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Benjamin Wachenje


The Benjamin Wachenje Studio is a multi disciplinary media company. Director Benjamin Wachenje also know as Bro. Ben has been making films since 2012 and has over 20 years experience as an illustrator and designer. The Studio works with small businesses trying to establish themselves and stand out in the competitive marketplace as well as firmly established multi-national brands. Whether working directly with companies or partnering up with Art Directors at creative agencies The Benjamin Wachenje Studio provides solutions for a wide range of creative projects. Benjamin Wachenje started his career as a spray can artist and went on to study Fine Art and Graphic design from Camberwell School of Arts. His artwork continues to be influenced by the early hip-hop movement and contemporary street culture. Following his graduation, Benjamin was awarded artist in residence at Bedford Hill Gallery. His first solo exhibition ‘Open Mic’, was a series of portraits that documented underground British hip-hop artists. Since then he has been a contributor for numerous lifestyle magazines and newspapers including, The Guardian, The Independent, Newsweek, Wire, Rolling Stone and Time. Benjamin has been kept busy with mostly illustration and animation briefs and collaborations with advertising agencies. He has developed national campaigns for Timberland, British Telecom, BBC, MTV, Levi’s, Nike, Toyota, Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, SNCF, Columbia Records and Rockstar Games.