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Stranger Things 2. Portraits

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Illustration of Eleven and Dustin Of Stranger Things 2.

David Despau

David Despau

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The Mushroom Company

illustration of Pencil and watercolor illustration of Batman & Superman.
illustration of Pencil and watercolor portrait of Pixar´s character. Coco´s grandmother.
illustration of Portrait of actress Kristen Stewart.
illustration of Portrait of young hipster.


David Despau is a Spanish illustrator located in Madrid. With a wide experience in the advertising world his illustrations reflect the pop-style life of our days in a cartoonish way impressing our senses with an incredible tecnnical skill. Many of his works feature famous faces drawn in black & white and splashed with color. David generates captivating and expressive images shaped out of shadows and opposing lines that lay one on top of another. The result is always a realistic-looking powerful portrait. He usually starts out his drawings with a pen and then he retouches them on the computer. Currently he works both as a creative director for an interactive agency and as a freelance illustrator. Clients: Warner & DC comics, Vodafone, Schweppes, Cadena Ser, Ponche Caballero, Prociclying Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Time Magazine, Gala Mag, Burton Gloves, 11 Freunde Magazine, Berkeley Magazine, L´Express…


Colored Pencil, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Watercolor, Film/Entertainment


Celebrities, Family, Fantasy, People, Portrait, Feminine, Masculine