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Urban Retrospectives

Thank You Heroes of the Pandemic

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Two photo-illustrations to thank and honor the service professionals and medical staff that are helping us stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. I made them available as greeting cards so people could send their gratitude to these amazing people.

Beth Kerschen

Urban Retrospectives

illustration of I created notecards so to show my heartfelt appreciation to the service professionals that have worked hard during the pandemic to keep us safe: delivery services, police, EMTs, postal services, medical staff, grocery staff, public transportation, cleaning staff, trash services, lab techs, and scientists. When they got into their line of work, they didn't know they were going to be heroes on a daily basis. I am so grateful for their commitment, sacrifice, and continued service.
illustration of I created notecards so to show my heartfelt appreciation to the medical professionals that have worked hard during the pandemic to keep us safe: EMTs, nurses, doctors, lab techs, admin staff, and scientists. When they got into their line of work, they didn't know they were going to be such heroes on a daily basis. I am so grateful for their commitment, sacrifice, and continued service.
illustration of Oregon City, Oregon is a historic town that made a big mark during the pioneer days of the late 1800's in the USA. And....they have an outdoor elevator...the only one in the USA. To celebrate their 175th Anniversary, the Downtown Oregon City Association came to me to create an illustration to commemorate the event. They wanted to show the history and key elements of the city. This became a limited edition art print for a
illustration of I worked with Portland Brewing and Portland’s favorite iconic mascot, The Unipiper, to design 22oz limited-edition beer bottle for the release of a new collaborative beer - Unipiper Hazy IPA. They wanted to capture the city’s “Keep Portland Weird” reputation while highlighting their beer collaboration. It was key to communicate all these important aspects of this project on this single label, and that is where my photomontage style really shines.
illustration of A commission for a new apartment complex art installation. The client wanted connection to the community, something organic, street level, and more personal....something more aimed at daily life in Portland. I combined my street photography with fine art paper creating adding color and texture to reductive photographic elements. Normally we always go through the city in a hurry...this work really creates an opportunity for the viewer to see the special elements of urban life.
illustration of A social media technology company is building a new data center in Prineville, Oregon – an amazing small down in central Oregon. This company wanted to pay homage to the local area. Each art piece placed in this building reflects the area’s nature, culture, industries, and history. They wanted me to create a single scene of the area that was a summation of these elements to be placed in the main hall way entrance of the building. 6' x 25 'x 2
illustration of Portland, Oregon is a creative city with unique characters. The Unipiper is a local favorite and has become and icon for the city's
illustration of This piece has an awesome collection of marquees and signs that run through the city of Portland, Oregon. The highlight colors represent the key color of the signs as they exist in real life. They are essentially a collection of icons which reflect the unique culture of Portland. 

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illustration of A colorful Tower of Portland, Oregon Pride loaded with all the city's icons and landmarks. Photos were taken of all the city's noteworthy city elements in order to create this cohesive collage. The highlight colors represent most of the key colors of these landmarks.

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illustration of I have been working with with Powell’s Bookstore, the largest independent bookstore in the USA. As an icon of Portland, Oregon (and the #1 tourist destination), I have edited this image to fit many products. With their storefront iconic sign front and center, they have been a hit. Products produced: 24oz travel mugs, jumbo mug, tote bag, a wood veneer postcard, magnet, ceramic coaster, and notebook.
illustration of All the absolute favorite landmarks of Portland, Oregon packed into one print - Mt. Hood, the Portland, Oregon Stag sign, Powell's Bookstore, Voodoo Doughnuts, the original Zoo Bomb Bike Pile, Hawthorne Bridge, and Schnitzer Hall. It has so many of the important Landmarks in was named,
illustration of Portland, Oregon has many fitting nicknames and
illustration of In this piece, our culture is represented by American landmarks and icons spanning from coast to coast including farms, ranches, mountain towns, suburban areas, national parks, and vibrant cites. From sea to shining sea these landmarks serve to create a visual representation of a unique cultural whole that is truly American. This piece aims to celebrate U.S.A.'s amazing travel destinations but also to show us unified.

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illustration of This illustration combines a number of major religions using the architecture of temples, churches, religious monuments and icons, cathedrals, synagogues, and mosques. Mt. Olympus is used as a backdrop because it considered sacred and the home of the Greek Gods in Greek Mythology. The piece hopes to inspire mutual respect towards all people thereby creating a spiritual unity that transcends religious affiliation and cultures.

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illustration of This piece celebrates diversity in the world through iconic landmarks. From the United States, to South America, Canada, Europe, Egypt, Russia, Asia and Australia – the world is a wondrous place! It is so rich with all these amazing cultures. This piece calls us to recognize and celebrate them.

