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I was commissioned to create a suite of character and supporting editorial illustrations for a new Recruitment consultancy Peoplehawk


Hand Drawn Creative

illustration of A suite of specific technical exercise illustrations I created for Gerry Rodrigues' book
illustration of A new Heroine/Mascot character illustration for Belfast's popular tourism company.
illustration of A bootleg poster design for one of the best concerts I ever witnessed. Even better, it was a five minute walk from my front door. Great band!

music, poster design, concert poster, little bird, tweet, live music
illustration of Vector portrait featuring toys from Fisher Price's classic toy range.

schoolhouse, toys, vintage, schoolbus, teacher, pupils
illustration of If you lived here – You'd be home by now. How cool would it be cruising up the driveway to a swinging pad like this every night. They don't build 'em like this anymore!

This illustration featured originally in Hand Drawn Creative's 2014 Exhibition
illustration of Vector portrait of Singer/Songwriter Evan Dando for my solo exhibition 'God Help the Troubadour'.

typography, grunge, guitar, microphone, music
illustration of Website landing page illustration for Denroy Plastics featuring a stylised landscape of the town where they are based.

Distribution, transport, manufacturing, supply chain, streets, field, windmill, airplane, town hall, church, artillery, cannon, lorry, van, landmark
illustration of A pin up style commission for a drumming friend of mine
rhythm, whiplash, blonde, drums, blue, drumsticks
illustration of Poster Design celebrating Doug Trumbulls' 7o's ecological Sci-fi film 'Silent Running' This was designed for Planet Pulp's 'RED' group exhibition in Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles.

Exhibition, poster, film, entertainment, sci-fi, robot, Dewey, ecology, typography, silent running, forest
illustration of A retro themed portrait of my locally famed old local cinema 'The Tonic' which sadly burned down in the 90s.

art-deco, cinema, movies, picturehouse, vector, architecture, golden age
illustration of A suite of simple, vector illustrations featuring faces of teenage kids from various ethnic backgrounds for use in School text books.

Smile, grin, redhead, Caucasian, Black, Asian, Latina, blonde, brunette, pigtails.
illustration of A pinup style illustration based on an original photograph by Holly West for Gretsch guitars. 

pinup, guitar, amplifier, pose, sexy
illustration of Kicking back on a Hans J Wenger Shell chair catching up on some doodle. I created this illustration as part of my 2014 exhibition
illustration of Editorial Illustrations for an article in London's Daily Telegraph about choosing the best car for green motoring.

gasoline pump, hydrogen car, car battery, electric car, charging, diesel, engine, motorway charging cable.
illustration of A series of Editorial illustrations created for LHH Marketing's 'Career Focus publication. The illustrations focus on employees aspiring to educate and improve their employment prospects.

Aspiration, marketing, corner office, handshake, promotion, desk, plant, tech, VR, Easel, paints, audience, barista, waitress, lecturer, student, coffee, iPhone, iPad
illustration of The Ulysses print is inspired by the French/Japanese cartoon series of the same name, originally broadcast on television in the early 1980s.

printing, artwork, cartoon show, limited edition, French, Japanese, sci-fi, spaceship, space, stars, beard
illustration of Cute vector portrait of the famous Disney Volkswagen Beetle 'Herbie'

Disney, Lovebug, VW, volkswagen beetle, vintage, retro, automobile, movies, entertainment
illustration of A series of editorial illustrations showing how best to lay concrete.

Concrete, technical, information graphics, shovel, ditch, workman, digger, scoop, manual labour, spirit level, bricks, sand, cement, rubble, hardcore, denim, work gloves, construction
illustration of Editorial illustrations for London's Wine Society Guide for 2018.

couch, lounge, reading, pot plant, wine tasting, friends, toast, celebrating, pouring, wine bottles, wine cellar, choosing, sniffing, palette, nose, cork, corkscrews, lamp, relaxing, television, couple
illustration of A promotional  Illustration fro Hand Drawn Creative in the Pin-up style, featuring a smiling female character wearing military fatigues, flashing a peace sign.

