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Hardie Grant

Frankie Fish series

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I am just about to start illustrations on the 6th book in the Frankie Fish series! Written by the wonderful Peter Hellier. What do you do when your cranky-pants grandad builds a time machine and accidentally deletes the whole family? If you're Frankie Fish, you race against the clock to FIX IT! Frankie Fish is the bestselling laugh-out-loud time-travel adventure series about mega-mischief, misbehaving grandparents and a couple of prank kings.

Peter Hellier

Lesley Vamos

illustration of Personal project. I've told the story of this rubber duck through multiple images over the years. I really wanted to capture the magic of the forest. 

rubber duck toy girl friend kid child sneakers apparel clothes hair bob cute little crouch reflection river lake pond water stream woodland wood trees light soft diffuse shrub greenery flora wonder happy
illustration of Personal project. I loved the idea of the two interacting and the humour of using a puppet version of oneself to do so. Also Rhinos are so much fun to draw! 

puppet marionette horn rhino child baby kid cute happy funny silly playful nurture mother mum mom friendly friend care yellow chubby kind
illustration of Personal project. I wanted to capture the feeling of exciting isolation that comes with camping - also that nomadic and no frills life  

camp camper van trailer travel scenery scenic landscape field grass mountains adventure space magic independence hippie bunting flag home clouds wide open sky grey fun opportunity
illustration of Personal project. And adventurous dog using their imagination 

Dog breed frenchie french bulldog sailboat boat tinnie rowboat flag wood craft goggles side adventure danger mountain climbing climber captain snow snowy breeze happy fun cute funny green
illustration of Personal project. dreams of dancing in the dark under the stars -

dusk night fog northern lights dancer dance jump leap fun adventure kids cute happy crazy unknown mist cloud heights starlight twilight moonbeam shiny shadows animated movement blue
illustration of Personal project. I loved the idea of trying for a background that was more grounded in realism with an element that was completely magical - Also the idea of #flying #cars makes me smile 

#sunset #magic
illustration of Personal project. Inspired by a trip into the countryside with friends - We arrived in the dark so it was lucky they had left the lights on as there was only the moon to guide us! 

night country life lights tranquil peace serenity stars atmosphere space home warmth cozy glitter  farmland size spread remoteness electric spark sparkle range full turn cycle globe midnight evening witchinghour twilight afterhours enlightening illumination sundown nightfall darkness spooky dreamy dreams
illustration of Personal project. I love trying to capture how small we can feel in a wide open space and how a field of grass can seem like an ocean! 

field greenery grass trees scenery farmland scenic cloudy bright blue daydream beauty environment oxygen clean air play fun adventure explore imagination stories flora flowers growth living alive countryside girl little child dog friend companion future play games running frolic rolling jumping laughing memories
illustration of Personal project. I love #cold climates so this was a fun one to do - I also like telling #stories and it was fun to play with the idea that this is before the punch line. You can wonder what will happen when the tent dweller comes out to greet the day!

Antarctica frozen clouds winter wonderland glacier slippery blue white pure water flowing cold penguin animals friends beautiful scenery fluid morning sunrise iceberg sharp piercing camp holiday adventure exploration tent chills chilled
illustration of Personal project. I was about to travel to Iceland to watch the #NorthernLights - I wanted to try and capture the magic of them and add a touch of fantasy and story 

magic lights northern southern spells enchanted beauty imagination play fantasy story ladder height closer green blue purple colours greenery  mountain background detail lovely art socks fire trails tales rocks personal imagery loo
illustration of Personal project. I love #superhero stories and the idea of being your own superhero. 

hero super equality inspire grow growth help love whole loyalty reading girlpower little superstar personality figure public art street spray paint graffiti spraycans quotes notable forever hope building large cape stories storytime protector brain thinking love craft talent sense sensory mastered
illustration of Personal project. I wanted to retell an old story with new characters - I try and think about representation as much as I can when I draw. 

fairytale bedtime children oldschool black white noir film imagination house gingerbread lollies sweats oven bakery pastries kids little young siblings trust together needy trees nature scenic magic spells food desert backpack books legend folk tales tricks naughty listening pathway breadcrumbs forest new cheeky
illustration of Personal project. I loved playing with the comparison of shapes. 

elephant circus animal pet friend imagine imagination story black white baby grass sitting resting tired training happy content kids heavy weight over roaming Africa land area country new home personal project shapes shading junior thinking thoughts process wild earthy natural
illustration of Personal project. The mother/ child relationship is always a lovely to depict in less traditional ways 

Gorilla mother watching love birth unconditional relationship growth depth parent figure protection jungle nature wildlife butterfly colourful colour bold being flowers flora floral  baby growing youth  bonding connection glimpse woods forest wild untamed close closure pack aura ambiance domain dominant
illustration of Inspired by mob films - He's swimming with the fishes - personal project, was going for something more noir and graphic 

grunge falling deep sad depressed sinking heavy low grime graphic confronting drowning sink soak male man flannel upset confused daydream overcome suffocate engulf flowing fast freezing cold bubbles oxygen air plunge immerse rescue save float help surrender murder
illustration of Personal project. I like the idea of imbuing the things we use day to day with personality. Sitting in my car in the pouring rain one day I started to wonder how he felt. 

