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Jennifer Fairman

illustration of Portrait of a little girl, drawn for an article about Pediatric anemia
illustration of Picture of a little boy coloring a picture at the breakfast table


Jennifer Fairman is Founder & Principal of Fairman Studios, LLC and an Associate Professor in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine (JHUAAM) where she previously received an MA in Medical & Biological Illustration from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her illustration work spans between natural science illustration, medicine, patient education, childrens books, editorial images and infographics. Fairman served as Scientific Illustrator, Research Associate and a James Smithson Fellow for the Smithsonian Institution (USDA Systematic Entomology Laboratory) at the National Museum of Natural History. After graduating from Johns Hopkins, she moved to Boston serve as medical illustrator for the Lahey Clinic. Shortly thereafter she opened her own studio. Her work has been published in over 960 scientific journal articles, textbooks and book chapters, monographs, science presentations, patient-ed materials, websites and videos.




Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Family, Health, People, Portrait, Youth