GI, army, psychedelia, pin-up, peace sign, smiling
illustration of Illustrated vehicle wrap, created for a popular Belfast restaurant, known for its relaxed, laidback atmosphere and indulgent menu. This branded Fiat 500 sits outside their restaurant acting as a great advertisement for the business.

car wrap, food, restaurant, branding, advertising, fiat, waitress, relaxed, tray, beer, wine
illustration of I just love to draw sneakers. Call it an obsession!
illustration of A logo design for an ever growing and popular Belfast Cycling Club, based in the city's Titanic Quarter. I based the design around Titanic Quarter's existing branding.

cycling, club, Belfast, logo, typography, exercise, fitness
illustration of A lovely retro styled logo design for Seattle's 'all girl' Scooter Club 'Veronicas'. They're a great bunch who originally contacted me saying
illustration of Holding page illustration for a private swimming pool offering pool hire to private clients.

waves, outline, sketchy, pool, goggles, swim caps, swimmers, the crawl, tiles, water
illustration of A series of Editorial illustrations created for LHH Marketing's 'Be More' publication. The illustrations focus on employees aspiring to educate and improve their employment prospects.

aspiration, marketing, corner office, handshake, awards, tuxedo, applause, spotlight, smiles, promotion, desk, plant
illustration of A suite of spot illustrations for an educational school textbook. Commissioned through my UK Agent KJA Artists.

fish, rice, steak, loaf, castle, showing mall, house, radio, family, father , mother, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother
illustration of An imagined Origin Issue Comic book Cover featuring Wonder Woman. Originally designed and created for my Daughter's birthday several years ago.
illustration of 
An illustrated artprint featuring detailed illustrations of Vintage Cars.

This colourful little print celebrated some of my favourite classic car designs. The original signed and numbered prints are now sold out.

volvo, jaguar, porsche, Bmw, volkswagen, citroen, ford, mini
illustration of This is an A2 artprint featuring my illustration of Peter Fonda's character Captain America in the movie Easy Rider. This was created for Los Angeles' Hero Complex Gallery's
illustration of Wraparound cover illustration for London's 'The Wine Society' 2018 brochure

wine, connoisseur, metropolitan, lifestyle, city, sophistication, street, landscape, wineglass, tasting, cafe society
illustration of A Suite of editorial icons for a Daily Telegraph article on the best way to buy a car.

iPad, online purchase, fuel gauge, signature, pen, keys, car, purchase, confused, leasing option
illustration of An illustrated Kid Friendly tour map for an educational nature reserve in County Antrim called ECOS Island.

Forest, heron, swan, otter, fairy, owl, Saint Patrick, , witch, bat, forest, highwayman, bridge, ladybug, island, nest
illustration of Typographic Design inspired by the Beastie Boys. Drawing on an inspirational lyric from the Beastie Boys' amazing album
illustration of A logo design developed alongside Belfast  Design Studio Orocom for a 'Campervan Culture' Tourism Company,

This wasn't the finished logo – but we all felt this was the best option offered to the Client. Can't win 'em all!

campervan, tourism, logo, corporate identity, vintage, urban, retro, branding, transport, badge design
illustration of A suite of six landscape, editorial Illustrations I created for US Leadership Training Company Lee Hecht Harrison for their Wheel of Life Publication.

Cafe, flowers, couple, coffee, smiling, intimate, corner office, executive, assistant, power, aspiration, briefcase, career
illustration of An example of smaller 'icon' style vector illustrations I regularly produce for various educational publishers in the UK.

skateboard, table football, trumpet, cooking, sports, shopping, icd skating, bowling, euros, cake, games console, , magazine, smartphone, fashion, calculator, ruler, compass, thumbtack, iMac, device, Spain, flag, bull, hurdles, roman helmet, science, DNA, charts, statistics, easel
illustration of Portrait of actress January Jones playing the character of Betty Draper in the popular television show 'Madmen'

blonde, actress, rifle, feather, nightdress, cigarette, retro, portrait, madmen, television, january jones, betty draper
illustration of Illustrated Corporate Identity inspired by 1930s 'make do and mend' culture and literature.

thimble, scissors, ribbon, thread, needle, button, type design, logotype, shading, diy culture,
illustration of Illustrated animal and fantasy character icons I created as incidental characters on the Ecos Island map.

Owl, coot, mallard, pike, heron, fairy, lifesaver
illustration of A series of illustrations showing the process of MAXXIS Tyre manufacture.

