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Ollie Davis Illustration

illustration of Handmade and printed textures, combined in photoshop to create an atmospheric oceanic scene with a lighthouse.
illustration of This was a fun textural and character based project. I wanted to show the different textures and features of the mountains as well as the fun we have with them.
illustration of A hectic scene with two tug boats steering a ship into port with a buy night ahead. This is a mixed media illustration using, print, pencil drawing, ink, gouache and digital editing. The goal was to create an atmospheric stormy night scene using texture, colour, perspective and contrast.
illustration of Two curious people head out to the old boat grace yard to see what they can find. This is a mixed media illustration using, print, pencil drawing, ink, gouache and digital editing. The image initially came about from the buzz word 'rust'. Using handmade textures, I have tried to encapsulate an old boat in a graveyard in swampy marshlands. The characters and animals are to add life to an otherwise desolate scene.
illustration of A child snorkels whilst his family paddle and grandpa sits reading his book. I made this image as if from a picture book brief viewpoint. The image has an unusual perspective from below the waters surface. I have tried to show the two different worlds of above water (with linework) and below water. It was a fun experiment creating the ripples and refractions in a way that is similar to life but also abstract in appearance. this is a follow up image to the Golden Beach Hut image.
illustration of A grandfather sits at his beach hut. The sand is golden the hut is yellow like the sun and his family are on the way. This image has been made as an abstract response to a picture book style brief. The concept is about a beach hut that was yellow, a flashback image as the hut is now a different colour. To exaggerate this idea I made the whole scene almost completely yellow  with light and textures to imply warmth and good memories This image is a precursor to the 'Snorkeling' image.
illustration of A study of light and texture on a woman's face. I have used light and texture to create an ambiguous mood for the image. The colours would suggest somber or calm. The woman herself seems almost monumental, the lighting almost angelic.
illustration of Inspired by the big air snowboarder Max Parrots story. This illustration shows a snowy nighttime scene with a time lapse of the snowboarders journey through the jump, it is quite a flat image however I have used textures and contrast to add depth to the image.
illustration of Almost a whiteout, a hardy mountaineer makes their way back to their hut. This was a fun illustration to make, playing with the use of white space, leaving only the minimal details and information that is needed to describe the situation.
illustration of I made this after seeing some textures that fitted the profile of the sea creatures and putting them together. It opened my eyes to accidental marks and looking beyond a shape or texture to conceive a concept for where it could work in an illustration.


I am an illustrator, whose desire to work is dramatically enhanced by music. I adore textures and emotional mark making which is the focus of my artwork. My passions for animals, exploring different cultures, the outdoors, political and social motives and mountain sports inspire me for the majority of what I make but overall I just love creating and keeping a wide perspective as to which areas my practise fits into. I enjoy the conversation within the industry about others work and my own, gaining a better understanding of where I fit into the world of illustration whilst learning about the vast world we live in through other peoples exceptional practise. I work well independently but also find collaboration with other professionals inspiring and essential, and find myself immersed in an industry with outstanding talent. Illustration BA (Hons) - Upper Second Class, University of Worcester, 2018


Abstract, Acrylic, Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Gouache, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Texture, Concept Art


Action, Adventure, Animals, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Holidays, Industrial, Landscape, Nature, People, Portrait, Sports, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Lifestyle, Feminine, Environmental