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The Stranger

The Ultimate Political Cartoon

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Comic strip for The Stranger, "Seattle's Only Newspaper". gouache, politics, political cartoon, portrait, figurative, cartoon, democrat, republican, red, blue, funny, humor, desperation, Trump, liberal, conservative, artist, art,

Lara Kaminoff

Lara Kaminoff

illustration of Illustration for Charles Mudede's article in The Stranger about a year spent living in a hotel in Zimbabwe watching and rewatching Oxford Blues.  Brat Pack, movie, 1980s, '80s, TV, international, Seattle, newspaper
illustration of A portrait of John Luther Adams for CityArts Magazine. Seattle, composer, music, serene, thoughtful, solitude, blue, green, spiritual, transcendent, white hair, middle age, man, listen, Alaska, inspiration, meditation, concentration
illustration of A through-the-ages portrait of Evan Flory-Barnes, Seattle writer, composer and bassist. This illustration accompanied a CityArts Magazine feature applauding the opening of his  show, Loving the Muse and Family. purple, black, dreads, emotion, depression, anger, optimism, man, African American, performance, performer, music, hands, shout, console, think, crowd, argument.
illustration of Portrait of Brandon J. Simmons for CityArts Magazine. composer, music, Seattle, mixed race, multiracial, bald, beard, stylized, man, musician, tie, fashion, focus, pink, purple, blue
illustration of Spring Arts cover illustration for Seattle Weekly.
floral, flower, spring, music, rose, dance, literature, trumpet, Easter, community, newspaper, African American, garden, bloom, blossom, hope, rebirth, seeds, enchant, petal, leaf, grow, creativity, inspire, create, imagination
illustration of Spring Dining cover for Seattle Weekly. newspaper, chef, food, breakfast, cooking, recipe, kitchen, egg, bacon, concentration, ingredients, hand lettering, chocolate, playful, salt, pepper, tongue, taste, man, dainty, shoulders, hands, squeeze, dishtowel, fried, sugar bowl
illustration of Poster for the Sounders FC vs. Houston Dynamo game. Jordan Morris, soccer, futbol, sports, dynamic, team, play, athlete, goal, run, stylized, shoe, cleat, kick, swerve, movement, run, fast, jersey, home team, Seattle, fan, ball, net, shoot, score, man, men, banner, lettering
illustration of Pattern designed for Seattle Weekly's holiday giving guide. ribbon, mistletoe, high heels, Christmas, x-mas, romantic, kiss, flirt, flirty, bow, gift, present, repeating pattern, motif, bouquet, berry, snow, winter, festive, seasonal, seasons, red, green, leaf, Santa, saucy, erotic, suggestive, provocative, edgy, legs, lady, feminine
illustration of Book review illustration for Color of the Night, the non-fiction account of the 1943 trial and execution of Robert Folkes, a black man falsely accused of the murder of Martha James, a white woman. true crime, race, politics, history, hands, chains, paint, blood, African American, World War II, newspaper, social justice, books, read, frame, death, manacles, shackles, prison
illustration of Cover for Real Change about tens of thousands of people losing health care coverage under the Trump administration's new plan. caduceus, snake, serpent, medical, doctor, staff, wings, battle, venom, hiss, fang, coil, political, politics, social justice, human rights, wellness, republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, America, current events , blue, red, scales, tangle, mess
illustration of Mushrooms, fungi, fungus, psychedelic, morel, amanita, fly agaric, liberty cap, hen of the woods, mist, spores, fruiting bodies, wildlife, woodland, mycology, science, gouache, painting, night, nature, mist, toadstool, collage, fantasy, stem, cap, food, forage, hunt
illustration of flower, floral, saucy, suggestive, provocative, petal,  leaf, lily, poinsettia, orchid, blossom, bud, spring, pollinate, pollen, high heels, legs, feet, plants, life, bees, bloom, stem, collage, bouquet, garden, stamen, sex, erotic
illustration of comic, underground comics, newspaper, lily pad, woodland, lotus, lotus seed pod, swamp, pond, creatures, stalk, stem, water, hand lettering, hand, marsh, Seattle, Los Angeles, water, leaves, nature, wildlife, murky, surprise, fairy, gnome, beast, animal
illustration of Real Change cover illustrating an article about the difficulty prisoners have in acquiring essential medications behind bars. prison, jail, crime, criminal justice system, healthcare, mental health, legal, social justice, advocacy, medicine, pills, prescription, doctor, nurse, orange, black, shadow, suffer, schizophrenia, bipolar, diabetes, antipsychotic, psychosis, drug, drugs, pharmacy, injustice, huddle, alone, solitary, depression, anxiety, violence, pain