Tyre, manufacturing, industry, rubber, technical illustration
illustration of An illustrated logo I created for my local Sea Rowing Clubbing features from the local Council's identit, oar and a marine themed roundel design.

rowing, coastal life, sea, sky, oars, sea monster, roundel, typography
illustration of Illustrated character designs for Enamel Pin Badges created to celebrate the building of a new Scouts Activity Centre in County Down, Northern Ireland

badge, Scouts, Northern Ireland, building, construction, bricks, wheelbarrow, commemorative badge
illustration of A mural I created for a Real Estate Agent in Northern Ireland showing landmarks and the area in which they operate. The mural takes up the wall  of their new office and has also been used in press advertising too.

real estate, mural, simple. landscape, peninsula, tower, ferry, lighthouse, factory, town hall, airport, windsock, lifeboat, airplane, tower, forest
illustration of An Illustrated flyer designed in Boom Studios' House Style (of which I am also Brand Guardian)

Sky, Clouds, Logo, Brand Identity, gulls, boots, Redwing, walking, pencil, paper, advertising
illustration of District Badge Design I created with my Father for Scouts NI.

Viking, longboat, seawater, coastal, Northern Ireland, Ireland, vector, Scouting, Scouts
illustration of Illustrated Flyer Design to promote a local Creative Hub in my hometown. It's based in a strikingly designed office space on the High Street.

Logo, pop art, branding, skyline, architecture, gulls, vapor trail, community, social enterprise
illustration of Supporting/editorial illustration to be used with advertising and promotion of London Bridge's guided Tours.

Engine Room, London Bridge, tourism, coal, furnace, history, spanner, pocket watch, moustache, London, England, UK, landmark
illustration of One of four, four panel comicbook strips I created for Emergency Planning Solutions to help potential clients visualise what the company offered.

car, car interior, gas station, gas, canister, gasoline, credit card, comic book
illustration of Badge design for 2015's international Scouting Jamboree. This badge was to signify all Scouts attending from Northern Ireland.

Scouting, Scouts, badge design, typography, Northern Ireland, Japan, map, roundel
illustration of Illustrated logomarque I was commissioned to create for Italian company 'Food 4 Brains' featuring a space rocket in flight.

Rocket, planet, blast off, flight, space, sci-fi, logo, branding, corporate identity
illustration of School Textbook Illustration showcasing all the potential dangers students face in the classroom.

scissors, thumbtacks, radio, water, backpack, book, blackboard, spill, running in class, desk, chair, wireflex
illustration of Quarterback Hero Character Design for an App/Game Developer in the USA.

Helmet, Football, football field, uniform, muscle, strong. proud stance, gritted teeth, socks,
illustration of An Illustration I created for Tourism Northern Ireland to advertise their annual Festival of Cycling; featuring all types of cyclists (hipsters on penny farthings, kids on BMX bikes, & couples on tandems etc.)

This illustration featured on 48 sheet and 6 sheet campaign across Northern Ireland

cycling, racing, bmx, hipster, penny farthing, commuter, healthy, lifestyle, outdoors, sport
illustration of A suite of illustrations created for HNH Digital in Belfast, to show how the
illustration of Portrait of the character 'Princess' from Japanese cartoon series 'Battle of the Planets'

vector, cartoon series, battle of the planets, female, superhero, costume, heroine, action, seventies
illustration of Mid century portrait of my wife for her fortieth birthday.

Hair, black dress, heels, Eames, lounge chair, smile, wave, sunglasses.
illustration of A dry Martini, Eero Aarnio Ball chair and Sergio Mendes playing on the reel to reel!

This illustration featured originally in Hand Drawn Creative's 2014 Exhibition
illustration of The Extraordinaires Design Studio is the creative thinking game for problem solvers aged between 8 and 108.

Astronaut, mars, boardgames, colony, planets, spacecraft, spacesuit, park, kids, dog, toy
illustration of An imagined Travel Poster drawing on the Sci-fi stories of British comicbook legend Dan Dare. This illustration was created for Planet Pulp's 'Adventures in Space' Exhibition.

spaceship, fifties, sci-fi, planet, galaxy, rocket, And Dare, stars, travel poster, space tourism, English
illustration of Poster Design created as a submission for Planet Pulp's 'Saturday Morning Cartoons' Exhibition featuring Captain Caveman's intrepid detective sidekicks The Teen Angels. This poster saw them as stars of their
illustration of Illustrated Press Advertisements for Belfast's most prominent Ski holiday experts featuring a male and female skier on the slopes.

