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Evgenia Malina

illustration of The image is drawn for calendar
illustration of Detective Ivan Pushkin and his companion are having a tea break.
illustration of A Calendar featuring owls doing yoga asanas.
illustration of A calendar for 2020 I have created to promote my art. Owls doing yoga asanas.
illustration of The image was drawn for the calendar
illustration of An illustration for the story about fox and owl. Watercolour and liner. Fiction, book, kitchen, baking, cooking, animals, fairy tale, classic, timeless, bedtime, illustration.
illustration of A character for the story. Digital, fiction, non-fiction, child, girl, classic, timeless, cartoon, blue, grey, subtle, warm colours, contemporary, story, bedtime.
illustration of The image is drawn for the calendar
illustration of An illustration of the poem about the girl who is dreaming of her own crocodile as a pet.
illustration of Two friends enjoying being groomed at the hairdressers.


When I see people smiling at my pictures I know that I have been successful in my ambition. I aim for my pictures to look like they have been drawn effortlessly and no one could see hours of hard work and years of practice behind them. I am influenced by Quentin Blake, Winnie Gebhardt-Gayler, Benji Davies and many others. My objective is to achieve that feeling of levity and fun in my illustrations. My introduction to illustrating was through my initial work in graphic design for international brands in an advertising agency and within a print house. I created artwork for packaging, t-shirt designs, cd covers and book covers to my customer's requirements. This exposure to illustrating has led me to take on the profession in a full-time capacity. For my technical skills, I use both traditional and digital media allowing me to select the best tools for the project and simplify editing.


Black & White, Cartoon, Graphic, Line with Color, Watercolor


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Family, Greeting Cards, Health, Licensing, People, Product, Sports