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Matthew Carey Simos

illustration of An illustration of apricots on a table and in a fruit bowl. Unpublished, self initiated illustration for editorial, product illustration and advertising.
illustration of Portrait Illustration for STIR magazine Issue 22. Alex Evans is author of the book “The Myth Gap: What Happens When Evidence and Arguments Aren’t Enough”
illustration of Has fair trade helped close the gap between growers and consumers?
Self initiated illustration on the the effect of fair trade in coffee industry.
illustration of
illustration of The problem with Everest's 200+ bodies.
Self initiated, unpublished editorial illustration for a BBC article.
illustration of A self initiated illustration showcasing my love for cooking. Root and bulb vegetables, herbs and tomatoes.
illustration of Unpublished, self-initiated, editorial illustration for an article on NPR.
illustration of Co-operatives Rebuilding After the Tsunami

Editorial illustration for an article on STIR magazine issue 23 on how local cooperatives on the islands most affected by the destructive tsunami of 2004, dealt with the rebuilding process.
illustration of Editorial Illustration for STIR magazine Issue 22, on how we always publish the positive results while ignoring the negative ones.
illustration of Published, portrait illustration of Ruth Potts for her interview in STIR magazine, issue 22.


llustrator/Printmaker originally from Greece, but now based in Edinburgh. He specialises in creating illustrations mainly for editorial and in his free time, highly detailed, multi- layered linocuts. He graduated from Coventry School of Art and Design in 2007, but upon his return to Greece, spent a few years building traditional musical instruments and working with the land. When he joined his partner in Edinburgh in 2010, he taught himself linocutting, and became a member at Edinburgh Printmakers. He likes bringing the textures and shapes from linocuts into his illustrations, but also enjoys working and experimenting with various styles. He revels in sharpening edged hand tools, flying kites with his daughter and cooking.


Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Silhouette, Texture


Editorial, Family, Food, Landscape, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Product, Science, Scientific, Still Life, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Ethnic, Environmental, Financial, Branding