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illustration of No other city has the amazing collection of bridges that Portland, Oregon has! Enjoy all 12 of the majestic bridges of the city that crosses the Willamette River! Each bridge is shown from 2 angles to show their dynamic designs.
illustration of A specific use of my Urban Cityscape Series as greeting cards: Oakland, Portland, NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, and Brooklyn to start! They show the detail of a photograph, but have the feeling of an amazing visit. They are sold as tourist cards, but have enough authenticity to be used by locals.
illustration of Portland Oregon is a beautiful, bustling Northwest city under the watching eye of the neighboring mountain, Mt. Hood. The skyline is enhanced with the Hawthorne Bridge and the famous Portland Oregon white stag sign. 

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illustration of The Fall is the most colorful time of year for Boston, Massachusetts. Known for its history, Bean Town has a great skyline: Hancock Tower, the Prudential Tower, the Clock Tower, the capital building, and the noteworthy Marriott on the bay. The Trinity Church stands tall surrounded by the beautiful brownstones of Beacon Hill. Last but not least, the majestic Zakrim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge connects Boston to outlying cities.  This is 2 of 9 in the
illustration of New York City is defined in part by it's amazing skyscrapers. Here is an adapted view of downtown NYC's skyline...the Chrysler, Rockefeller, Time Square, Empire State, Woolworth, Met Life, Bank of America buildings, and the new World Trade Center is added to make an iconic set of famous high-rise buildings! Last, but not least...the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge a must for this Lower Manhattan, New York Harbor view.

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illustration of Brooklyn has changed a lot over the years, but there are some things that remain...brownstones, Williamsburg Savings Bank Tower, Coney Island rides, the Arch in Park Slope, water towers, the wonderful bridges, and remembering the original Domino Sugar factory. All creating a layered, visually rich urban landscape.

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illustration of Seattle is a spectacular city with the surrounding bodies of water, amazing waterfront, a dynamic skyline and…if you hit a good day, a view of Mt. Rainier! This adapted skyline includes the Space Needle, Pike Place Market sign, the ferris wheel, the historic Smith Tower, and Century Link Field with other objects of a bustling port town.

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illustration of Pike Market is the most popular spot in Seattle. Great shopping, nearby views of Elliot Bay, fresh produce and seafood, art and craft vendors, and varied cuisine and the original Starbucks. You can take it all in together as this piece shows many angles of the market in one scene! 

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illustration of Oakland is a city full of diversity which is reflected in the city's architecture. This image is loaded with Oakland icons...wonderful theatre signage, churches, flat-iron style buildings, Merritt Lake, City Hall, the shipping cranes, well known churches, Bay Bridge, and adding a little gratliffi truck was a must.

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illustration of Leave your heart in San Francisco!! Get all of the city's favorites in one scene with this adapted skyline view of San Francisco, California from the entire bay: the Ferry Building, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, Cupid Span’s sculpture, Alcatraz, Coit Tower, the Transamerica Pyramid building and the Palace of Arts.

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illustration of There is a wonderful, unique park culture in San Francisco, California. This card combines the best of Alamo Park and Delores Park which fill up with almost every day with people lounging, picnicking, and catching the views. Here you see the Painted Ladies from Alamo Park and the view of Delores Park. 

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illustration of Celebrating the Holidays Portland, Oregon Style with local landmarks! Mt. Hood and the surrounding forest is star-lit. The Portland Oregon Sign shows the red nose on the stag to convert him into Rudolf (this happens to the actual sign.) Then the local Paul Bunyan statue is shown with a Santa hat...and lastly, downtown Portland is shown with its Pioneer Square Christmas tree.
illustration of A commission of a series of postcards for the Heathman Hotel in Portland, Oregon. This special, culture-focused hotel required multiple, perfectly combined images to create finished scenes that would capture the uniqueness of this hotel! Each card hard different features. This one showed their direct connection to the Arnold Schnitzer Hall Theatre and their restaurant during the holidays.


Urban Retrospectives by Beth Kerschen is a multi-disciplinary artist using photomontage Illustration to create cityscapes that capture the spirit of community. Beth has been working in the creative industry for over 20 years. After graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Colorado College, she moved to Boston, MA to work for Polaroid. Then she worked for ten years as a graphic designer with several creative firms in Boston, eventually moving to Portland, Oregon in 2008. Since that time, Kerschen has committed her life to capturing vast urban landscapes into one tangible image. She uses her photography, design, and illustration skills to turn urban landscapes into a fantastical images filled with meaning and nostalgia. She feels we all share the urban landscape and it reflects community culture. Her art celebrates the unifying connections held by the landmarks, buildings, and vistas of our cities that unify us. She has created a fine art series, a greeting card and gift product line (licensed and self produced), commissions, and large format installations.


Collage, Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Fine Art, Graphic, Lettering, Line with Color, Montage, Photoillustration, Realism, Stylized, Whimsical, Installations, Vector


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