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Deborah McKinney

illustration of Gouache painting of earthworm waving at his predators. Children's science illustration, nature, natural, worm. robin, green frog, beetle, dirt, grass.
illustration of Gouache and mixed media of flowers popping up all over. children, butterfly, cardinal, bird, boy, girl, lizard, daffodils, bee, springtime, blue sky, love
illustration of pumpkin seeds for the birds, cardinal bird, outdoor, nature, halloween, song birds, seeds, jack-o=lantern,
illustration of Cats, watercolor, the Cat's Meow, hand lettering, greeting card, feline, fun, various breeds, furry, cats waving, purring, cat eyes, paws, whiskers, waving cats, kittens, furry friends, cute kitties
illustration of Whimsical depiction of the moon and young girl. Nursery rhyme Moon images Star Space Girls Young Vibrant Color Blue Image Concepts Kid Children Fairy Tale Fantasy Imagination Inspiration Reading Picture Book Adventure Art Backgrounds illustrator Book Cartoon Child Creativity Curiosity Cute Dreaming Pink and blue curved type hand lettering Studying Textbook Curiosity Dreaming
illustration of Hand-lettering Moon Star Space Teenage Girls Young Nursery Rhyme Vibrant Color Blue Image Concepts Kid Children Fairy Tale Fantasy Half Moon Ideas Imagination Inspiration Reading Picture Book Adventure Art Back to School Backgrounds illustrator, illustration best Book Cartoon Child Creativity Curiosity Cute Dreaming Education Learning Literature Sleeping, Studying Textbook Pink shoes Curly Hair Whimiscal Moon
illustration of A concept illustration for the author, Eve Luckin. I created the hand lettering and the layout for her book. Forest Tree Branch Plant Part Human Face Illustration Smiling Art Cheerful Limb Children Fairy Tale magic fairytale plant forest character nature children eyes tale flora friendly fun mythology Nature, magic, fantasy, tree, tree with a face, picture book, children's illustration, little girl, book, read, imagination
illustration of Pink flower watercolor Flower, Watercolor Paints, Watercolor Painting,Cherry Blossom, Floral Pattern,Pink Color, Abstract, Springtime,Vector,Single Flower, White Background, Illustration, Nature, Drawing - Art Product, Cut Out, Leaf, Painted Image, Petal, Plant, greeting card, native, flora, surface design. licensing, greeting cards, beauty, nature, blossom, botanical, floral pattern, spring time, summer, plant, decoration, packaging, peonies, agapanthus, pink flowers
illustration of Young girl standing outside at the night sky pointing to the full moon. The girl and the moon are smiling at each other. Hand-painted lettering and illustration with water color and qouache.
illustration of Beach scene and car ride illustration for book by Eve Luckin called
illustration of Abstract,Art,Bright,Brochure,Classical Concert,Competition,Corner,Creativity,Design Element,Digital Composite,Event,Horizontal,Illustration,Music,Music Festival,Music Style,Musical Note,Musical Staff,Orchestra,Paint,Paintbrush,Painted Image,Paper,Pattern,Performance,Poster,best illustration, artist, art, design, Egyptian Culture,Isis - Egyptian Goddess,Animal Wing,Hieroglyphics,Cleopatra,Artemis,Beauty,Characters,Computer Graphic,Death,Diva - Human Role,Mythology,One Person,Paganism
illustration of Hand lettering for book cover. The Tree, the Crazy Leaf, and Me. Multi-colored, embellished type, typography, fun Typescript, Activity,Education,Alphabet,Banner - Sign,Learning,Text,Victorian Style,Ancient,Antique,Book,Latin Script,Belarus,Book Cover,Bookstore,Education Training Class,Elegance,Fantasy,Graphic Print,Handwriting,History,Illustration,Library,Logo,Magician,Page,Poster,Reading,Saloon,Store,Studying,
illustration of Young boy riding his bike with the Crazy Leaf and bicycle bell includes hand-lettering and forest scene with some buildings and a church in the background. Blue bicycle, helmet, bell,
illustration of Illustration for National Geographic magazine to show the differences in the underwater ecosystem of a coral reef at night and during the day. Fish, coral, diving, underwater, life, eel, lion fish, cuttle fish, sea cucumber
illustration of Woman riding two horses at the same time, with wild hair. Book cover design for woman with curly hair created in Adobe Illustrator in vector format.  black horse, white horse, woman in leotard and skirt, dust, typography, book, cover
illustration of Cover art to audio CD for blues musician, Mack Evans entitled
illustration of Character design for a Catholic children's game App called
illustration of Vector illustration of young boy laying in a rope hammock under his favorite tree. The tree has a face on it and loves the boy. Relaxing, rope hammock, tree, trees, blue jeans, summer time
illustration of Character design for a Catholic children's game App called
illustration of Character design for a Catholic children's game App called
illustration of Hand lettering for children's book about a miniature schnauzer that is really a secret agent solving problems in the neighborhood. Book cover design, lettering, fun, whimiscal, fun, multi-colored
illustration of Story of a miniature schnauzer who is really a secret agent solving problems in the neighborhood. Woman walking Oscar the Secret Agent who sees a squirrel in the tree.
illustration of Illustration of Oscar the Secret agent barking at crows for children's book. Miniature schnauzer chasing crows with lizards looking on. Flowers, lizards, crows, dog,
illustration of Oscar, the miniature schnauzer talks the squirrel in tree about the mole that is digging holes. Children are twisting their ankles and tripping on the mole holes. Mole, squirrel, dog, tree, grass, children
illustration of Dogs for Justice, Oscar goes behind the shed and transforms into Oscar the Secret Agent. He barks at Jasper the Mole because Jasper has been digging holes everywhere. gardening tools, shed, grass, lizard, mole, dog, schnauzer
illustration of Oscar calls on his friends to help cover up the mole holes dug by Jasper the mole after they found the missing mole baby. Dogs, beagle, Jack Russel terrier, digging, grass, mole, fun
illustration of Story of a miniature schnauzer who solves problems in the neighborhood with the help of his friends and fellow secret agents. Robin Red breast, squirrel, tree, leaves, dog, schnauzer


A multifaceted art person, Deborah earned a master’s degree in Illustration from Syracuse University studying with C.F. Payne, Tim O'Brien, Brad Hamman, Bunny Carter, Bob Dacey, Vivienne Flesher, Marshal Arisman, and other art luminaries. Deborah's book on the artist and the environment (Illustrator’s and Painter’s Role in the Elevation of Societal Awareness of Ecological Issues) includes interviews with Dugald Stermer, Kinuko Y. Craft, Milton Glaser, Anita Kunz, and others, is also available as a talk and visual presentation. Deborah founded McKinney Levine Studio after twelve years in the Direct Marketing and Advertising business. After over 30 years as an award winning designer and university-level educator, she is now returning to her roots as creator of images with the formation of her company, Illustrate Ideas. She is comfortable with both digital and traditional tools.


Technical, Conceptual, Graphic, Logo Design, Lettering, Motion, Cartoon, Watercolor, Film/Entertainment, Photoillustration, Interactive, Digital, Whimsical, Mixed Media, Calligraphy, Vector, Painterly, Gouache, Stylized, Realism, Floral, Apps/Mobile, Concept Art, Design, Caricature, Comps, Type Design, Figurative, Line with Color, Animation


Nature, Adventure, Children's Products, Family, Transportation, Music, Wildlife, Landscape, Spiritual, Sports, Travel, Children, Humor, Science, Children's Books, Environmental, Feminine, Book Covers, Portrait, Toys & Games, Animals, Youth, Religious, People, Education, Greeting Cards, Computers, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Botanical, Posters