Ski, winter sports, vacation, Europe, goggles, alps, mountains, snow, powder, snowboard, winter, tourism, rocky mountains, Canada
illustration of Poster design for a young Irish couple who've opened a Ski Lodge in the French Alps.

travel poster, caricature, ski, lodge, alps, snow, snowboarding, winter, sports, hospitality, France, cap, beard, apron, type design
illustration of Portrait of Susanna Hoffs, lead singer of pop group 'The Bangles'.

hair, brunette, smile, legs, guitar, Rickenbacker, portrait, celebrity, singer, eighties, pop, vector
illustration of Pin-up illustration of GI Joe's female character Scarlett – created for Planet Pulp's GI Joe themed exhibition.

gattling gun, pin-up, typography, forces, sweetheart, military, motorcycle, redhead, seductive
illustration of Portrait of nineties Indie legend Miki Berenyi from the pop group 'Lush' 

sneakers, redhead, beer, amplifier, seated pose, side profile, red guitar, rock star, pop, retro
illustration of Portrait of Marilyn Monroe sitting and reading on a 2 seater couch

blonde, bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, fifties, polo neck, portrait, retro, barefoot
illustration of Part of a double page spread editorial illustration commissioned by Money Magazine to support a finance article in 2008.

Brownstone, windows, scooter, volkswagen, commuters, fire escape, scooter, New York, city, street scene
illustration of Mid century portrait of a female office worker posing cross legged by an Olivetti Valentine typewriter and a George Nelson desk.

Pink, orange, desk, office, Eames, Olivetti, valentine, green dress, paper, typing, female, mid century, sixties
illustration of Illustrated Artprint featuring a vintage toys playset from the 1970s.

Fisher Price, parking ramp, retro, colourful, 1970s, children, toys, nostalgia
illustration of Serenading your dinner guests with an accordian may be risky – but Sterling Cooper's Head Girl pulls it off. C'est Magnifique!
This illustration celebrates another crazy Madmen moment featuring Joan Harris / Christina Hendricks.

madmen, mid-century, advertising, television, celebrity, Joan Harris, Christina Hendricks, actor, cocktail dress, lips, smile, accordion, Americana
illustration of From my 2014 Exhibition 'Asseyez Vous?' featuring my favourite mid-century furniture design.

heels, yellow, armchair, wave, smile, lips, comfort, pose, feminine
illustration of My second mid century styled architectural poster illustration for the Grant C Berg Gallery in Grand Prairie, Alberta. This time I've drawn Douglas J. Cardinal's beautiful Grand Prairie Regional College. I'd love to visit sometime.

architecture, college, building skyline, clouds, geese, pathway, grass, mid-century, travel poster
illustration of A side profile portrait illustration in the Art Deco Style.

roundel, hair, portrait, serene, feminine, headband
illustration of Eames loungechair as a stepladder? What would Frasier Crane say?!

This illustration featured originally in Hand Drawn Creative's 2014 Exhibition
illustration of Line Art colouring in sheet featuring a team portrait of female players from all levels.

black and white, line art, soccer, sports, female, team kit, football, stadium, kneeling, arms folded
illustration of An example of 'continuous line' icons I've created for Northern Ireland Waste management company; ISL.

conceptual, single line, icon,  part, glove, waste, disposal, iMac, cardboard, box, water bottle
illustration of A 'kitschy' mid-century logo I designed for a popular pop-culture blogger in Northern Ireland

mid-century, kitsch, typography, logotype, coffee table
illustration of An Illustrated Artprint featuring a vintage VW Camper Van, customised to carry a matching Vespa scooter in the rear.

