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Hugh Jamieson

illustration of A young bird lands in the muddy swamp to ask for directions and an unhelpful gator invites him closer to “see the map he has in his mouth”. Mongo’s Migration -Hugh Jamieson
illustration of 
Just another average workday at the office for this accident prone cat. Wally Just dropped his smart phone in the toilet while in the bathroom stall. Do you reach in for it or just flush it down the sewer? Wet Wally Learning A-Z -Hugh Jamieson
illustration of Leaf Blower 
A handy and resourceful wolf in safety glasses looks over the pile of hay he has created with his power tool. The mud covered pig is “tails up” in the hay after his house was blown in. 
3 Bite Size Pigs -Hugh Jamieson
illustration of 
A frustrated anthropomorphic cat in a suit and tie holding a briefcase leans against a city bus stop sign to empty water from his shoe. A flooded street and clogged storm drain are the least of his problems that he has had at work today.  Wet Wally Learning A-Z -Hugh Jamieson
illustration of 
A tiny pig heaves a huge paper shopping bag full of BB-Q sauce and ears of corn on his back as he walks home to the house he made of straw.
 3 Bite Size Pigs -Hugh Jamieson
illustration of 
A vandalistic raccoon hides behind a large maple tree, while an upset homeowner searches the moonlit yard with a flashlight for the culprit responsible for scattering trash all over his property. 
Oh, Raccoon Learning A-Z –Hugh Jamieson
illustration of 
A small balding fairy with fake wings, dirty tank top, pizza boxers and fuzzy slippers lifts an oversize pillow so he can grab a baby tooth and leave a quarter. Tooth Larry –Hugh Jamieson
illustration of 
A totally destroyed kitchen covered in spills, dirty dishes and paw prints set the scene of the crime. The cat in an apron pours mac and cheese into a boiling pot of water, the dog unloads the fridge by stacking ham, chilly and eggs while a guinea pig squeezes chocolate sauce onto a peanut butter sandwich. 
Didn’t Do It –Hugh Jamieson
illustration of 
A black and white pelican sitting on a dock piling points south towards the setting sun, while a small yellow bird gazes across the ocean as the sun dips down below the waves. 
Mongo’s Migration  -Hugh Jamieson
illustration of Door Stop
A chubby pig pushes a dresser full of clothes across a stone floor to keep out the big bad wolf.
3 Bite Size Pigs -Hugh Jamieson
illustration of Mini sized (and very beautiful) Tooth fairy slaves away at watching TV and eating Ice cream while surrounded by snacks and old teeth.
illustration of His day keeps getting wetter and wetter. You have a 1 in 3 chance the water from the drinking fountain will have enough pressure to make it to your mouth. Those odds are more important if you are a cat.


I’m an easygoing artist without an ego or any of the other “salty” aspects that make artists hard to work with. I have had enough experience to know how to work with people, deadlines and guidelines. I love what I do and crave challenging concepts that would scare the crap out of most illustrators. I understand that the little details are important, not because you notice them when they are there, but because you notice when they are not there. I know how to guide the eye with color, texture, detail, focus, depth and mood. It’s about expanding the story with the image that doesn’t just repeat the text. I have worked as a concept artist and Illustrator for Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks, Microsoft, the History Channel and four dozen other companies and publishers. My most important client is always the one I’m working with no matter how large or small. Please feel free to email me anytime.


Caricature, Digital, Painterly, Realism, Stylized, Whimsical, e-Learning


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Children's Books, Education, Family, Fantasy, Health, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, People, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Youth, Environmental