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Infuse Medical

illustration of Medical image of a surgical procedure vessel seal.
illustration of A microscopic view of bacteria inside the body.
illustration of A biological render inside the body at a cellular level
illustration of an illustrative look at how vessels use valves to push blood through the body
illustration of A stent being deployed in an artery. A catheter is advanced into the heart and a balloon is deployed which sets the stent in place
illustration of A strand of DNA from a close up microscopic view
illustration of A molecule is shown with DNA running through it.
illustration of A shot of cryoablation taking place
illustration of A beautiful image of the leg and knee anatomy from a skeletal view
illustration of An image showing the device and procedure used to remove gall stones from the pancreas
illustration of A fractured vertebra is in the process of being fixed
illustration of An image of a foot being x-rayed using a mini fluoroscopy device
illustration of Removal of a gall stone
illustration of Molecules
illustration of An image of the human heart from a lateral view
illustration of A view of the lumbar spine with a herniated disc pushing on a nerve
illustration of an image of a woman's lymphatic system


Infuse is a digital agency that turns powerful ideas into engaging marketing and sales enablement tools. Tools that are proven to help people visualize, understand, and connect with those ideas.


Animation, Digital, Realism, 3-D Rendering, Interactive


Health, Medical, Science, Scientific