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illustration of An illustration of a cramped RV family road trip.
illustration of An illustration of a boy riding a book.
illustration of A 3d illustration of a heart made up of signs.
illustration of A 3D poster illustration of a Nokia phone with a pair of large headphones.
illustration of An illustration of a priest with a head made out of a stella artois bottle.
illustration of An illustration of a character wearing a suit of armour.
illustration of An illustration of a character driving a car with their head out of the window.
illustration of An illustration of people travelling and playing with things made out of coca cola bottlecaps.
illustration of An illustration of a phone box running with mechanical parts falling out.
illustration of An illustration of a superhero made out of a basketball.


Pablo Bernasconi was born in Buenos Aires in 1973. He is a graphic designer from UBA University, where he has been teaching design for 6 years. He started at Clarín Newspaper in 1998, and today works for many different publications all over the world. His illustrations are published at La Nación, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Saturday Evening Post, Daily Telegraph, Bergens Tidende (Norway) and The Times. Pablo published ten children books, as the author of both text and illustrations, most of them translated up to six languages: El Brujo, el Horrible y el Libro Rojo de los Hechizos, El Diario del Capitán Arsenio, Hipo no nada, El Zoo de Joaquín, Black Skin, White Cow, Excesos y Exageraciones, Rebelión en Tortoni and Los Súper Premios; three image books for adults: Retratos, Bifocal and Finales and illustrated several titles from various authors (María Elena Walsh, Gustavo Roldán, Ursula Wolfel) He received several awards for his job: Zena Sutherland Award Best Children Book of the Year (The University of Chicago, 2006), for Captain Arsenio; Children's Book of the Week (The Sunday Times), was included three times in the 200 best illustrators worldwide for Luzer's Archive, and won 8 prizes to the excelence at the SND (Society of Newspaper Design) including the gold medal for his regular section at La Nación, among others. In 2012 was chosen to represent Argentina in the Andersen awards as best illustrator. He gave conferences on illustration and design at different spaces and universities: The University of Chicago (United States), Centro Simón Patiño (Bolivia); UTEM (Chile); Universidad de Buenos Aires, etc. Participated on over ten exhibitions, in Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Bolivia, New York, Italia, Eslovaquia and London. Today he works in Bariloche for Argentina, and many other countries of the world. He publishes a visual opinion column every sunday, in La Nación Newspaper.


Collage, Digital, Graphic, Texture


Children, Children's Books, Editorial, People, Portrait, Posters, Transportation, Travel