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illustration of I've recently been thinking about the kinds of illustration projects I like the most and that I'd like to do more of. A dream project would be to design a range of cereal box characters, and as no-one's currently asking me to do them I thought I'd just go ahead and make them myself! This is the first in what's hopefully going to be a mini-series of cereal box artworks/characters – Pieces O'Eight, the delicious, sugar frosted corn snack. And who doesn't love some free booty?
illustration of The second in a mini-series of cereal mascot/character designs – this one is for Zombits, the chewy braaaiiinnns based cereal snack. The logo lettering is hand-drawn.

The original artwork is full colour, this simplified two-colour version was developed for merchandising.
illustration of Cartoon, Digital, Film/Entertainment, Vector, Children, Children's Books, Sci-Fi
illustration of The werewolf was hunting for food in the forest.
Maybe a lumberjack, a scout or a florist…
illustration of Childrens book character development/concept.
illustration of My contribution to the Bite the Ballot / Jelly London #turnup social media campaign, aimed at getting young people aged 18–24 to register to vote in the 2017 UK general election.
illustration of Everyone likes being part of a group, right? A gang. A club. An organisation. A coalition. That's why I've created the Diamond Hand Gang.

What is the DHG? It's just a bit of fun with a groovy logo and a catchy name. You in?
illustration of Name the famous painting. Initially created for part of a background of another illustration, I went a bit overboard and it became its own thing.
illustration of The King wore a hat that was pointy, not flat,
and covered with jewels so it was all shiny and that.

The first in a series of concepts for a range of potential children's books based on hats.
illustration of I'm a bit of a real/craft ale fan, and I would love the opportunity to design/illustrate some beer cans and labels for a real-life brewery.

So in the meantime here's a shot of what they could potentially look like using some illustrations form personal projects.


I’m Simon Whittaker, a freelance illustrator and designer specialising in bold and bright vector illustrations and character design suitable to any application, but with an adaptable style that works across mediums and applications. I have a particular interest in animation and children’s picture books, something I’m currently working on developing further for my portfolio.


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