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Le Petit Deli

Packaging, takeaway cup | Audrey Hepburn | food/drink

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An illustration made for the takeaway cups of bakery Le Petit Deli.

Anna Wijnands

Anna Wijnands

illustration of Illustration of the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Amsterdam, along the canals. This illustration emphasises the luxury and elegance of this beautiful hotel. It's currently licensed to the Waldorf Astoria and used on company cards and a part of their 'High Tea at Home' package. 
Made with watercolor and ink. Edited in Photoshop. 

Canal house, Amsterdam, Europe, Architecture, city, old city centre, travel, travelling, Netherlands, fineliner, ink,
illustration of Made for bakery Le Petit Deli: an illustration of Audrey Hepburn which they use on their takeaway cups. Made with watercolor and ink.
illustration of Illustration of a French woman carrying her croissant and bread in a Hermes handbag. Made with watercolor and ink.
illustration of Dior handbag fashion illustration. Made with mainly black ink and a touch of watercolor.
illustration of Watercolor and ink fashion illustration, showing a woman in a classic Trench coat with a black handbag having a hot chocolate at a French café.
illustration of An illustration which shows flowers and blossom coming out of a champagne bottle. It both depicts the delicacy of Champagne as well as the variety of notes which the drink has. 

I wanted to focus on the flowers by using strong black ink for the hands and light pastel watercolours for the flowers. This results in a strong contrast. Personal Project.
illustration of Made for bakery Le Petit Deli: an illustration of two croissants shaped like a heart which they use on their takeaway cups. Made with watercolor and ink.
illustration of This illustration shows a close-up of some embroidery on a 19th century men's coat.
Commissioned by the Fries Museum (The Netherlands) for their fashion exhibition 'Haute Bordure'. Made with watercolor and black ink.
illustration of Illustration of 17th century embroidered gloves, made for the Haute Bordure exhibition in the Fries Museum (Netherlands). 
Made with watercolor and ink.
illustration of Commissioned by Inspiro Tequila: This portrait shows Mara, the founder and CEO of the brand with her mother and grandmother. 
Made with watercolor and ink.
illustration of An illustration of the leopard often used by jewelry brand Cartier. It's sitting on a jewelry box, like it's guarding it. I also incorporated some pictures of the jewelry to make a merge between illustration and photography.
illustration of Commission for French beauty and fashion brand Givenchy. A group of diverse women and a men wearing outfits from the Givenchy 2019 couture collection around the couture edition of the l'Interdit perfume. The illustration was used in a press package. Made with watercolor and ink. 
Fashion illustration, cosmetics, beauty, aquarel, black and white, people, product, corporate, branding.
illustration of Fashion illustration commissioned by jewelry brand Vedder&Vedder, showing their Amsterdam-based giftshop and the twin sisters who started the brand. 
Watercolor, ink, fineliner, architecture, jewelry, accessories, branding, corporate illustration, advertiting, seasonal, christmas, holidays.
illustration of Fashion illustration of a pair of sexy high heels. Free work. Made on the iPad Pro with Adobe Fresco. 
Shoes, Fashion, clothing, artwork, digital painting, magazine, editorial, advertising
illustration of Commission for French jewelry brand l'Atelier d'Amaya, showing a woman relaxing with a cat-style cappuccino at a bistro in Paris. 
Watercolor, Chanel shoes, lifestyle, food illustration, drinks, coffee, jeans, branding
illustration of Two croissants shaped as the Chanel Logo. This watercolor illustration aims at combining French couture with French cuisine! Since fashion illustration and food illustration are two of my favourite disciplines, I had a lot of fun working on this piece. The address below is a reference to the original Chanel address. Only I changed the street name, so it says 'Boulangers' (which is French for Bakeries). 
Bread, breakfast, painting, bakery, dish, Pastry, Cake, Patisserie, packaging, logo.
illustration of Portrait of actress Gillian Anderson. Made with black ink, Japanese brush and Sumi-e techniques. 
Fashion illustration, beauty, hollywood, The Crown TV series, editorial artwork, celebrity, celebrities, people
illustration of Illustration for the new GRL PWR eyeshadow palette by Queen Tarzi featuring a mixed group of women. This palette is sold in multiple stores in Europe and online. 
Fashion illustration, beauty, cosmetics packaging, black, african american, headscarf, asian, girl gang, watercolor, gouache, ink, graphic design.
illustration of Fashion illustration inspired by the 2020 couture spring/summer runway collection of French fashion house Chanel. The model is wearing a white dress with embroidery and a black tulle cape.
Illustration made with watercolor and ink. 
Style, Vogue, dress, wedding dress, France, beauty, editorial.
illustration of Detailed watercolor illustration of two soft pastel pink coloured cocktails with rosemary and grapefruit. Made as free work, but could very well be used as an editorial illustration or on packaging. 
Drinks, food illustration, fruit, blossom, flowers, herbs, champagne, lemonade, foodillustration, drink illustration, beverage
illustration of Illustration of the Chanel Nr5 perfume, one of the most iconic beauty items in the world. Made with watercolor and fineliner. 
Cosmetics, fragrance, scent, glass, fashion, France, couture, label, yellow, gold.
illustration of A soft watercolor illustration of two friends enjoying a high tea in paris with an Eiffeltower view. Personal project.
illustration of Portrait of a girl with a leopard coat and a French beret. Free work, made with watercolor and black ink. 
Fashion illustration, portrait, France, Paris, winter  fashion, winter coat, elegant, chic, beauty editorial, Emily in Paris
illustration of Illustration for French jewelry brand l'Atelier d'Amaya. The artwork shows some of their jewelry, a cappuccino with their logo in the foam and two star-shaped Christmas cookies. 
Watercolor, ink, fineliner, seasonal, food and drinks, coffee, flatlay, hands, sweater, winter fashion, web illustration.
illustration of Commission for the brand 'Sunny Cords'.  The illustration is made with watercolor and shows a number of beach-themed items, like a summer hat, bikini, slippers, sunglasses, ice cream a cocktail with a slice of pineapple, a retro photo camera, lipstick, Vogue magazine and a stylish handbag. 
Fashion illustration, pencil, food, drinks, fruit, lemon, magazines, spot illustration, objects
illustration of Beauty portrait of a women wearing a black French beret and turtle neck. The portrait is slightly inspired by 60s beauty icons Sharon Tate and Twiggy.
Illustration made with Indian ink, using Japanese sumi-e techniques. Edited in Photoshop. 

