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Design, layout, cover illustration and interior illustrations for Liminal RPG

Jason Behnke

Jason Behnke

illustration of totem, tribal, surreal, abstract, symbol, spirit, design, girl, woman, female, Liminal, tattoo, power, bird, feather, braid,
illustration of space, astronaut, baby, stars, cosmos, surreal
illustration of ship, stars, space, cosmos, intergalactic, planet
illustration of astronaut, space, cosmos, stars, intergalactic, galaxy, floating, vacuum
illustration of nomad, machine, desert, structure, wanderer, huge, cave, cavern, opening, entrance, portal, lost, explore, exploration, unknown, giant, hole
illustration of elf, fae, faerie, girl, woman, female, reflection, surreal, mirror, stare, reflect, Liminal, creature, forest, woods, gaze
illustration of faerie, tree, forest, female, woman, woods, fae, elf, girl, dance, spirit, Liminal, dryad, sylph, sprite
illustration of figure, crouch, tribal, male, meditate, yoga, man, reflection, reflect, tattoo, body paint, think, contemplate, Liminal, cower, shy, introvert
illustration of heroes, characters, urban fantasy, group, woman, man, female, male, headphones, headset, hat, city, street, alley, sign, 4, four, foursome, Liminal, urban, companions, friends, partners, allies, team, trust, family
illustration of vampire, scream, horror, monster, creature, fear, terror, attack, yell, roar, rage, anger, furious, revolt, rebuke, Liminal, power, lunge, bite
illustration of fish, girl, pond, sleeping, woman, female, lake, pool, water, lily, carp, koi, contemplate, relax, swim, apples, calm, tired, dream, Liminal
illustration of dragon, shaman, lava, volcano, monster, sorcerer, island, creature, roar, fire, heat, hot, smoke, steam, mouth, maw, gator, magic, mage, magician, wizard, woman, girl, female, tribal, command, challenge, defeat, battle, fight, storm, clouds, ash, power, defiant, Liminal
illustration of wizard, magic, woman, girl, female, gypsy, dance, sorcerer, sorcery, power, defiant, challenge, hero, character, Liminal
illustration of tribal, pencil, woman, ink, wash, girl, female, tattoo, body paint, study, learn, educate, education, read, evaluate, knowledge, interior, internal, illustration, Liminal
illustration of woman, girl, portrait, urban fantasy, surreal, door, portal, lightning, night, sky, dusk, clouds, storm, mystical, magic, power, hat, female, farmer, changeling, Liminal, freckles, stoic, field, grass, Liminal, character
illustration of academic, scholar, vampire, interior, magic, books, smoke, mist, power, Liminal, woman, man, girl, female, male, interior, illustration
illustration of elf, fae, faerie, girl, woman, female, dragon, gaze, reflect, reflection, swamp, forest, woods, pool, lake, river, pond, tribal, feathered, serpent, snake, god, goddess, embrace, Liminal, creature, pet, companion, friend, partner, ally, trust, belief, team, trust, family
illustration of fighter, boxer, warrior, pencil, interior, horns, pencil, ink wash, male, man, Liminal, spar, fist,
illustration of figure, angel, fighter, warrior, wings, male, man, defeat, cower, crouch, coliseum, gladiator, mercy, helpless, futility, oppressed, beg, forgive
illustration of landscape, tower, structure, woman, girl, female, building, architecture, landscape, sky, clouds, hope, beacon, explore, lighthouse, light, overcast
illustration of Star Wars, pilot, hoth, snow, winter, ILM, arctic, stranded, explore, lost, wander, hills, cold, frost, ice, rebel, path, footprints, blizzard, chill, abandon, escape, travel, environment
illustration of Star Wars, desert, machine, sail, ship, ILM, vehicle, fin, carve, wind, soar, surf, arid, speed, invention, sand, dune
illustration of Star Wars, ship, cloud, empire, machine, ILM, starship, spaceship, drone, sky, storm, attack, overhead, fly, soar, flight,
illustration of Star Wars, space, battle, explosion, ILM, ship, spaceship, starship, stars, cosmos, galaxy, battle, fight, dogfight, damage, fire, shoot, tie fighter, transport, rebel, attack, empire
illustration of Star Wars, research, planet, forest, science, ILM, hover, float, bird, creature, fly, alien


Artist, Illustrator, Designer


Black & White, Design, Digital, Figurative, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment


Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Comic Book, Corporate, Fantasy, Futuristic, Landscape, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Posters, Science, Scientific, Sci-Fi, Technology, Transportation, Travel, Americana, Spiritual, Game