Nostalgic, transport, Mod, retro, holiday, vacation, free spirit, on the road, luggage, travel, weekend
illustration of An original illustration for Belfast Tourism brand Wee Toast Tours. This is the first of many illustrations I've produced for this hard working Belfast company since 2016.

beer, beerbike, tourism, Belfast, Ireland, cycling, stag party, hen party
illustration of A series of illustrations created to compliment a series of detailed workshops and articles for my client's website.
illustration of Branding, Illustration and packaging design for Irish snack brand
illustration of A recreation of a long dead ice cream brand from my hometown

blue, ribbons, ice cream, branding, seven flavours, advertising, vintage brand, ponytail
illustration of An illustrative reproduction of an old Kinks' album cover. I created this as part of the
illustration of 
Great fun was had creating this
illustration of An example of vector illustrations I regularly produce for various educational publishers in the United Kingdom.

car, purse, waitress, couple, cafe, restaurant, keys, red
illustration of A Caricature of prominent Belfast Interior Designer, Cheryl Thompson

interior, decoration, paint, wallpaper, fabric swatch, blonde, boots, interior design, caricature
illustration of I was commissioned to create an alphabet of Art Deco monograms for Denman International, which they have used to create signature monogram hairbrushes to celebrate 80 years in business.

art-deco, alphabet, monogram, hairbrush, typography type design, lettering
illustration of A suite of superhero themed caricatures for Emmy award winning
illustration of A suite of editorial illustrations created for a promotional brochure (which I also designed) for regular client; Denman International

character design, editorial, hairbrush, redhead, suit, hairstyle, hairdresser, barbering, grooming
illustration of An example of smaller 'icon' style vector illustrations I regularly produce for various educational publishers in the UK.

football, gymnastics, iPhone, smartphone, buzzer, gameshow, quiz
illustration of An example of smaller 'icon' style vector illustrations I regularly produce for various educational publishers in the UK.

cityscape, train, mountain, city, skyscraper, cablecar, forest, cactus, fishing, lake
illustration of An example of smaller 'icon' style vector illustrations I regularly produce for various educational publishers in the UK.

icon, character, profession, programmer, painter, basketball, dentist, nurse, photographer, doctor, gardener, scientist, singer, bus driver, reporter
illustration of A Vector illustration featuring mid-century furniture and accessories.

egg chair, standard lamp, tape clock, television
illustration of An illustrated logo from September 2015 for the the Glens of Antrim Pipers. They play the traditional Irish Uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes to the Layman) and they are HARD to draw, believe me!

bagpipes, redhead, Irish, beard, logo, corporate identity, music, traditional, Ireland
illustration of Logo Design for a new local craft beer brewery, here in Northern Ireland.

Red, logo, logotype, badge, brewing, beer, brewery, Irish, type design, corporate identity
illustration of What began as a personal project, ended up as a commercial poster design commissioned by GB Eye Posters in the UK. This design sold globally for over 5 years and featured (strangely enough) in the background of a scene in Mike Leigh's film
illustration of A series of four illustrations celebrating the reunion of seminal British rock band 'The Stone Roses'. These illustrations mark four of the band's big, comeback UK shows

guitar, drums, bass, music, rock, live show, reunion, poster design, Manchester, nineties, retro
illustration of An example of a range of illustrations I regularly produce for Cambridge University Press' many educational publications.

popcorn, movies, redhead, tennis, ill, teenager, studying, bedroom, soccer, workplace, cubicle
illustration of Branding and illustration for Kabosh Productions' popular theatrical walking tour in Belfast city centre.

chef, telescope, beer, bread mussels, lobster olives, boots, compass, belfast, titanic, wine, branding, logotype


Hand Drawn Creative is home to the the Illustrator Neal McCullough. Established in 2009, this small creative enterprise hit the ground running with calls from TIME Magazine and GB Eye posters resulting in prestigious illustration commissions. Neal was warmly welcomed by the global creative community, with his work appearing on some of the World’s most read creative blogs and websites (then later in some of the world’s leading pop culture galleries). Business started with work from the United States, then closer to home in the UK after Neal spoke at Enterprise Nation’s "Go Global" conference in London in 2011. Neal continues to work with clients from all over the world, while taking time to create a new illustrations for his ever expanding range of Hand Drawn Creative artprints. Neal also draws a weekly satirical cartoon for the County Down Spectator. Praise for Hand Drawn Creative… “Kick. Ass. Work. Dude!” TOM WHALEN – “Those Fisher Price illustrations you made rule. Wow man!” AARON DRAPLIN – Draplin Design Co. “You’ve got the skills!” STANLEY CHOW Illustration


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