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Stefano Meloni

illustration of Cartoon, Digital, Humor, Character Development, Political, Edgy
illustration of The Turtoctopus is a legendary creature that hosts a whole ecosystem on top of his body. Being the last of his kind, men eventually captured him to highlight again their supremacy.
illustration of The word 'honeymoon' figuratively represented.
illustration of The meaning of 'Skyscraper' explained figuratively.
In this illustration, another name for 'Skyscraper' is 'Ambition'.

Skyscrapers can be seen as hands pointing up to reach the sky.
There are various hands that show stability and strenght.
The paper planes are ideas constantly floating around.
Doubt is represented as a cloud and it's something every creative needs to go through in order to achieve a target or dream, represented by a star.


Stefano Meloni a.k.a. STML is a Sardinian graphic artist and illustrator based in London. Stefano splits his time between private commissions and personal projects that include surreal cartoons, patterns and surface designs. His work has been featured/collected/exhibited around the world, mainly in UK and USA. For collaborations or commissions please get in touch! #iamstml


Cartoon, Conceptual, Digital


Humor, Character Development, Education, Nature, Political, Lifestyle, Edgy, Environmental, Urban