illustration of Real Change Cover about how experiencing toxic stress in childhood can have devastating, long-term effects, impacting mental and physical health as well as financial stability into adulthood. child development, social issues, homelessness, brain, depression, anxiety, drug abuse, illness, trauma, street, cold, blue, tears, beanie, family
illustration of Excerpt from the graphic novel, How to Pick a Fight. This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture. city, docks. seaside, ocean, street, underpass, overpass, chain link fence, smoke, smoking, graffiti, lantern, highway, crosswalk, homeless, dance, celebration, couple, mixed race, couple, romance, love, elderly, senior, car, shops, flowers, residential, dessert, friends, friendship, trash, garbage, gritty, urban, suburban, boating, sulk, shadow, kid, anger, angry, stomp
illustration of Excerpt from the graphic novel How to Pick a Fight. This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture. kid, fight, desert island, sunset, hand lettering, tropical, trees, sunset, dry brushing, build, ladder, yell, angry, child, bouffant, tangle, shore, pink, tatters, shout, scream, dramatic, escape, freedom, character development, drift wood
illustration of Excerpt from the graphic novel, How to Pick a Fight. This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture. sea, ocean, waves, wave, splash, bubbles, under water, rope, swim, shipwreck, escape, brave, tied up, free, nautical, kick, shoes, jacket, freedom, storm, squall, gag, tide, depths
illustration of Excerpt from the graphic novel, How to Pick a Fight. This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture. children's, night, ship, boat, pirate, sailor, sea, travel, music, song, fiddle, adventure, treasure, comics, gouache, painting, sac, burlap, chest, box, barrel, bag, ladder, comb, hair, lamp, illuminated, dramatic, speech bubble, word bubble
illustration of Poster design for Medina Elementary featuring the Medina tigers and the school motto. be kind, be safe, do your best, help, caring, kids, tiger, cat, learn, read, play, balloon, climb, friend, friendship, run, balance, hat, student, education, leap, jump, butterfly, pounce, silly, fun, sweet, yellow, blue, hand lettering
illustration of nursery, mother, father, baby, child, parent, family, woodland, forest, it takes a village, mushroom, house, home, amanita, fungi, fern, tree, tire swing, play, sleep, cuddle, snuggle, fur, cozy, sweet, soft, infant, neighborhood
illustration of Excerpt from The Bargain. comic, comics, underground, indie, lettering, blood, vessel, dream, surreal, depression, mental health, chains, psyche, dark, underground, splash, flow, spatter, drip, muscle, hands, amputation, loneliness, creatures, hell, horror, fear, steeped, amphora, weep, burden, myth, mythology, legend
illustration of Excerpt from The Bargain. comic, comics, hand, hands, blood, loss, grief, freedom, realism, dream, divorce, gesture, surreal, amputation, healing, relationship, relationships, marriage, finger, fingers, nails, drip, gesture, sign language, seep, spill, bone, flesh, panel, pacing, thumb, hold, let go, love, romance, break up, ex-husband, ex-wife
illustration of Excerpt from The Bargain. comic, comics, blood, loss, surreal, dream, hand lettering, dark, birds, hands, splatter, fly, liquid, volcano, dreamscape, word bubble, text, poetry, silhouette, lava, nightmare, volcano, hand, splash, pool, puncture, hole, spill, flap, hell, landscape, drip, spew, natural disaster, catastrophe
illustration of An excerpt from a short comic that debuted at Short Run Comix and Arts Festival. surreal, poetry, poem, comic, indie, underground, stone, cauldron, witch, creature, mask, fox, masks, demon, stew, cooking, blood, body parts, horror, bones, stir, spill, red, blue, drip, tower, castle, dream, nightmare
illustration of A spread for the first issue of Fart Magazine. funny, children, playful, mermaid, drums, ducks, nun, family, ski, villain, action, hero, sound effects, cat, silly, goofy, toot, gas, gun, cops and robbers, thief, gangster, magician, duckling, symphony, whistle, car, taxi, city, sunglasses, tail, fish, swim, fight, chase, crowd, characters
illustration of Pastry parody of T.S. Eliot's poem, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock for Thick as Thieves. Seattle newspaper, hand lettering, spoof, poetry, baked goods, glazed, sugar, funny, discount, shop, bakery, literary, highbrow, lowbrow, stale, sale, treat, anthropomorphize, sugar rush, baked goods, crowd, aging, death, dying, poem, rhyme, cake, character development
