit, freckles, sunglasses, peaches, fashion, tween, sand, surf
illustration of Hand drawn watercolor illustration of a young woman struggling to stay upright while shaving in the shower. 

tween, teen, young adult, woman, girl, beauty, hip, feminist, nude, naked, funny, freckles, summer,
illustration of Hand drawn watercolor illustration of an imaginative scene. A young girl in a steam trunk with her dog pretending to dodge flying foxes. She is wearing a plaid shirt and goggles, while the dog sports an adventure safari hat. 

kid, kids, teen, tween, children's, children, imagination, wonder, fun, imagine, fairy tale, make believe, play
illustration of Girl and her dog walk around in a sleepy sweet village. Neighbors are popping out to say 'hello' to each other. The town gardener is busy on the roof!
illustration of Digital illustration of young, happy children and their toys. Kites, paintings, and soccer balls are popping in from all angles. This Illustration was used as a poster for a children’s orphanage and school in Nepal. 
The BlinkNow logo at the bottom is not my design. 

kids, kid, teen, tween, fun, vibrant, energy, logo, camp, summer, goofy
illustration of  Hand drawn watercolor illustration of an  artists work space with a sleeping dog. 

hair dryer, Wacom, pigeon, bird, tools, plant, houseplants, desktop, desk, work, work from home, messy, organized, hip, sweet
illustration of Dog getting his hair cut by owner.

puppy, scissors, tea, homemade, sweet, homemaker, diy, messy, fluffy, project,
illustration of Young woman casually hangs out in her favorite chair with her cat. She is drinking wine and eating junk food. 

interior, home, furniture, pajamas, teen, tween, young adult, cool, college, kitten, vino, chill, hanging out, messy, tv, Netflix, night in,
illustration of dancing girl in socks and comfortable clothing

tattoos, tween, teen, young adult, hygge, modern, alternative, feminist, dance, music,
illustration of Young girl in a sleek ski suit skiing fresh powder...powdered donuts that is...! 
Snow, winter, sports, ski, snowy, cold
illustration of  Digital illustration depicting young couple on their wedding day. Abstract foliage in the foreground. 

wedding, bride, groom, party, celebrate, celebration
illustration of  Hand drawn watercolor illustration of a hip young girl and her crow friend. Around them, a wreath of fall foliage, a festive pumpkin, and two insects. Her clothing is reminiscent of a modern, Victorian goth. 

tween, teen, young adult, trendy, hipster, hip, spooky, halloween, corduroy, portrait,
illustration of Summer look comparison digital drawing featuring a fashionable skater girl compared to a nerdy mess! Both sport a fanny pack, ice coffee, a skateboard, and denim shorts.
illustration of beach walk with girl and her dog

cold, sand, surf, chase, coat, pattern, California, baker beach, ocean, sea, island, freckles, puppy, wild and free, relax, enjoy
illustration of  Digital illustration of the Harry Potter kids. Ron is stuffing candy in his mouth, Hermione has her trusty book, and Harry is just soaking it all in!


Acrylic, Animation, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Stylized, Watercolor, Floral, Whimsical, Apps/Mobile


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Computers, Corporate, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Icons, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Romance, Sports, Still Life, Technology, Textiles, Toys & Games, Travel, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Grunge, Urban, Branding