car rain storm umbrella cute muddy fun bright red yellow drizzle rope ingenious wipers puddle reflection splash splatter rainy graphic cartoon blur movement grey moody
illustration of Concept development for taxi's 

culture cultural cab taxi transport transportation took took road vehicle sketch conceptual design rough cute round fast drive truck beetle sudan four wheel five door
illustration of Dancing in the rain 

crowd rain storm drizzle city bustle busy story dance movement run twist ballet modern umbrella cover hustle buzz wet miserable grey building pop graffiti stretch woman man kid
illustration of pattern design repeat swirls hot pink magenta leaf tile flamingo flamingoes birds bird feather bird long leg beak bent friend girls happy conversation flock neck character cute
illustration of knight horse stead fighter journey travel weary trail forest wood magic majestic grass pond lake water glassy bowed splatter cloud silhouette  ripple majesty fugal
illustration of whale ocean fish deep sea dark friendship friend story humpback glow spark light darkness happy possibility smile night marine life oceania pressure creature
illustration of I grew up listening to Ella Fitzgerald and had to find a way to process my feelings after she passed away 

RIP in memoriam death love passion out of body humming sing singer jazz musician child music dedication coat fur American curvy voluptuous young sexy microphone
illustration of What we can see vs what we choose to see 

wealth poverty busking busker guitar play strum passion crossed legs striped socks poof socio economic long hair covered shy hiding starving music string sad sadness graffiti tag subway train station shadow
illustration of A series I did with dogs and type

breed chowchow cherry chubby cute fluff floofer tail wag hungry food chunky bones Typography language calligraphy tongue snub red pink graphic silly adorable small boofer doggo
illustration of Hippopotamus mouth open hungry growl bellow yell roar nose cry sneeze water lake ripple eyes shut boy child kid little small huge animal mammal brown semiaquatic river common Africa
illustration of Tiger mammal cat large stripes whiskers sly soothing water bath bathe sponge sit fancy expensive pet girl child kid swimmers purple hairstyle tail cloudy tiles black white side eye funny story
illustration of My dog is a marker and is always looking for the biggest tree to pee on 

doggo small black white breed toy tail wag ears perked wee territory brave tough cute happy forest moss old wood branch knobby bark cracked brown green speckled dappled spring flowers leaves nee growth
illustration of Boy child kid cute young playful adventure imagination story travel journey walk piggy back skip shorts culottes striped shirt fashion curly hair bounce teddy pink koala toy soft cuddle love friendship long grass dry field mountain landscape cloud wind
illustration of Part of a series called
illustration of Alphabet series T

typography calligraphy hand lettering cursive rhyme poem T-rex dinosaur creature roar load fun silly teeth polite party tinny boat sink sunk ocean sea water heavy tea english breakfast earl grey funny spill spilt drip cup saucer open kid cute literature
illustration of Siblings sisters friends besties best buddies teacher student careful care loyalty growth mum glasses braids hairstyle headband dress leggings converse calligraphy typography grey black white shadow girls ribbon bow petite dress up smile memory tie time
illustration of Graffiti sign spray paint mark sign tag expression identity shadow pause thought political moment bag duffel beanie boy teenager youth urban wall brick space hidden stranger danger care illegal naughty daring daredevil linger art
illustration of Tiger cat large roar yell mad scold naughty tongue yawn whiskers claws danger stripes tough dominant girl kid tom boy hat cap rainbow curly hair crazy frown mad angry converse high tops leggings tank top graphic colourful
illustration of Inspired by the door we had under one of the houses I lived in as a kid 

Multicultural kids friends child children boy girl cute scared brave tough inquisitive 80s overalls skirt top fashion apparel creak scary secret side door basement garden apartment imagination adventure ghost story curious brick rocket
illustration of Illustration done for charity Room to read

Education girls black lives matter reach opportunity ladder success library literature book shelf 80s fashion braids jumper jeans high tops sneakers funky androgyny child unsafe wobble climb graphic literacy
illustration of father child girl old bow girly dress listen music vibrations feeling love empathy passion connection cello cellist string base kindness paternal moustache man care classical stool black white grey story pitch smile
illustration of Dinosaur T-rex teeth mouth open roar saliva drool hunger neck head chin dentist investigate play imagination dress up pyjamas bare foot magnifying glass glasses red head tank top striped pants wide breath funny silly cute scary smell
illustration of Fish swim under water ocean painting mural graffiti bubble pause look up swimmers costume swim cap float floatie polka dot hope wall giant impossible imagination poor war displaced worry fear city black white


Grown in Australia, Vamos studied at the college of Fine Arts, receiving a Distinction and Animation Honor in a Bachelor of Digital media. Since learning how to hold a pencil (albeit incorrectly) the only time she puts it down is to eat, and even then her food can be the victim of artistic subjection (camp mates may remember an attempt to carve the statue of David from mashed potatoes). Since graduating Vamos has spent her time traveling, doodling, learning, and meeting likeminded creatives as well as getting to know and experience as many facets of the creative industry she can.


Black & White, Calligraphy, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Fine Art, Graphic, Line, Line with Color, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Whimsical, Concept Art


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Education, Fantasy, Greeting Cards, Landscape, Mural, Music, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Textiles, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Grunge, Urban