France, fashion, cosmetics, mascara, European, vintage, retro, sixties, eyelashes, fineliner, ink.
illustration of Illustration made for the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam. The artwork shows a luxury breakfast with croissants, fresh bread, orange juice, a cappuccino, fruit, cheese, jam, ham and salmon. The illustration is currently used on the menu of the Waldorf hotel in Amsterdam. Made with watercolor and ink. Edited in Photoshop. 

Pastel colors, pastels, fineliner, ink, food, drinks, coffee, juice, food illustration, flowers, latte art, etagere, high tea
illustration of Illustration commissioned by French jewelry brand l'Atelier d'Amaya. The painting shows a young woman curled up in her chair with a hot cocoa. Two cats are sitting next to her. One is sleeping and and one is looking at the falling snow outside.  

Watercolor, ink, fineliner, seasonal, food and drinks, winter fashion, web illustration, Christmas, Christmas decorations, tree, mistletoe.
illustration of Fashion illustration of a woman in a yellow blazer and big white hat on a coffee cup. Made digitally in Procreate. Edited in Photoshop. 

Watercolor, fineliner, architecture, summer hat, coffee to to, cappuccino, food, drink, beverage, packaging, food packaging, Instagram
illustration of Mockup of an illustration of a woman shopping in Paris on an ice cream cup. Made with watercolor and ink. Edited in Photoshop. 

Pastel colors, pastels, fineliner, architecture, France, shopping bags, summer fashion, outfit, scarf, cosmetics, beauty, product packaging, food packaging.
illustration of Mockup of a fashion illustration of a women in a summer outfit on cosmetics packaging. Made with gouache, watercolor and ink. Edited in Photoshop. 

Pastel colors, pastels, fineliner, earth tones, powder tones, fashion, outfit, cosmetics, beauty, soap, disinfectant, shampoo, shower cream packaging.
illustration of One in a series of 6 fashion illustration I made for Estée Lauder Companies. They were displayed at a press event in Amsterdam.
illustration of Custom wine labels for the 10th anniversary of AIX Rosé. Made with black ink. Summer, rose, fineliner, ink, alcohol, spirits, packaging, drink, cocktail
illustration of Watercolor illustration of a woman reading a book and enjoying a cup of coffee at a sidewalk cafe in the big city. Free work. Could be used as an editorial illustration, on packaging, on websites or social media. 
Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, books, summer, drink, cappuccino, sunglasses, shoes.
illustration of Fashion illustration of a woman in a long black dress with lace standing at her balcony in Paris. the apartment has a view on the city and the Eiffel Tower. Illustration made with watercolor, ink and digital elements. Edited in Photoshop. 

