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AARP - SisterLetter

3 Things I've Learned During My Layoff

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Banner Illustration for AARP’s sistersletter “3 Things I've Learned During My Layoff”

© Islenia Milien

Islenia Milien

illustration of Banner Illustration for AARP’s sistersletter “3 Things I've Learned During My Layoff”.  Layoff, Bussiness, Women, Female, Flying, Paper airplane, Pinkslip, Clouds, Sky, Achievement, Unknown, Epic, Empowering, Career,
illustration of Having a chaotic and overactive mind. Butterfly, Women, Female, Filter, Thoughts, Chaotic, Mindful, Thoughtful, Anxious, Overthinking, Mental Health, Spiritual Health,
illustration of Peaceful, Tranquil, Calm, Floating, Swim, Water, Waves, Float, Underwater, Female, Women,
illustration of passage illustration from Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84. Book, Book Illustration, Surreal, Woods, Fantasy, Mystery, Murakami, Girl, 1Q84, Forest, Night, Trees, Moon,
illustration of Fitting Dream Goals into Your Unforgiving Reality. Hand, Puzzle, Confusion, Distress, Problem Solving, Trapped, Lost, Dreams, Goals, Adulthood, Growing Up, Frustration, Disappointment, Ambition, Determine,
illustration of Motherhood, Women, Female, Babies, Children, Birth, Womanhood, Decision, Family, Medical, Anxiety, Hourglass, Sand,
illustration of Banner Illustration for AARP’s sistersletter “Seeing Color Again”. Women, Female, Races, Doughts, Color, Color Wheel, Self-worth, Comparison, Fear, Self-Love, Beauty,


Islenia is an Afro-Latina freelance Illustrator based in NYC who received her Bachelor in Illustration from the School of Visual Art. Specializing in conceptual editorial and fantasy illustrations, her work is best known for its strong lines, vibrant color, and love of textures. Islenia artistic approach comes for her love of storytelling and visual problem-solving. When she is not working, Islenia is out enjoying cinema or sinking her teeth into a new show.


Conceptual, Digital, Line, Line with Color, Stylized, Texture, Floral, Concept Art


Botanical, Corporate, Editorial, Family, Fantasy, Health, Landscape, Medical, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Lifestyle, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Financial