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Alicia Rogerson

illustration of Acrylic Portrait of an inspiring friend.
illustration of Watercolour on Paper

Inspired by forest adventures and memories.
illustration of Potted Succulents painted in acrylic over vintage book pages.

Inspired by my daydreams after my husband asked for more plants in our lounge room.
illustration of Watercolour painting of a skull splitting open to reveal new life growing forth.
illustration of Various insects painted with watercolours in all shapes, sizes and colours.
Created for use as motifs in surface patterns.
illustration of Acrylic on collaged book pages.
illustration of Acrylic painted on vintage book pages
illustration of Acrylic on vintage book pages and music sheets.

Modern day reinterpretation of Little Red Riding Hood.
illustration of Ink and pencil on paper
illustration of Cover (and interior) of the cook book Baking Day.  A retro styled illustration of a woman baking a pie.  The illustration was created with 3D collaged elements to be photographed in scenes for the cover and through the book.  In addition flocking was added to the cover so specific colours were used for this element to be added.


Alicia Rogerson is best known for her portraits of female figures with captivating eyes, wild hair and red rosy cheeks. A mixed media artist and illustrator she is inspired by her daydreams. Her favourite mediums are acrylic paint, watercolour and vintage book pages. She also uses pencils, graphite, gouache, ink and chalk. Alicia is influenced by the rural countryside where her art studio resides in Bridgetown, Western Australia. She is also inspired by Japanese culture, Lowbrow/ Pop Surreal Art, Fantasy, Childhood and Books. Her work resides in collections worldwide and her commercial client list is growing, including Sony/BMG, Penguin Randomhouse, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Oxford University Press and Dolly Magazine. Her aim with her work is to create strong empowering characters that connect with the viewer and aims to create artwork that inspires others.


Acrylic, Black & White, Collage, Cut Paper, Design, Figurative, Fine Art, Line, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Realism, Stylized, 3-D Collage, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Pattern, Whimsical


Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Editorial, Fantasy, Landscape, Licensing, Nature, People, Portrait, Still Life, Transportation, Travel, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Environmental, Surface Design