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Camille Medina

illustration of Collection of plates created during one of the Make Art That Sells courses.

Cats, naughty, cheeky, home décor.
illustration of Correspondence-inspired scrapbooking collection created as part of one of the Make Art That Sells courses.

Writing, correspondence, letter, postcard, vintage, ink bottle, pocket watch, whale, cruise ship, boat , labels, stickers, compass, pencil, dip pen, seagull, buoy, anchor, memories, travel, explore, collection, coordinates, surface pattern.
illustration of Gardening journal cover inspired by Japanese anemones, staghorn fern and garden gnomes; created for Lilla Rogers Studio's Global Talent Search (2018).

Gardening tools, flowers, floral, wellies, wellington boots, watering can, garden.
illustration of Festive greeting cards inspired by Christmas cookies and created as part of one of the Make Art That Sells courses.

Gingerbread man, candy cane, snow, biscuit, cookie, holidays, Christmas, winter, handlettering.
illustration of Self-initiated ink painting.

Peacock, nature, flowers, mushroom, bird, cactus, eye, planet, abstract, hot air balloon, icons.
illustration of Range of gift-related items inspired by flowers and keys, and created as part of one of the Make Art That Sells courses.

Key, hot air balloon, dream, weird, collage, mark-making, ink, rose, flowers, floral, gift, house.
illustration of Self-initiated painting inspired by the Victorians' fascination with insects.
illustration of Self-initiated piece featuring three happy crocodiles walking and dancing in the jungle.

Trees, bushes, nature, jungle, crocodile, texture, children's picture book, happy, cheeky.
illustration of Self-initiated piece made into a poster and inspired by my own childhood (who has never dreamed of being a superhero?).

Children, fancy dress, superhero, superhero costume, superpower, girl, boy, ethnic diversity.
illustration of Self-initiated piece inspired by my own passion for science and the fascination I had for robots and scientific experiments as a child.

Lab, scientist, crazy scientist, girl, test tube, blackboard, machines, brain, chemistry.


Camille Medina is a French author, illustrator and surface pattern designer based in the UK. Her artwork mixes digital and traditional techniques. She also likes to experiment in order to discover new techniques that she can integrate into her work. Camille loves beautiful things and gets butterflies when she looks at stationery. Her inspiration comes from the world around her – from things that she hears in her everyday life, to shapes on her bathroom tiles, to songs and photos that she likes – and her work is driven by the desire to make people smile and to spread fun.


Abstract, Black & White, Cartoon, Collage, Digital, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Pattern, Anime


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Food, Greeting Cards, Holidays, Icons, Leisure, Licensing, Mystery, Nature, Posters, Product, Science, Sci-Fi, Technology, Travel, Surface Design