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Beer Lovers

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Design Lad

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Jelly London

illustration of Animation, Caricature, Design, Graphic, 3-D Rendering, Celebrities, Character Development, Sports
illustration of Abstract, Animation, Design, Graphic, 3-D Rendering, Motion, Humor, Character Development, Food, Food/Beverage
illustration of Design Lad's 3D illustration for beer lovers day
illustration of Design Lad's Plant Power series of 3D illustrations
illustration of Slot Machine showing social media addiction
illustration of Festive Cliche Control - Christmas card
illustration of Editorial for RSA journal
illustration of Abstract, Animation, Cartoon, Design, Graphic, 3-D Rendering, Humor, Character Development
animation of Animation, Cartoon, Design, Graphic, Motion, Humor, Character Development
illustration of Animation, Design, Graphic, 3-D Rendering, Motion
illustration of Front cover for Financial Times weekend magazine.
illustration of Christmas card celebrating space tourism.
illustration of 3D illustration of 'Mindful Kong'
illustration of Typographic exploration based on Berlin
illustration of Abstract, Design, Graphic, 3-D Rendering
animation of Animation, Design, Motion
illustration of Design, Graphic, Mixed Media, 3-D Rendering, Food, Product, Branding
illustration of Animation, Design, Graphic, Concept Art, Motion


Design Lad is a London-based designer and illustrator specialising in 3D illustration and animation. His signature style is bold, playful and colourful. With clients like Sony Music, BBC and Red Bull under his belt, Matt's portfolio is a visual feast of plump characters, pleasing palettes and quirky detail.


Abstract, Animation, Caricature, Cartoon, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Mixed Media, Pastel, 3-D Rendering, Decorative, Concept Art, Motion


Humor, Animals, Celebrities, Character Development, Editorial, Food, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Nature, Product, Sports, Technology, Travel, Food/Beverage, Game, Branding