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Kenny Kiernan

illustration of Diversity in the Workplace: Smartphone vs. Laptop. Office, politics, diverse, equal opportunity, black, african american, technology, iphone, competition, business, man, woman, businessman, businesswoman, executive, entrepreneur, corporate, afro, men, women,
illustration of Mad Scientist in Laboratory with Brain! mad, scientist, laboratory, brain, toy, game, 2d, commercial, art, illustrator, halloween, science, fiction, science fiction, fantasy, toy, game, boardgame, videogame, character, design, horror, scary, spooky, retro
illustration of Queen's Realm board game character designs. Video, computer, game, fantasy, medieval, king, prince, evil, wizard, witch, warlock, queen, princess, sorcery, gaming, character development,
illustration of Boy Gourmet Chef Cooking in the Kitchen, book illustration. Baking, cookbook, chef's hat, boy, child, children, children's book, publishing, hobby, leisure, activity, recreation
illustration of Viking Barbarian Warrior and Shield Maiden game characters. Video game, board game, character development, character design, medieval, cartoon, fantasy, barbarian, viking, clan, warrior, shield, maiden, commercial, illustrator, 2D, fantasy, toy, game, videogame, boardgame, character, design, art, humor, funny
illustration of
illustration of Smart Bear brand mascot animal character design. Cartoon, animal, wildlife, character, character development, brand, mascot, toy, game, fun, funny, humor, product, packaging, headphones, glasses,
illustration of Female Superhero Woman: Girl Power Quiz!girl, power, licensed, character, advertising, publishing, superhero, strong, woman, female, illustrator, brand, mascot, design, vector illustrator, vector illustration, vector art, comic, character development, character design, diversity, feminism, feminist, breast cancer
illustration of Boy Toothbrush Superhero brand mascot. toothbrush, toothpaste, dentist, dental, hygiene, boy, superhero, commercial, illustrator, toy, game, packaging, brand, mascot, character, design, character development
illustration of Fairy Princess with Magic Wand in Fantasy Land. Queen, princess, disney, character, development, beautiful, pretty, girl, woman, female, women, witch, fairytale, fairy, tale, disney princess, buttefly, wings, tiara, crown,


I'm a 2D and vector illustrator, character designer, concept and comic artist with 20+ years experience in advertising, publishing, editorial, toys, games, and product packaging. See LOTS more on my portfolio website You can download and print my portfolio PDF at


Cartoon, Comps, Digital, Figurative, Line with Color, CGI, Vector, Anime


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Computers, Corporate, Editorial, Family, Fantasy, Food, Holidays, Leisure, Packaging, People, Product, Sci-Fi, Toys & Games, Wildlife, Feminine, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Branding