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animation of We exist because we – humans speak with words, think with pictures and learn with stories. Smartup Visuals translates words into pictures that tell the story of your organisation, and help your audience learn about it. We use creativity and style to produce visual content and transform how businesses communicate.
illustration of EPRA customer service conference. The company's strategy captured visually.
illustration of Our team has participated in live scribing for Costa at Barnsley town, England. The team illustrated customer's insights and created a large poster for Costa.
illustration of DC map
illustration of DC map
illustration of Brick Lane DC map created for the real estate development and investment firm that was established in 2o10 in Washington. We can see the famous Washington area and it's local restaurants come to life on the digital illustration. Illustrated maps help people navigate better in their surroundings and beautify your brand! Illustrated maps are trendy!
illustration of Matcha Teapigs is not only a health trend but also a visual statement that came to life in their advertising banners. Product illustration helps tell a better story and explain key product features. Teapigs has the highest quality matcha, we got to taste it too!
illustration of Scribble style promotional poster for the best British tea company Teapigs. The innovative way to promote your new product is to tell a story with illustrations. We are very proud to have helped them! Tea in style. Matcha tea illustration.
illustration of Do you know how Matcha affects your body and mind? This visual tells a story and helps you form an opinion on the product. Teapigs tea illustrated.
illustration of When walls tell a story. Office murals and print liven up the environment and provide easy-to-understand content. It tells your brand story.
illustration of The Danish Red Cross had invited us to create The process visual for alternative currencies project. Community Inclusion Currencies are blockchain-based eVouchers implemented into low-income communities via the seeding process.
illustration of The Danish Red Cross had invited us to create The process visual for alternative currencies project. Community Inclusion Currencies are blockchain-based eVouchers implemented into low-income communities via the seeding process.

This as a very rapid 3-day project, but we managed to deliver a concise explanatory visual from scratch.

From listening to the virtual meeting discussions of project leaders we had sketched them out and finally turned into the final product.
illustration of Qudini Graphic recording at their customer roundtable event in London. Retail illustration, wow factor, illustrated content - is what helps drive gather key ideas and event takeaways and store them in memory. Convenience, fashion, retail, maps - all illustrated and captured live.
illustration of Qudini project task was to capture the Qudini customers' roundtable discussion and provide attendees an illustrated writeup/infographic as to what were the key themes discussed at the event. Qudini shared the digital illustrations across their social media channels for the event and brand communication and event recognition. Key themes: Millennials,  GenZ customers.
illustration of Qudini Autumn Dinner discussion visual
illustration of EPRA Graphic Recording for the RE-thinking real estate conference with EPRA in Berlin. We illustrated customer-related content. the real-life engagement was delivered, he 'Wow' factor achieved. This is what we deliver on a daily bases to our clients!
illustration of We recently created a mural piece around this theme for Blooms office spalce London -  a space designed to provide a beautiful open-plan office for female entrepreneurs. 
Tropical theme: a world abundant in flamingos, large leafy plants, pink flowers and toucans. In a city like London which is often cold and rainy, a reminder of warmer, sunnier tropics is welcome by many.
illustration of Creative and useful content is one of the best marketing tools. Whilst you should definitely give your customers a well-written description of your product, just remember that more than 65% of people are actually visual thinkers. 

That is why we transform complex information and data into visuals that are both appealing and attention-grasping.
animation of We worked closely with the client (Creative EC and SES Water) to reveal the product benefits in a succinct and beautiful manner, using our best infographic and whiteboard animation skills. Some call it explainer videos. It’s also our small but significant contribution to reducing water waste! 
Machine learning, AI, water usage data, profiling, etc, cloud analytics, insights for stakeholders.

The interactive apps for water users and businesses explained.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed.
illustration of Graphic recording at the EPRA Re-Think conference. Customer-related conference graphic recording and live event capture visually. Service providers have to provide a seamless customer experience.
illustration of For Deloitte, we created a visual that showed their education plan. With our signature style of infographic, we transcribed the coaching program over the Deloitte education time scale, communicating visually how they lead their teams into the future. The focus was on how to best gear up for the future, on coaching and on improving the team’s relational and professional skills. Self development, team work, leadership.
illustration of Our team of graphic facilitators had real honor to support Siemens at the trade show booth. the team had captured topics from IoT, Data as service, Cloud Data, Matchmaking, Networking to Co-creation. With Mindsphere - being the greatest innovation of Siemens in 2019 proposing the New working methods that come together under one roof.
Key themes: data collection, technology.
illustration of We did graphic recording at the Amazon Appstore Developer Summit in London. App and Game Developers gathered together for a multi-track developer conference.

They shared the latest news about Amazon Appstore, Amazon Devices, new and exciting upcoming projects, APIs.

 The beauty of scribing at events live is we get to talk to amazing people across various industries. Game developers are definitely one of our favorites we’ve come across.
illustration of We have celebrated the Tech City UK in London anniversary and helped them visualize their company strategy and vision. Graphic recording on the large canvas at the real-time of the companies' birthday celebration was a real surprise to the attendees and a great way for a tech company to tell story to their audience. Startup illustrations are really trendy now. Choose the graphic recording! London's Tech City hub is like Silicon Valley in the US.
illustration of SV re-created the Goat's brand story visually. A beautiful mural, office illustration has landed on their office walls. What is Goat: a GLOBAL SOCIAL & INFLUENCER AGENCY, that indeed knows how to influence their workers and office guests. Visuals help tell the brand stories better.
illustration of What is your favorite developer tool?

That’s the question we asked attendees at the annual Amazon Appstore Developer Summit in London. 

Everyone including us loved the process and the final result. Just look at all those fun game characters! The beauty of scribing at events live is we get to talk to amazing people across various industries. Game developers are definitely one of our favorites we’ve come across.

Graphic recording is loved by Amazonians.
animation of The stop-motion animation and digital illustration campaign project was created to launch and present the new Chevrolet vehicles Chevrolet Equinox and Traverse SUVs technology tools and features that help with everyday parenting be more efficient. Project publication: Chevy New Roads Magazine.
illustration of This bright Digital illustration was created for Chevrolet's online New Roads Magazine to launch new technology vehicle features: Amazon In-Car Delivery, MyHomework App, Rover, Available 4G LTE Wi-Fi® Hotspot, Baby Connect, Rear Seat Reminder, and lots more.
animation of Business explainer video produced for the Acasa - a household management tool and bill splitting package that helps students, sharers, and couples manage household costs—the fair way. 2D style animation, well-structured line work and beautiful compositions on white background speaks about the technology business. It's a trendy startup way to reach their audience and stay hustling.
illustration of Every year we help Project management institute (based in Washington, US) gather innovative ideas about the upcoming years in the project managers field. We sit, listen and capture content visually, in other words, do graphic recording or digital infographics. At the end of day 4, we create the presentation that is shown to the members of the council. That is the moment of feeling proud that the greatest ideas of the new generation project managers come to life on the large screen.
illustration of Smartup Visuals Graphic Recorders had captured the 4-day Project Management meeting live and here is the graphic recording outcome piece. It is one of the 4-day strategy visuals created digitally. They later used to create the presentation for the Global project management council members. Corporate organizations choose visual communication and graphics to capture their information and store it for future use in marketing. The very smart way indeed.


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