illustration of depression, sad, cry, tears, tearful, glasses, girl, teen, youth, puberty, mental health, weep, blubber, water, splash, sweater, woman, women, feminism, sexual violence, boots, illness, alone, lonely, heartbreak, break up, break down, adolescence, adolescent, single, solitude, isolation, alienation, emotional, emo, hide, hidden, secret
illustration of Logo design, cyclops, design, graphic, stylized, love, intimacy, romance, psychedelic, kiss, french kiss, tongue, lips, teeth, eye, hair, scream, hallucination, fantasy, scream, mouth to mouth, lines, swerve, black, blue, green, red
illustration of cosmic, star, celestial, dizzy, whirl, figurative, female, orbit, design, graphic, interlocking, night, nighttime, spin, women, hair, galaxy, space, galactic, spiritual, curly, straight, dazzle, milky way,  naked, nude, figurative
illustration of love, intimacy, romance, cyclops, couple, pair, face to face, interlocking, design, kiss, underwear, boxers, cuddle, snuggle, together, heterosexual, gay, panties, underpants, undies, pattern, polka dots, stripes, make out, erotic, intimate, beloved, girlfriend, boyfriend, relationship, marriage, sweetie, red, blue, feet, hands
illustration of love, intimacy, romance, party, hat, cyclops, interlocking, knot, design, graphic, symbol, couple, symmetry, balance, yellow, blue, teal, polka dot, stripe, kiss, relationship, relationships, gay, queer, androgynous, patter, polka dot, stripe, eye, gaze, embrace, hold, together
illustration of romance, intimacy, couple, cross legged, pattern, polka dot, graphic, love, kiss, eye, socks, hands, smile, girlfriend, boyfriend, queer, heterosexual, gay, logo, bold, black, yellow, friendship, friends, hug, hold, cuddle, together, safe, happy
illustration of romance, intimacy, couple, pattern, polka dot, graphic, love, kiss, eye, socks, hands, smile, girlfriend, boyfriend, queer, heterosexual, gay, logo, bold, pink, blue, friendship, friends, hug, hold, cuddle, together, safe, happy, underpants, underwear
illustration of mother, baby, child, parent, family, hair, sweet, together, lap, sitting, seated, sit, intimacy, couple, pattern, graphic, love, kiss, eye, hands, smile, logo, bold, green, blue, friendship, friends, hug, hold, cuddle, together, safe, happy
illustration of romance, intimacy, couple, pony tail, bun, hair style, fashion, stripe, rug, pattern, polka dot, graphic, love, kiss, eye, hands, smile, girlfriend, boyfriend, queer, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, logo, bold, purple, burgundy, maroon, red, friendship, friends, hug, hold, cuddle, together, safe, happy
illustration of orange, yellow, romance, intimacy, couple, lesbian, boots, punk, underwear, underpants, symmetry, pattern, polka dot, graphic, love, kiss, eye, hands, butt, legs, feet, girlfriend, boyfriend, queer, gay, logo, bold, black, friendship, friends, hug, hold, cuddle, together, safe, happy, rapture
illustration of romance, intimacy, couple, dagger, knife, fight, sword, scimitar, warrior, assassin, symmetry, symmetrical, mirror, shadow, struggle, pattern, graphic, love, kiss, eye, hands, mouth, girlfriend, lesbian, queer, gay, logo, bold, black, red, gold, turquoise, friendship, friends, back to back, relationship, together, safe, danger, ritual, happy
illustration of Sold at an erotic art show at True Love Gallery, Seattle, art, woman, sensual, sexy, exaggerated, bite, teeth, hand, butt, sex, self love, female, hair, messy, kneel, solo, red, blue, women, extreme, perspective, dramatic, single, underwear, mature
illustration of Painting for the show Concealed and Revealed at True Love gallery in Seattle. figure, woman, abstract, shape, texture, triangle, shadow, cloth, fabric, movement, red, purple, black, nude, fast, sleek, flow


Lara's work has appeared in The Stranger, CityArts Magazine, Seattle Weekly, Real Change and SELFISH as well as the comics newspapers Bloody Pussy, Intruder, and Thick as Thieves. She is a 2015 4Culture Art Projects Grant recipient and a 2012 SCBWI scholarship recipient.


Black & White, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Figurative, Fine Art, Gouache, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Logo Design, Painterly, Realism, Stylized, Texture, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Food, Health, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Landscape, Leisure, Medical, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sports, Toys & Games, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Edgy, Environmental, Urban, Surface Design