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Shin Wakabayashi

illustration of Paper sculpture depicting the face of a Daruma doll, which is widely prevalent in Japan. Representing the Bodhidarma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, these dolls are meant for good fortune.
illustration of Paper sculpture with digital mixed media created for Rochester Institute of Technology's
illustration of Based on the short story,
illustration of Based on an article on National Geographic about the Japanese Giant Hornet.
illustration of Based on a National Geographic Article about the Japanese Giant Hornet.
illustration of Based on a Wired Magazine article about high school debate teams of which the participants speak at a fast pace.
illustration of Illustrated letter
illustration of The Kappa, a Japanese, mythological, water sprite, in the form of a letter
illustration of The Japanese mythological being, the Tengu, in the form of the letter
illustration of Paper Sculpture inspired by an Earth Island Journal article about the toxicity of dolphin meat consumed in some parts of Japan.
illustration of Fictional hot sauce label
illustration of This is a personal piece inspired by Raijin, who is known by Shintoism as the god of lightning, thunder, and storms.  He wields two drum sticks to create thunder as he uses them to be at his drums.


Abstract, Caricature, Collage, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Gouache, Mixed Media, Paper Sculpture, Photoillustration, Stylized, Texture, 3-D Collage, Type Design, Decorative


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