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Farley Katz

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Based in the Big Apple, Farley Katz is the resident cartoonist for The New Yorker and also takes on a variety of other gigs alongside writing and illustrating his own series of books. His clients have included NPR, Esquire and Mad Magazine. Farley’s career in the funnies began at college when he started drawing cartoons and illustrations for Harvard Lampoon magazine. He has two main sets of influences. For illustration, these include Dr Seuss, Ren & Stimpy and Edward Gorey, while for humour they are The Simpsons, Charles Portis and once again Edward Gorey. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Farley has been in New York for over a decade. He collects invertebrate cretaceous fossils, and says that writing punch-up jokes for NPR is one of the most fun gigs he’s ever had.