Pastel colors, pastels, fineliner, black, France, Europe, gown, chino, hairdo, home, window, dress, balcony, view
illustration of Illustration of a woman wearing a vintage yellow trench, glasses and a burgundy umbrella, while walking her dogs. 
Watercolor, fashion illustration, ink, fall, autumn, raincoat, animals, dogs, greyhound
illustration of Magnolia flowers in black and white with soft pastel pink hues. Illustration made with watercolor and ink using Japanese Sumi-e techniques. Edited in Photoshop. 

Pastel colors, pastels, fineliner, ink, Japan, Sumi, flower, plants, plant, tree, branch, botanical
illustration of An illustration of 3 diverse women and multiple cosmetics products, commissioned by the Dutch Beauty Award. The illustration was used to print on cotton goodie bags. Beauty products featured: eyeshadow, day cream, eyelashes, perfume,  mascara, nail polish, blush, brushes and lipstick. 
Made with watercolor, fineliner and ink.
illustration of Watercolor illustration of 4 pieces of luxury soap by the brands Diptyque, Philosophy, Chanel and Hermes. The soap bars are surrounded by bubbles. One of them is heart shaped, because you gotta love soap in times like these! The painting is made with watercolor and a little bit of fineliner. 
Cosmetics, beauty, washing hands, sanitizer, corona, covid-19, fashion, product, packaging, editorial.
illustration of Eclairs are some of my favourite pastries from the French bakery. creamy inside, with colourful icing on top. Don't they just look like you want to take a bite? Made with watercolor and fineliner. 

Food illustration, painting, bread, candy, fruit, blueberry, raspberry, pistachio, nuts, caramel, patisserie, pastel, bright colors
illustration of Which items would be inside the bag of a woman in New York? I've made a selection of some things she might be carrying with her: a Moleskine notebook, pencil, MAC lipstick, cat eye sunglasses, OPI nail polish, donuts, a Tiffany's present and the magazine The New Yorker. 
Made with watercolor and ink.
illustration of Christmas card illustration commissioned by French Jewelry brand l'Atelier d'Amaya. The illustration shows a woman unwrapping her Christmas presents with her cats sitting next to her. Made with watercolor and ink. Edited in Photoshop. 

Pastel colors, pastels, fineliner, ink, pink Christmas tree, shopping bags, bows, fashion, accessories
illustration of Inspired by vintage Christian Dior fashion. A woman wearing an elegant 50s silhouette coat with a pencil skirt and pillbox hat. 
Illustration made with ink. Edited in Photoshop. 

Black ink, fineliner, vintage, Vogue, French fashion, hairdo, belt, cape, pencil skirt, print, linear, Chinese ink, Japanese brush, sumi, sumi-e
illustration of Explanatory illustration for a face mask. Commissioned by A/N/G cosmetics. ​Made with ink on paper, edited in Photoshop. 

Beauty, cosmetics, how to, face cream, portrait, instruction
illustration of Fashion illustration for the brand Sunny Cords, showing a women in a bathing suit with sunglasses and sandals, relaxing in a beach chair. 
Made with watercolor and coloured pencil. Edited in Photoshop. 

Pastel colors, pastels, beachbag, summer hat, scarf, beach fashion, high heels
illustration of Tote bag with illustration print inspired by French items that could actually be in your bag when visiting Paris. The illustration was made with watercolor and fineliner and printed on the bag. It shows a bottle of Moët et Chandon champagne, Chanel Nr5 perfume, tickets to the Louvre museum, macarons, a lipstick, the newspaper Le Monde and a watch.


With my love for aesthetics, fashion, beauty and art, I want to add some extra elegance to this world. Ink and watercolors are my favorite materials to do so. I am based near Amsterdam in The Netherlands (Europe). My art is inspired by Paris, vintage Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, femininity and feminism and some good coffee. In the world of art, anything is possible. Therefore, my personal motto is: 'everything you can imagine is real'. Clients include Louis Vuitton, Estée Lauder, Peugeot, Benefit Cosmetics, Givenchy, Dove, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and many others. ​ Get in touch to talk about your next project and how illustrations can add value to your brand or product. Not sure which angle to take creative-wise? No problem! I love to think with you and discuss multiple options. Let's have a (virtual) coffee together! ​


Black & White, Collage, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Gouache, Graphic, Line, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Silhouette, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Vector


Humor, Animals, Architecture, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Corporate, Editorial, Education, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Medical, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Still Life, Textiles, Toys & Games, Travel, Web Illustration, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Youth, Ethnic, Urban, Branding