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Janice Fisher

illustration of Inspired by the effect on children of lockdown separation and breakup. Hand cut lino embellished by using digital techniques to form a cohesive collage.
illustration of Image produced during the lockdown period in the UK. It was designed to inspire a hopeful outlook to the ending of the pandemic.
illustration of What a gorgeous day for playing 'peek a BOO' in the garden. Springtime is here.
illustration of This image was drawn for the SCBWIDrawThis for June. The monthly prompt word for June was 'Yikes'.
illustration of I created a little character called Magnani-mouse who is extremely kind and caring. I used lino cutting by hand and have embellished with digital techniques.
illustration of Children's book illustration advocating reading can be undertaken anywhere.
illustration of A submission for @ohhdeersainsburys Valentine 2022. To design a card. I designed two blue whales.
illustration of What an absolutely stunning day for a quick spot of nature reading.  Hand cut lino embellished by using digital techniques to form a collage. This piece was inspired to create awareness of the loss of the habit of reading in Children. It was sent to the Illustrators Wall at the Bologna Children's Book Fair.
illustration of Unfortunately North Atlantic Right Whales are one of the most endangered species of large whales. It would be so very sad if they were just present in our dreams.
illustration of I loved creating these two characters during the lockdown period in the UK. Piggy and sheep enjoy lots of exciting activities together.


Hello, I'm Jan. I have completed my studies with the University of Hertfordshire as a mature student and have been awarded a First-class honours Degree in illustration. I am passionate about illustration and graphic design. Texture, colour and perspective fuel my world. I enjoy working with traditional materials and digital technology. Each new day holds vast potential for exciting creations. My work evolves from inspiration taken from my every day surroundings and experiences. As well as drinking quite a lot of coffee I enjoy jelly beans and wine gums... but not at the same time.


Collage, Digital, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Stylized, Texture, Monoprints


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, Posters, Romance, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Spiritual, Environmental