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Cover illustration for Computer Arts Magazine.

Camelia Pham

Camelia Pham

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illustration of Personal work. After time spent being away from home, your friends and family are going to make you hunt for a relationship due to their lack of understanding. That’s how carnivorous plants stay alive in the most arduous environments. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ connection, merge, unwanted, couple, green, frame, pressure, tradition, unfair,
illustration of Statement of personal work - Swimming in the shadow of ambiguity and self doubt. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ water, swim, sad, dark, darkness, headless, swimmer, hide,bathing, suit,backward,frame, pink, girl, nervous,
illustration of Historic Vietnamese heroine Bau Trieu illustrated for the 100 Women Project. A female warrior inspired by Hai Bà Trưng, who, in the 3rd century, led a batallion to join her brother's rebellion against the Ngô invaders.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ attack, defend, fight, sword, history, historic, fable, heroines, angry, red, Vietnam,
illustration of Statement of personal work - Anhedonia is the inability to experience happiness.

Too often, our life is so filled with flaws it fails to remind us that being happy is a choice which lies within us, regardless of the outside world.   
___________________________________________________________________________________________ internal, pain, sad, sadness, inner, trapped, blue, sad, sadness, flowers, sunset, peek,
illustration of Historic Vietnamese heroine Phi Y Lan illustrated for the 100 Women Project. A Ly dynasty empress, she was a beautiful peasant who captured the King's eye while picking berries. Acting as his regent and her son's co-regent, she helped pass policy to benefit farmers and bring harmony to the Vietnamese people.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ berry, royal, bird, egret, fable, bull, ominous, grass, gown, headdress, symmetry, ornate,
illustration of Historic Vietnamese heroine Vo Thi Sau illustrated for the 100 Women Project. As a 14-year old, she threw 2 grenades at French troops. She was later captured and jailed on the notorious Côn Sơn Island. She endured 3 years of torture before her execution at age 17 by firing squad, she refused to be blindfolded.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ war, guns, military, fight, resistance, teen, girl, brave, bravery, oranges, rifles,
illustration of Statement of personal work - Are you ever really yourself at all, or do you constantly change to a different face every time you encounter someone so as to fit their standards? 
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Relationships, connection, inner happiness, appearance, woman, girl, mask, triangle, purple,
illustration of U of PA sophomore, Claire Sliney, won an Oscar for her role as executive producer on the 26-minute documentary short
illustration of Statement of personal work - “The world we live in is full of pleasures and distractions that proclaim they'll make us happy. True freedom isn't achieved by the ability to choose one's pleasures, rather it's formed by the process of selecting one's pain; pain that comes from sacrificing vices - the sacrifice leads to a more fulfilling existence.”
___________________________________________________________________________________________ indulge, drunk, alcohol, store, cart, mess, addiction,
illustration of Personal work. Chill out, you’re not even the protagonist of your story anyway. Your sole motive is to support the main character on reflecting themselves in different situations to develop their personality and perspectives. You’re one of the extra Jane Doe that contributed some point to the story. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Relationships, faces, connection, mirror, window, glass, see,
illustration of Personal work. Love at first sight is just the edited version the brain did on that hazy memory of the first rendezvous. Even if it doesn’t, how presumptuous are we to apply the image of that ideal partner into a person we just met based solely on their appearance.  
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Relationship, connection, couple, idealize, cloud, umbrella, mask,
illustration of Personal work. You’re trying to pull yourself together to fit restrictive circumstances. Cutting the foundering weeds and tending to your inner garden, in the hope that someday it will grow and bloom from your own limitations.  
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Relationships, water, growth, trim,
illustration of Personal work. Are we really genuinely kind, is there really any selfless deed? Or do we just not acknowledge our deep desires and live a life based on what others define as acceptable just to be part of the pack? Would we all still be good if it wasn’t for the concern of facing the eternal penalty after life?  
___________________________________________________________________________________________ Relationships, connection, kindness, purpose, flower, rose, inside, fear, self, frame,
illustration of Statement of personal work - Once you are face down to earth  you’ll be ready to face up to dealing with whatever problem you’re having, without being disappointed. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ connection, overcome, adversity, bow,good, socks, stripe, reflection, sunset,
illustration of Personal work. Even when it seems there’s nowhere to go but down, when we’ve let go of everything, somehow there’s still hope tucked deep in our pocket. Humans are, in the end, an optimistic creature. Sadly, optimism is exactly what leads us to this disappointing, desperate path in the first place, by setting expectations too high.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________ butterfly, sad, sadness, pain, depression, night, darkness, moon,
illustration of Personal work. Ouroboros is usually depicted as a serpent biting on is own tail which signifies an eternal return of something that constantly recreating itself, much like Hydra, the 9 headed serpent in Greek mythology that grows an additional head for every severed one. 
___________________________________________________________________________________________ survival, snake, circle, cycle, forever, girl, darkness,
illustration of Statement of personal work - The quest to search for direction in life starts with oneself. Don’t give such a burden to anyone else. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Relationships, self, life, cycle, compass, darkness, endless, forever, aimless, independence,


Camelia Pham's dynamic conceptual illustrations use uniquely graphic compositions and a keen insight into the human psyche to communicate the concept at hand. For such a young illustrator, Camelia has already received professional awards and honors from many top organizations worldwide. In 2019 alone her sophisticated work was honored by the Society of Illustrators 61, American Illustration 38, Art Director's Club of NY Young Ones Portfolio Award 2019, and Communication Arts Illustration Annual 60. She also won the Computer Arts Magazine's New Talent cover design competition, her work appeared on the cover of the UK magazine and was exhibited in the D&AD New Blood show in London. Her work has been featured in online art and design publications including Creative Boom, Picame, Ideafixa, Ballpit Mag, Society6, and Computer Arts. An international talent, Camelia speaks English, Vietnamese and Italian. She was raised in Vietnam before moving to Poland and Italy for her studies, where she will soon graduate from the Accademia di Belle Arti Frosinone.


Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Stylized, Texture


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Children's Books, Editorial, Fantasy, Health, Historical, People, Political, Portrait, Romance, Sports, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Edgy, Urban