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4 Aces Diner, West Lebanon, New Hampshire

Napkin Holder Cards

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One of 3 illustrations to be used as diner branding displayed in napkin holders. The 4 Aces Diner decor, food, and coffee cups were referenced in the illustrations.

Marianne McCann 2020

Marianne McCann

illustration of Commissioned painting based on the Talking Heads' song, Nothing But Flowers. 2019. meadow, deer, butterflies, tree, flowers, skeletons, landscape, post-apocalypse, time, lush, verdant, future
illustration of There is no alphabet. There are only leaves. 2019.
horse, sparkly, fall, autumn, orange, wind blowing, fluffy mane, maple leaves, vermont, placid, calm, aware, animal
illustration of Chef Carl Casper's Chocolate Lava Cake.
cake, chocolate, plate, dessert, dessert plate, fine dining, garnish, restaurant, cafe, food, eating, delicious
illustration of 4 Aces Diner, diner, hamburger, coffee cup, coffee, mustard, ketchup, lunch, napkin holder card, bacon cheeseburger, Americana, diner decor, watercolor illustration, food illustration, food, Marianne McCann, illustration
illustration of 4 Aces Diner, pastry, monkey bread, cinnamon rolls, eat, diner, food, breakfast, watercolor illustration, food illustration, gnome, diner decor, Americana, napkin holder card, plated food, restaurant decoration, Marianne McCann
illustration of 4 Aces Diner, napkin holder card, waitress, branding, watercolor illustration, food, food illustration, diner, coffee, diner decor, restaurant decoration, breakfast, lunch, Marianne McCann
illustration of Revolution Clothing Store, evolution, dinosaurs, industrial revolution, sewing machine, bird, northern flicker, clouds, clocks, time, eons, outdoor installation, large painting on plywood, Marianne McCann
illustration of Marine Corps, Boots, American Flag, dog tags, patriotic, service, heroes, warrior, watercolor, Marianne McCann
illustration of Entangled Deer. Acrylic on wood panel. 2018.
Vermont. Wildlife. Deer. Connection. Fight or Flight. Nature, green, orange, antlers, heart, ears, eyes, nose, relationship.
illustration of Eurasian Eagle Owl with Northern Lights.
Owl, Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, Night Sky, Spirit Animal, Marianne McCann, wildlife, animals
illustration of Secret Summer illustration for social media.
Music, summer, fun, event, lifestyle, social media, musical instrument, sun, woman, goddess, yellow, sunshine.
illustration of Secret Summer illustration for social media.
flower, hand, nature, sky, farm
illustration of Secret Summer illustration for social media.
flower, drink, hands, lifestyle, event promotion, farm to table, connection, relationship, daisy.
illustration of cat, skiing, downhill, snow, cold, winter sports, mountain
illustration of Spring from Paws for a Moment book.
cat, baseball, spring training, editorial illustration
illustration of Summer from Paws for a Moment book.
cat, lifestyle, lounge chair, summer, sunglasses, beach, swimming pool
illustration of Autumn from Paws for a Moment book.
book illustration, humor, poetry, cat, apple tree, autumn, editorial
illustration of Time Travel Dry Goods Sign.
lifestyle, time travel, painting, black holes, portrait
illustration of Portrait of Vasilike Spaneas.
woman, life painting, portrait, contemporary portrait
illustration of Man eyeing approaching tornado. The Great Storm of Civilization.
Portrait, man in suit, editorial, tornado, storm, book illustration
illustration of Portrait of Barbara Kohn. 
Life painting, portrait, acrylic portrait, woman, contemporary portrait
illustration of Poster for Tunbridge World's Fair, 2003.
horse, horse racing, Vermont, family, agriculture, fun, blue ribbon, equestrian, horseback riding.
illustration of Honey and Kobe. Dog portrait in the style of a romance novel cover. dogs, love, flowers, gazing, romance, family, relationship, book cover, cosmos.
illustration of Grinch and Max. One person imposing their will on another person. planet earth, problems, if I can't find a reindeer, I'll make one instead, editorial, book illustration, earth, globe, skull, antler, santa claus, relationship.
illustration of Two big paintings for the exterior of Revolution, a clothing shop in White River Junction, Vermont. public art, evolution, dinosaurs, dinosaur skeletons, romeo and juliet, time, clocks, bird, sewing machine, industrial revolution, civilization, leaf, plants, engine, underground, archaeologist.
illustration of Illustration of coffee and donuts for Eaton's Sugarhouse, South Royalton, Vermont. 2019.
donuts, coffee cup, starry sky, breakfast, homemade, history, art history.
illustration of Technology Skull Woman, 2019. Self initiated illustration on the theme of technology and social media getting in between ourselves and nature. cat, dog, cell phone, woman, electric cords, electricity, skull, screen, why?, flesh, noise, eyesight
illustration of Preserve. Acrylic. 2015.
Canning Jar. Firefly. Vegetables. Flowers. Bee. Love, yellow, blue, tomato, zinnia, green bean, strawberry.
illustration of Hello. Acrylic. 2017.
Sewing Machine. Goat. Fence. Yellow Dress. Chemistry diagram, unicorn.
illustration of Felt Sculpture, Learn Hand Sewing and Patternmaking in 11 Projects. Published 2015. Sewing, hand sewing, color, felt, butterflies, flowers, mushrooms, bookface, book, book cover, happy, creative, create.
illustration of Pages of Fear Book cover. Acrylic. 2018. horror, parchment, castle, ghoul, creepy doll, black cat, graveyard, bats, night sky, cloudy, moon, fear, death.
illustration of warm inside, cold outside, cozy, nature, growth, window, the view outside, snow, barrier between humans and nature, deer, warmth.
illustration of Mr. and Mrs. Karabelas. Acrylic. 2016.
After Gainsborough. Married couple in park setting. My house, my horse, my wife. gun, dogs, dress, park bench, tree.
illustration of GMO Infographic. Acrylic. Wheat to cloned wheat. genetically modified organism, the process explained in pictures.
illustration of Image made for Uppercase Magazine Cover Contest. For the Creative and the Curious. Acrylic paint on wood panel. 2018. wood, hand, eye, magnifying glass, color spectrum, artist's tools.
illustration of Zinnias. Acrylic. 2018.
Flowers. Jars. Colorful. Cut Flowers. yellow, mason jars, stems, still-life, petals.


Marianne McCann is a freelance illustrator based in Chelsea, Vermont. She creates vibrant images for books and editorial design. She paints in acrylics and watercolors. BA California State University Long Beach 1983, MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1989.


Acrylic, Conceptual, Design, Figurative, Fine Art, Lettering, Painterly, Realism, Stylized, Texture, Watercolor, Decorative, Pattern, Whimsical, Concept Art, Installations


Humor, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Health, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Maps, Mural, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Romance, Science, Sci-Fi, Sports, Still Life, Technology, Textiles, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Environmental, Urban